These 6 introverted zodiac signs have nothing against social distance

The current coronavirus pandemic is causing some of the worst and greatest changes in our lives, affecting our health as well as our private lives and relationships.

This is a time when our reality has changed quite drastically. With the increase in the number of corona sufferers, many people fear that the corona measures will be tightened again or even a lockdown will be imposed again.

The new reality could again include restrictions on going out and social distance that limit the whole of life.

According to the horoscope, there are some zodiac signs that have nothing to object to renewed social distance and the renunciation of contact with friends, acquaintances and extended family.

Whether a person is introverted or extroverted depends on their personality but also on their zodiac sign.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to being an introvert.

On the one hand, they know how to make yourself happy regardless of the people around them.

To her, an afternoon with nothing to do but read a book or watch a Netflix show sounds like an absolute dream.

The only benefit to the coronavirus pandemic was that these people could invest a lot of time in themselves and do things they always wanted to do but always lacked the time.

If you prefer to have time to yourself, prefer to work from home alone, and you feel easily drained during social interactions, then you are one of the 6 zodiac signs who are naturally introverted and nothing against social distancing to have.

1st bull

(April 21st – May 20th)

The typical Taurus is very headstrong and tenacious , but they have a heart of gold. They are great introverts.

Since this earth sign is ruled by Venus, they tend to prefer a grounded and down to earth way of life .

Taurus often keep a tight circle and do not leave their home for no reason.

In fact, they tend to find a night at home with a bunch of friends and a bottle of wine far more enjoyable than wandering around a chaotic bar scene.

Taurus is the most stubborn sign of the zodiac. They hate to be told what to do.

And they prefer to keep to themselves. They also know that their emotions can be quite volatile and difficult for others to process.

As a result, they prefer to stay away from others. Taurus are very concerned about safety and do not want to make themselves vulnerable in any way or form.

One of the reasons Taurus are introverts is because they feel more secure when they are alone .

2 cancer

(June 22nd – July 22nd)

Cancer-borns are security -loving and soulful . You are naturally introverted and will only reveal your feelings to someone you trust.

They don’t like to be seen as weak and introverted so keep their secrets to themselves so they don’t get hurt.

This zodiac sign is so sensitive that they avoid negative people and energy and crawl into their shell when it gets too much.

That is not to say that they are not social creatures. They love to be surrounded by their closest friends and relatives and preferably in their home.

3. Virgo

(August 24th – September 23rd)

The Virgo zodiac sign has a reputation for being introverted and loving their privacy.

Just like Aquarius, Virgo-borns love to watch everything from a safe distance .

They are naturally suspicious and prefer to keep their distance from others so that they only want to leave their comfort zone when they absolutely have to.

Virgos are naturally suspicious and insecure of others. This encourages their natural introverted behavior.

You are closed and want to have time for yourself.

They are inquisitive and constantly want to analyze life , and they prefer to do this alone at home, away from their friends and family members.

You are great at listening to others when they need help, as long as they are not in a crowded environment.

They’re also very worried about germs and are the ultimate cleanliness fanatics.

They fear that they could catch a virus if they are with too many people. As such, they find it more convenient to stay away from the crowds.

In order to focus on work and other areas in their life, they prefer privacy and prefer to work alone . 

4. Scorpio

(October 24th – November 22nd)

Scorpios are extremely introverted people. They are very closed and they like to keep their secrets to themselves.

They like to remain mysterious and let few people into their lives whom they really trust. Most of all, however, Scorpios prefer to hide and withdraw because that is what defines their true nature.

Like Pisces, people with the Scorpio sign have to stay away from other people because they are sensitive, even if they do not show it. They can be easily drained.

Scorpio-natives prefer to keep a close and trustworthy circle .

They enjoy the company of their friends, but too many people and gossip wear them out, especially if they don’t know and trust them.

When Scorpios are forced to go to a party and run into a lot of people they don’t know, they usually get quite nervous. 

They like to spend their time with friends and family. But at some point there comes a point where they just need a little self-reflection.

It’s a surprising fact that Scorpios are often left alone when they’re working or trying something productive. 

5. Aquarius

(January 21st – February 19th)

Aquarius-born are one of the six introverted zodiac signs because they can be very shy and calm at times .

They only surround themselves with close family members and friends because they don’t like sharing their feelings and worries with everyone.

They are strong individualists and live their lives without consideration for other people.

They prefer to live out their introverted side by watching films in their own walls and working on an ingenious invention.

They like to deal with their thoughts and enjoy the time they can spend without company. They often look at their surroundings from a distance and are considered credible and reliable .

6. Fish

(February 20th – March 20th)

Even if Pisces are creative, friendly and have lots of friends, they still have an introverted side.

They are imaginative creatures who often live in their little dream world.

Of all the zodiac signs on this list, Pisces is probably the most social sign of the zodiac, one that is particularly dominated by their feelings.

As a watermark, they are quite adaptable. Pisces, however, are daydreamers at heart and they definitely need their alone time to escape reality and find inspiration for their own creations on their own.

Even when they’re in the middle of a meeting with friends, you can always tell when a Pisces has withdrawn and started thinking about something else.

When they find themselves in stressful and unfamiliar situations, this watermark tends to withdraw and distance themselves from reality in order to recharge their batteries.


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