These 4 zodiac signs can’t take winter anymore

These 4 zodiac signs can’t take winter anymore

Quebec winters are harsh, and towards the end of February, many of us are simply no longer capable of the cold and the snow.

In some astrological signs, their personality makes them prefer certain seasons to others. This is completely normal! One person may prefer the “cozy” side of fall, others the sun of summer, and for some the cold months are simply torture.

You’re going to recognize these folks from their #throwback Instagram posts to their last trip down South, their online shopping for bikinis, and the fact that they’ve already pulled out their spring coat and booties, even though it’s too early.

So here are the 4 astrological signs that are no longer capable of winter:

4. Cancer

Cancerians enjoy spending time at home, but not so much that they miss their family Christmas and cottage parties for the second year in a row. People of this sign count the seconds until the snow melts and they can enjoy the good weather with those they love.

3. Libra and Gemini tied

Libra and Gemini are among the most sociable astrological signs of the zodiac. Air sign, they need space and freedom to talk, socialize and discover new people. Winter, since it limits our movements, is not their favorite time of the year, on the contrary!

2. Scorpio

Scoprions are sensitive sponges. People of this sign are very affected by the weather and can feel depressed on short, cold winter days. They can’t wait to be able to recharge their batteries in nature or with friends with a milder temperature!

1. Sagittarius

Anyone surprised? Sagittarians want to explore and have fun, they don’t want the weather to decide their future. After not being able to travel last year, Sagittarians can no longer wait for the sun to show up.

These 4 zodiac signs can't take winter anymore

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