What Aquarius Does Accidentally And Annoys The Rest

Aquarius Does Accidentally

What Aquarius Does Accidentally And Annoys The Rest

Aquarius is an air sign. And he needs his space, in whatever way it is. If he sees that others are overwhelming him too much, or that they don’t stop wanting to get into his life, or even that they talk too much about things that Aquarius doesn’t care much about, he silences them directly from his life. Use the ‘mute’ button and see you later. Especially if what they are saying is not liked by Aquarius or does not go with their way of seeing life. Also, the more adult he becomes, the less he can stand.

Sometimes he does it on purpose but usually he does it unintentionally and it annoys the rest a lot. Especially since many see him as someone who “escapes” from everything he doesn’t like simply for that reason. Because at a certain moment, he does not like something. And instead of facing it like a mature person, he runs away. It’s one thing not to have chains that bind you. Another very different thing is to run away from everything you don’t like or don’t “go well” at that moment.

Aquarius escapes by not facing each other, but many times the problems are still there. Or pending conversations. And they accumulate. They won’t disappear because he’s gone. And that bothers the rest a lot.

It is a sign that always goes free and prefers solitude to being overwhelmed. He doesn’t like it when they invade his space or when they make him break with his plans for the futureAt first, it may seem that it is something logical. Many people can even support him and see in his philosophy of life almost an ideal to follow. But little by little it will start to be annoying for those people who want to have any long-term plan with Aquarius, especially when you really start to care, when you want to spend more time with them and Aquarius slips away…

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