What Causes You Most Anxiety To Each Sign

What Causes You Most Anxiety To Each Sign

Mind going faster than life. Only the people who struggle every moment with this accumulation of thoughts, know that it is not easy, they know what it is to forget about the present and to be planning and planning. Anxiety does not understand reasons, it simply comes and torments you, it prevents you from giving your best. It makes you believe that you are not capable and it seems that even if you try to flee you always return to the same place . What causes each sign the most anxiety?

1.- Aries

Aries is that direct being, the one who is always ready to face the battle, who plays it for the people he values. He is not afraid to assume the role of the leader, on the contrary, he enjoys when the power is in his hands and his requests have to be executed. However, when the roles are reversed their anxiety is present, they detest when someone else wants to interfere in their way of doing things. That’s when their impulsive side and short temper take over, because they feel insecure when someone mistrusts their ways.

2.- Taurus

Taurus is the one who is always one step ahead, he likes to plan in a cautious way, he never takes his finger off the line when proposing something and is too demanding of himself. He struggles to do things right, practically perfectly. Your anxiety may show up when you have a hard time learning something new, you want everything to be right the first time, and the slow process can leave you terribly frustrated. Taurus may seem like they have everything under control, but inside they just want a break because they can’t take it anymore.

3.- Gemini

If there is a sign that is not afraid to say what it feels, without a doubt, we are talking about Gemini, it has Mercury on its side, that is why it wastes eloquence in everything it does. Geminis feel anxious when they somehow block their way of speaking, they don’t like to stay quiet. Be it through speech, writing, painting, dance, but they are always willing to make their words heard loud. Gemini cannot handle impositions, they like to be free and connect with those around them, they cannot bear ties that make them lose their cool.

4.- Cancer

Cancer is the intuition made person, it is carried away like water . A cluster of emotions that do not know nuances and that are noticeable, in the way he speaks, his gestures, his gaze. Cancer is very sensitive and being so maternal and protective, he is constantly involved with people who do not value him and that is when his anxiety is present, because it is difficult for him to conceive that not all people have good intentions and that there are those who only approach because they want to get something in return. Cancer does not forgive betrayal and that can make you have a bad time.

5.- Leo

A sign under the command of the Sun, who knows what it means to shine and who is not afraid to share a little light with those around him. Leo has a good heart, although many label him as a selfish being, he is capable of doing whatever it takes for those he loves. Leo feels that his anxiety is present when they do not value what he does, when they make him one more on the list and have no intention of making it a priority. He’s demanding, because he knows what he wants and he’s tired of settling for crumbs. Leo finds it difficult to express what he feels, so that they still minimize it.

6.- Virgo

Virgo is synonymous with organization, he is the one who has to follow a method before jumping into the ring. Virgo is the one who wants each piece to be in the right place, they do not take anything lightly, because many times they have proven that a small decision can change everything in a second. Virgo struggles with constant anxiety, because he demands himself to the extreme, he wants to honor perfection and if a small detail does not turn out as he imagined, he begins to feel out of place, as if all his effort made no sense and all he wants is to start all over again until it comes out without fail.


Libra is the one who always goes for the right thing, he needs to balance things before making a decision, everything matters when his analytical part is present. That’s why you don’t make up your mind the first time, you don’t do it to annoy anyone, it‘s just that your insecurities make your anxiety pop up, with one thought after another. Libra needs to pause their emotional stress, so that things go their way, so that they really feel calm. That’s when a duality comes in because you are thinking about the future without taking the present into account.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio is a sign that reflects the meaning of intensity, that mysterious soul that traps you in each of its unexpected steps. He is not someone who gets hooked, when you take him out of your life, he turns the page and never comes back. However, he does not like when the person becomes insistent, Scorpio loses his sanity because he is not someone who is easy to forget and forgive. Just thinking about giving someone a second chance makes your life go up and down with emotions. Scorpio can’t decide so fast.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is synonymous with spontaneous, independence, an insatiable thirst for freedom. The sign that is carried away by the moment and that invites you to break with your fears, to really dare. However, when something or someone interferes with their dreams, they just start to feel anxious, they hate when someone has the cynicism to demand explanations from them. They can’t stand people who get upset about their happiness and that may make them feel uncomfortable and just want to run away. That’s when you can get to know their worst side.

10.- Capricorn

If there is something that Capricorns are an example of precision, they like to have their feet firmly on reality. They are really dedicated and disciplined when it comes to meeting goals. Capricorn reflects extensively before uttering any words. Something that can make your anxiety present is when you distrust what you say, it stresses you to know that no matter how hard you try and the way you put honesty first, it is never enough. It is not a sign that he is silent, he wants answers and the clearer everything is the better, do not call him a liar.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius is the one who lets himself be carried away like a leaf of the wind, he is creative, dedicated, authentic, he has no need to pretend to anyone, because he is used to his unconventional way of seeing life, is not for everyone. If there is something that makes you anxious, it is getting lost in the monotonous, it is not much of following the rules, much less the plans. Aquarius is unpredictable, he does not want someone to arrive with the intention of deciding what is the best and the worst for him. Aquarius is flexible, but he does not tolerate being governed, he wants you to respect his rhythm.


Pisces is an empathetic sign, dedicated, funny and who always goes hand in hand with sensitivity. Without a doubt, it is not difficult for him to put himself in the place of others, he enjoys when he can connect through his empathy. The problem is that he is so susceptible that when he least knows it , he takes over really serious problems that he finds it hard to ignore. Your anxiety is present when you have the desire to help everyone and cannot. It frustrates him to realize that many people do not lose sleep and that without the support of the rest it is much more difficult to help someone out of the hole.


What Causes You Most Anxiety To Each Sign

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