These Zodiac Signs Always Have Far Too Many New Year’s 2022 Resolutions

Too Many New Year's 2022 Resolutions

These Zodiac Signs Always Have Far Too Many New Year’s 2022 Resolutions

So, have you written your New Year’s resolutions yet? Some zodiac signs have had these ready for weeks – but they tend to overdo it with good intentions.

You’re just taking on way too much!


Cancers love the feeling of a new beginning. And there is hardly a day that is as suitable for this as January 1st! Because then the crabs have the feeling: really EVERYTHING is possible! And they want to implement this “everything” – in the form of countless resolutions.

Because as big fans of optimization, Cancers have a number of areas of life that they would like to improve. The list of New Year’s resolutions is correspondingly long – and almost impossible to work through. But the ambitious Cancers usually find a way to do everything by the following New Year’s Eve.


Anyone who knows a Virgo knows they strive for perfection. And in order to achieve this, a few New Year’s resolutions should not be missing. As big fans of organization and planning, Virgos always take the time shortly before New Year’s Eve to analyze the past year in detail and work out what they would like to change in their lives and how. And once the Virgos get going, this list gets very long!


Leos don’t like to admit it, but they’re also prone to insecurities. Because there are some aspects of their life with which they are not completely satisfied. They don’t even tell their closest confidants that, but especially at the turn of the year Leos like to reflect and write down some New Year’s resolutions with concrete goals and to-dos that they want to achieve in the coming weeks and months. As so often in life, the sign of the zodiac tends to become overzealous and writes down one task after the other. So it’s no wonder that they start directly with 1.1. totally booked and permanently busy again!

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