These are the smartest and dumbest zodiac signs

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve just done something incredibly smart.

Some zodiac signs will find unique ways to deal with different types of situations.

However, some zodiac signs will struggle and lack intelligence so how to play cleverly will be a big problem for them.

On a scale of 1-12 we will try to find out which zodiac sign is the most intelligent and which is the dumbest or the weakest.

There is a difference in intelligence.

Some people are clever and insidious, others act intuitively; still others are clever but too gullible.

Mercury stands for the mind and intellect in astrology.

In general, this planet is responsible for intelligence, learning, thinking, logic and reasoning, as well as all kinds of intellectual connections and communication between people.

A strong Mercury is what the smartest zodiac sign needs.

If your zodiac sign is influenced by Mercury, then it will increase your wealth and money matters will be by your side.

Mercury stimulates your mind to create new ideas and to find the best solutions.

Which zodiac signs skillfully use their intellectual abilities, and which are naive and are therefore considered stupid?


Scorpios are considered to be the smartest and most intelligent zodiac signs of all.

The Scorpio cannot be led by the nose and this zodiac sign very often surprises us with its interesting and profound opinions.

When something interests them, they are easily motivated and because of their cleverness and sharpness they always find the perfect solution to all problems.

Because of their unique perception, they can realistically assess and understand the world.


Virgos have many interests.

Even if some things are of no use to them, explore them and explore them.

This kind of curiosity sets her apart from the rest.

And when there is no solution to a problem, or the answer is difficult to find, a Virgo simply sets off to use her cleverness and ingenuity to find her own answer.

Virgos are very funny people, and without going out of their way, they often say something hilarious.

Virgos ask a lot of questions, which is a clear sign of true genius.


The twins are quick thinkers.

They have a unique ability to acquire and disseminate information.

They are known for their great sense of humor and always have something up their sleeve that makes them much funnier and more efficient.

The best indicator of an intelligent person is humor, and Gemini certainly has a lot to offer.

Geminis have excellent verbal skills, which makes it easy for them to make lots of friends.


Capricorns have a very precise and highly structured way of thinking.

This way of thinking makes it easier for them to make smart decisions.

When starting a project, look at the big picture and consider all of the consequences.

Capricorns are not easy to get down and use their intelligence sensibly .


Pisces can sometimes get lost in their own imaginations.

You have high levels of intelligence and creativity.

People born under this sign of the zodiac have a very high level of emotional intelligence and have a tendency to judge people based on their personal performance.

They are always trying to improve and learn from their mistakes.


If Taurus gets a rejection, then he is hurt like no other zodiac sign.

Taurus are self-centered and can be foolish at times.

These traits also make them smart, and it doesn’t just have to be negative.

If you hurt a Taurus, he can become depressed and lazy because he absorbs everything negative like a sponge.

That’s why he feels sorry for himself a lot and on days like that he stays in his own four walls.

Typically, these people remain confused most of the time.


Leos always need confirmation and try to prove themselves.

They usually fluctuate back and forth on the scale between serious and silly.

However, they take rejection and failure as a lesson and try to learn a lot from this experience.

The lion is a neutral sign that can behave both mature and childish.


Libra is manipulative.

She is much more prone to manipulation than intelligence and stupidity.

They are very good at assessing people and can benefit from the worst of situations.

When Libra is rejected, the pain in your head is increased even more.

If they are hurt, they take revenge.


Aries can act smart and sometimes stupid.

People born under the Aries zodiac sign are usually harmless and can be described as cute.

You don’t take the world too seriously and are just focused on yourself.

They lack empathy and therefore are insensitive to other people’s feelings.

You only care about yourself.


Sagittarians are only concerned with themselves, which makes them bad or even bad people.

People born under these zodiac signs are selfish, self-centered, and self-centered.

They lack intelligence when it comes to that. To make decisions.

You have difficulty setting yourself up.


Cancers are overly sensitive.

Sometimes they are seen as difficult people and all because of their hypersensitivity.

They are the biggest crybugs in the entire zodiac sign and sometimes lack intelligence and shrewdness.

Also, they often get over emotional and make up stupid things without having any evidence to back them up.

Nevertheless, Cancer is considered to be one of the happiest signs of the zodiac.


These are the smartest and dumbest zodiac signs

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