These Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Dramatic


These Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Dramatic

The saying “Make an elephant out of a mosquito” is simply in the blood of some zodiac signs. Because no matter how hard they try, they’re always ultra-dramatic.

Three zodiac signs in particular are affected by the drama queen attitude.


Aquarians are extremely direct and always really let their emotions run free. This also has the consequence that they say things that they should rather keep to themselves. Every opinion, every situation, really EVERYTHING is commented on by Aquarians.

This is quite liberating for them, but it can quickly become exhausting for those around them. Because the Aquarians have absolutely no filter, their reactions often seem dramatic and exaggerated. But there is also good news: as quickly as the Aquarians are up to 180, they have calmed down just as quickly.


Libras tend to overinterpret everything. As a particularly emotional zodiac sign, they want to make sure that everyone around them is doing well. A goal that just isn’t possible, but one that Libras can’t let go of.

As Libras are quick to relate the whims of others to themselves, they tend to overanalyze them – with plenty of drama involved. Because if someone is not doing well, the scales are sure: they are to blame. Dear Libra: you cannot influence everything! Sometimes you just have to let go.


Sagittarians are dramatic, huh? For many, this statement is probably quite unrealistic. But anyone who looks behind the facade of the cheerful Sagittarius quickly realizes that they take everything very seriously. Because the passionate sign of the zodiac spends a lot of time with mind games, dream worlds, and analysis of situations and conversations.

In retrospect, it can quickly happen that a conversation seems much more dramatic than it actually was. But instead of confronting the situation, the shooters swallow a lot and keep the drama to themselves – at least until they explode. The consequence: they appear dramatic, extreme, and impulsive; even if the grief has long been pent up.

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