Feeling ashamed is a sign that you care too much what others may think of you. Nobody likes the idea of ​​being able to be judged and less if it is negatively. If you are a person who is too embarrassed you are likely to be extremely sensitive. If you are one of those people who are able to see the humor in a rather embarrassing situation, then you do not give so much importance to what you did but to how much fun the situation has become. But not everyone has the ability to handle that feeling of shame.


Here we show you the top 5 of the signs that are ashamed with much more ease than others:


One of the main reasons why Cancer tends to be ashamed much more easily than others is its emotional radar. That radar with which he looks for clues about what is happening around him. Cancer is constantly trying to know everything that happens around him and on many occasions when he is caught infraganti in his spy mission makes him ashamed much more easily.

With Cancer, negative emotions are just around the corner. Embarrassment, anger, and anxiety can make Cancer feel highly sensitive. All this can lead to Cancer to a very unstable emotional state and cannot stop feeling ashamed. But it is not his fault, it is the fault of all who awaken those feelings in him/her.


Virgo is one of those people who love to do everything perfectly. Virgo wants to be the best in everything and will not stop fighting until he gets it. That is why when Virgo fails and does not achieve his goals, he may feel extremely ashamed. If Virgo could lower her expectations, perhaps she would be more prepared for failure, humiliation, and shame, whatever the situation.

Virgo tends to take things very seriously, especially everything that makes him look or feel stupid. It is not of those people who make jokes as they are, it will take everything to the extreme. But don’t blame him, his obsession because everything is perfect sometimes doesn’t allow him to have a sense of humor.


Libra is an extremely intelligent person, but despite this, he is sometimes too naive. Sometimes he finds himself in situations where he believes in something or someone, to the point that he would do anything for that person. This makes them take great advantage of Libra and end up cheating on him. That is when Libra feels very ashamed for not having seen the intentions they had with him/her.

Libra does not support the idea that they have been able to use it and are ashamed of not being able to stop it. Libra loves to participate in-jokes, but he doesn’t like being the cause of them. It is difficult for Libra to see grace when the target is felt. Don’t blame Libra, his shame is given by all those who have betrayed him.


Pisces is one of those people who lack imagination. They have so much imagination that sometimes their head does not stop spinning, this can make him/herself believe that he has done embarrassing things when in fact it is not. Pisces is not comfortable in the way of relating, believes he does not have the skills to be able to relate to others in an appropriate way. This makes Pisces feel ashamed.

Feeling ashamed may cause Pisces to get stressed. Pisces must learn that if he relaxes and does not give such importance to things, he will not be so susceptible to feeling ashamed or humiliated. Don’t blame him, Pisces has a hard imagination to overcome and sometimes this can be a problem.


Capricorn is one of those people who like to show that they are fully trained, disciplined and patient. What Capricorn doesn’t know is that sometimes you need to really relax. He is always nervous because he does not conceive the idea that he can do something embarrassing. But Capricorn has to learn that sometimes doing something extremely embarrassing is necessary in order to learn from mistakes.

Capricorn takes his life too seriously and sometimes he needs to be reminded of how ridiculous, funny and idiotic he can be. That way you will see that it is better to smile and move on than to sink into a hole when you feel ashamed. Don’t blame him, Capricorn is a person who loves control and not having it makes him feel that way.

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