What Cancer Does Unplanned And Annoys The Rest

Annoys The Rest

What Cancer Does Unplanned And Annoys The Rest

When you meet a Cancer, one of the first things you’ll see is that he’s a very sensitive person, too much at times. What happens is that he doesn’t always know how to channel those emotions well. And one of the things that annoys others the most is that he tends to dramatize a lot and always gets defensive about everything.

He is very sentimental, so much so that anything touches his heart, everything moves him and tears come to his eyes for almost anything. To the rest, he is quite annoyed that later he can become so cruel with his surroundings, act heartless… And it is that, when Cancer wants to be a demon, he is. And that will not be pleasant for anyone. Later, he will regret it the most, but of course, the damage has already been done.

The Crab is quite a difficult person to deal with at times, precisely because when he suffers he doesn’t know how to manage himself and he takes whoever he is with him. The word that defines him without a doubt is INTENSITY. He takes everything to heart, even to a minimum, he can feel attacked and hurt. Criticism from others will affect you too much, even if it is constructive criticism that will help you improve.

He has a strong point of pride and with little, he will feel that they are hurting him, that they are hitting his ego hard. And yes, because of that pride too, he is often unable to say what bothers him because he doesn’t like it when they see his weak points. He can become a very contradictory person and that makes it even more difficult for the rest to understand him. Cancer often plays tough when inside it really isn’t…

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