These Zodiac Signs Are On A Losing Streak In March 2023

Losing Streak In March 2023

These Zodiac Signs Are On A Losing Streak In March 2023

For some zodiac signs, March means: bite through! Unfortunately, the spring month will be anything but successful for them. Because they really attract bad luck and somehow nothing really wants to succeed. But don’t worry, after that it’s all uphill again!

But these signs of the zodiac have to brace themselves for a streak of bad luck.


In March things are unfortunately not quite as smooth as expected for the scales. Actually, this zodiac sign was hoping that spring would bring some fresh air and positive vibes into their lives. But the scales have to be patient for that. Until the end of the month, nothing really wants to work out. After that it will slowly go uphill again, I promise! Because the positive mindset of Libras cannot be thrown off track so quickly.


Unfortunately, March is also a test of nerves for the Jungfrau. Because somehow everything always goes wrong and is completely different than this zodiac sign actually imagined. As is well known, Virgo has a plan for everything and very precise ideas about how these plans should be implemented. But in March it just doesn’t work at all. Especially in the middle of the month, the zodiac sign has to really bite through again. But after that, peace finally returns and things start to pick up again from the end of March.


The bull also has to deal with a streak of bad luck in March. It was actually going really well, but suddenly the universe threw a spanner in the works for this zodiac sign. This is probably also due to the fact that the bull has let himself go a bit in the last few months and has lost sight of his goals as a result. The stars now want to tell him: Your happiness is in your own hands, do something!

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