These zodiac signs hate the heat

In the middle of the heatwave, we all struggle with sweats and swollen feet. But some people tolerate the heat better than others. This characteristic also often depends on the zodiac sign .

These zodiac signs hate the heat:


The Virgo cannot do much with hot summer days. And she lets everyone know that too. She constantly complains about the heat and complains about sweat stains and swollen feet. So on really hot days you should avoid this zodiac sign. The Jungfrau only gets really fit and in a good mood in summer when the sun has set and the temperatures are reasonably bearable.


Cancer becomes a real hermit in summer. From the moment the temperature cracks the 30-degree mark, you can no longer see the zodiac sign. He’d rather hide in his apartment and try to avoid direct sunlight with all sorts of tricks. Sun loungers or beach vacations are pure horror for Cancer and it doesn’t come out of its cave until autumn. But then he is all the more active and catches up with everything he missed during the heat.


Aquarius loves outdoor activities. Hiking, cycling and climbing are simply part of his everyday life. But as soon as it gets too hot outside, this zodiac sign becomes paralyzed. At these temperatures he prefers to do without his sports units , which unfortunately also makes him very grumpy. Aquarius then likes to take out his bad mood on his friends and family and complain about the heat around the clock.


Sagittarius is a real winter lover. No wonder, since he was born at this time of year too. He loves skiing and likes the feeling of snow under his shoes. Summer, on the other hand, is pure horror for this zodiac sign. The constant sweats and the debilitating heat bring this zodiac sign completely off the mark. That is why you will usually find the Sagittarius at such temperatures at the lake or in a cool apartment. The main thing is that it can cool off somewhere. There are not many activities to be expected from him at this time of the year.

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