Unveiling The Most Intense Needs Of Each Zodiac Sign

Most Intense Needs

Unveiling The Most Intense Needs Of Each Zodiac Sign

We all have a need that we cannot and do not want to escape. “That something” that you think about every day and that you can’t get out of your head. And when you can’t fulfill that need, the desire multiplies, and that becomes something much bigger. Everything escalates more and you can’t stop thinking about it. Therefore, below, we leave you the most intense need of each zodiac sign:


You can’t be doing anything for long, you have to have something to do. You love to keep your mind entertained because you are a very adventurous person. You are very independent and your thing is not to follow the masses. On the contrary, you like to be in control of any situation. Deep down you feel the need to achieve things because you need to lead. It motivates you a lot to see how you manage to meet very crazy objectives or almost impossible challenges. You love to test yourself and you know it. 


Your deepest need? feel love That’s right, Taurus. You love beautiful people who have very good details. You really like to feel the family warmth of people who help others. Therefore, your most intense need is to feel that you are valued and loved. For you, the most valuable gift is not the one that costs the most money, but the one that has the most warmth and feeling. You love the value of details that come from the heart, that’s why you give value to things in such an intense and special way. 


Your deepest need is to feel understanding and not compassion. That’s right, Gemini, you like people who have empathy and don’t judge you for your quirky personality. Very few ever truly understand how your head works. That’s why when you meet someone who understands you and understands you, you love it. Your most intense need is to see how others make an effort to put themselves in your shoes from time to time. As you often do… 


Your most intense need? It is difficult to choose just one, but without a doubt, it highlights your need to feel safe and protected at all times. You love to feel the familiar warmth of your people. You love that your partner faces you at all times. You are very moved by the loyalty of your friends, those who never leave your side. Complete security is a must for you because, without it, you feel that there is something wrong. Playing with your safety is NOT a good idea… 


You are a very intense person and you have many needs, but we are only going to keep one: your need to receive the recognition you deserve. No more no less. You love fair things, you just want people to be more grateful to you. You don’t like your people to assume that you feel valued and loved. Damn, you want them to tell you and prove it. A simple note with a THANK YOU, or an “I love you” brightens your day. You really appreciate that kind of nice detail. 


When you succeed, the sparkle in your eyes changes and you know it. You like plans that go well the first time. The relaxation you feel after hard work could be your most intense need right now. You love control, but you benefit much more from the gratification you feel when it’s all over. When you have organized everything you had pending or when you have achieved a difficult goal. Feeling like you have a bit of peace in some situations suits you very well. 


You cannot be in an environment where instability is breathed. You do not like people who make a vacuum for others directly or indirectly. Therefore, your most intense need is to feel that you are valued and that they take you into account. Have relationships in which equality and kindness are very present. Feeling accepted in the environment you are in is very important to you. You do everything possible so that the atmosphere is always very good, that’s why you expect the same from others.


Emotional support is very important in your life. Feeling that you have people you can trust and take refuge in to combat your darkest fears. For you, it is essential that your people are your circle of maximum trust, you do not like to feel that you are alone in the world. All you want is for your space to be a safe place. That your friends are loyal to you and that your family accepts you just the way you are. The rest doesn’t matter, because by having quality love and support in your life, you have almost everything.


You don’t like being mistrusted. Your most intense need is to have an environment of maximum trust and transparency. Trust others and have your friends or family trust you. You feel the need to be very transparent with your people because you are someone very legal. You don’t like that they think that you are not good as a person or something similar. But you must pay attention to a small detail: you are not affected by what others think of you. But the choice of your people does matter to you, and A LOT. 


Actually, Capri, you care about what the people you care about might think of you. Of course, there is the detail: you are only affected by what your people tell you, and what others say, the truth is that you don’t care. Your exterior may seem cold, but the warmth inside tells us that you are actually a sensitive and very intense person. Your most intense need is to have the admiration of your people. It gives you a lot of peace, it gives you a lot of tranquility and you like it. Having the admiration of your loved ones is quite pleasant for you.  


You want people to stay with you for who you are, and not for what you have. You would like more empathy and less envy for everyone. You need them to understand you, not to overwhelm you, and to appreciate you just the way you are. Aquarius, you are a very special person, and your deepest need is to feel accepted and understood in the environment that surrounds you. You want people to be more open-minded because you don’t like to associate with radical people who don’t see beyond their own ideas. 


Your most intense need? May love to reign in your life. Love all its versions. Love for all the people who are part of your life. Even for the haters. Love is the cure for all ills, or so you think, so the need for a lot of love is very real. Your heart is happy when it feels respected and loved and right now, there is nothing more important than that. Feeling unconditional love for someone is the most beautiful thing you can feel and want more than ever. 

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