What A Lesson Lesson Did The Signs Learn In 2021

What A Lesson Lesson Did The Signs Learn In 2021

2021 was devastating emotionally and mentally, a year in which it was more than clear to us that life changes overnight, but the most important thing is that the material is left over. Many of us lost jobs, school, long-standing relationships, and even the loss of loved ones. It shook us from the depths and in the midst of tears, we had to get up to continue moving forward. Without a doubt, each sign of the zodiac faced him in their own way. What hard lesson did the signs learn in 2021? 


For a long time you decided to hide your emotions, it seemed easier to pretend that everything was fine, however, inside you couldn’t take it anymore. It was painful to change that thought, but you decided to stop sinking. Now, you know that everything that happens to you is relevant and you don’t have to shut up. 2021 taught you that life does not warn you, that the blow comes to you unexpectedly and although most of the time you do not know how to fight against it, it is enough that you do not give up. You are afraid like everyone else and being vulnerable is worth it. Feel free to ask for help if you need it, say “I love you” or “I wish you were here.”


What you take away from 2021 is that there are times when you don’t need to say much. Better to work quietly, enjoy what you have, and applaud your achievements away from bad vibes. You are the type of person who always plays strong, but you know that all you need is to be with someone who listens to you, who is able to give you advice from the heart. Now, you have learned not to give your friends to just anyone, because there are very cruel people, even if it costs to accept it. The best thing you can do is focus on your present, be thankful for the good of the year and let go of the bad. Those who are no longer there will remain in your heart and now there is nothing left but to value those who remain.


2021 has been one of the greatest tests that life has put you, Gemini. Many times you thought to throw in the towel, however, in the midst of the pain, you believed in yourself again. It didn’t go very well for you, but you’re still here, reading a couple of lines that remind you of how valuable you are. Few are the brave who do not give up. Now, you do not think to leave aside the things that make your heart happy, you want the life you deserve and you are not going to stay in the middle of the battle. It was hard to let go of the people who hurt you, however, in the end, you understood that you do not deserve manipulation or be with toxic people who only dirty your days. Fortunately, the year is coming when you will put yourself first in everything and then the others.


For a moment you believed that everything was under control, that your emotional side would not be affected by anything, but this year it really tested your patience and crying. They were so hard lessons that they stayed in your heart in a healing way. Now, you don’t want to be left wanting anything, if you want to travel you will. If you want to dance, sing, whatever, do not expect to wait for life to change you in the blink of an eye. You are not going to meditate too much, you are going to give up the things that you do not like, those that make you cry, those that make you angry, you are no longer there to stay in places that hurt. The path to happiness is in your hands, you just have to let yourself go and receive the range of possibilities.


Letting go is easy to write, however, remembering you sunk in the middle of pain and crying is not pretty. It was 2021 that required you not to cling to memories, the past stays there and you have to move on, Leo. Your biggest lesson was realizing that you were becoming your own shadow because you were not letting anyone new enter your life. You have moved on and now you are clear about what you do not want. You are not going to stay next to anyone who steals your smiles. You are going to fight your fears, even if you feel sad during the journey. You know very well that you are not here to please people, you cannot become the comfort of the whole world while crumbling inside.


It is not a good idea to hide emotions at work, outings with friends, or insomnia. At the end of the day, life always takes its toll on you and it is not fair that you forget about yourself like that. You are a brave sign and you know that you have the ability to overcome everything that comes your way. The time has come not to make excuses, it is not anyone else’s fault, it is you who is giving people the opportunity that is not worth it. It is time for you to open your eyes, not forget your dreams, and work hard for your goals. Trust yourself and stop thinking negatively all the time. That is the message you are sending to the Universe, that is why one obstacle after another appears on your path. Change your way of thinking and you will see that each piece takes its place.


In 2021 he was yelling in your ear that you have to be patient with yourself, stop demanding perfection at every step, Libra. Dreams do not come true overnight, they require effort, discipline, and a lot of work. However, it is not a linear process, it is a seesaw of emotions. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, what matters is that you don’t give up. In addition, it is time for you to close the year without grudges, forgive everyone who hurt you, and did not apologize, because it is not fair that you keep their poison. Start by forgiving yourself, it is not your fault that the people in whom you placed all your trust do not know the term of loyalty. If you don’t, no matter how much you want peace, it won’t come to your life. Remember that even if you love others, you must love yourself more.


You know that there is a part of you that when activated is capable of holding a grudge in your heart for a lifetime. However, deep down you don’t want that, because it is synonymous with living in constant disturbing peace. Forgiveness is the path that frees, do it for yourself, you deserve it. Stop focusing on what others are going to think, that’s their problem. Never be afraid to say what you feel just because it is not liked by the people around you. If you keep hiding your vulnerability, there will come a time when you don’t know what to do with so much and you will feel suffocated. It is time you stop worrying, your anxiety needs a break, listen to yourself.


It’s okay Sagittarius, it’s worth not keeping anything for yourself, showing that you also drop the world from time to time. 2021 led you to accept that you cannot always have everything under control and that pain does not warn you. You don’t have to be strong all the time or pretend nothing is wrong. You are not weak and you know it, opening your heart only helps you heal your soul. Do not be afraid to show your true essence, because there are many people who would give anything to be part of your life. Sooner or later your reward will come to you and all that you cried one day will become a simple memory. It’s tough, but you have everything to do it. What you should do is not saturate yourself, do not try to achieve a thousand goals at the same time, it does not work that way.


Go out and let life guide you like a snowball on the mountain. Capricorn, 2021 has left you memorable lessons, the kind that you will surely tell your children. Now, you are clear that you are not going to let the moments go away, you want to discover everything that fills your soul with life. You definitely don’t want to regret anything and if you have to hold on you will. Days are not always going to be perfect, however, there are many other reasons to feel much better. It’s okay if one day you just want to stay in bed and feel sad. Remember that it is never too late to start over.


2021 told you a million times that you cannot sit idly by waiting for life to fix itself. If there is something that overwhelms you and has a solution, you have to go out for it, but if not, let it go. It doesn’t make sense that you’re making your life bitter for that. It’s okay to put up barriers, but don’t overdo it, telling others how important they are in your life doesn’t hurt you. Do not worry about the wrongdoing of others, because in this life no one leaves without paying and karma sooner or later does its thing. Not all people are destined to hurt you, if you give yourself the opportunity to open new horizons you can be surprised and know true love, not only as a couple. Once you leave the blame you will realize that you are made for great things.


You will not deny it, 2021 left you somewhat scared and hurt. There is a part of you that is not willing to relate to the wrong person again and that is why you make so many excuses with people. Pisces, you do not need to be an open book, it is okay to set limits, however, do not exaggerate, because your life can run away from the most sacred, love. You can start with not being so unconditional with everyone who knocks on your door but doesn’t close yourself off. There are many times when you think that what happens around you is your fault, but it is not. If someone does something bad to you, it is only fair that they bear their responsibilities, do not try to make up for their mistakes. Remember not to let go of your dreams and give yourself the same compassion that you give to others.


What A Lesson Lesson Did The Signs Learn In 2021

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