These 5 zodiac signs get boring quickly in the relationship

Different interests, wanderlust, a thirst for adventure: Five zodiac signs tend to get bored quickly and don’t last long in a relationship

These five zodiac signs often get bored in a relationship

Being newly in love in a relationship is something great! With rose-colored glasses you walk through the world, butterflies tingle in your stomach and nothing seems to stop you with your loved one. Then, over time, everyday life returns to the partnership, a routine develops and five of the twelve zodiac signs gradually begin to yearn for their single freedoms again. Why? They constantly need variety, often feel too restricted and tend to get bored in the relationship quickly.


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Leos love to be in the spotlight and are creative at always coming up with something new in order to get the full attention of their loved ones. If the temperamental fire sign notices that his or her partner is not showing him the desired interest, the zodiac sign often starts to get bored very quickly and can end the relationship over a longer period of time.


The Scorpio often looks a little closed to the outside world, but if he lets a special person into his heart, his love can be very passionate and intense. From now on, the zodiac would like to spend every free minute with its partner and create moments together. However, if the same interest is not returned, the passion can be over in no time. The Scorpio prefers to withdraw from the partnership before it becomes too boring for him.


Sitting at home day in and day out with the same person and not experiencing anything? That is difficult for the fiery Sagittarius. They prefer to be out and about in the world, are regularly looking for adventure and never get enough of new things – on the other hand, they usually feel bored and restricted by deadlocked relationships. If the fire sign gets involved with someone, it is important to them that their loved one can come to terms with them, otherwise the zodiac sign is quickly gone again.


Aquarius loves his freedom like hardly any other zodiac sign and often has difficulties with long-lasting relationships. Driven by its constant curiosity, the watermark would like to try and experience something new all the time. Therefore, Aquarians need a partner by their side who is either as active as they are or who gives them the freedom they need. If this is not fulfilled, the zodiac sign feels cornered and begins to get bored.


Geminis tend to get excited about a person and fall head to toe in love with them, but just as suddenly the feelings can fade and make them lose interest in their partner. The reason? The air sign is one of the freedom-loving beings among the zodiac signs and is constantly looking for new challenges and stimuli. If this need is not adequately met, the relationship between Gemini can become boring in no time.

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