The Signs That Do Not Fall Easily At Your Feet Even If You Beg Them

Not Fall Easily At Your Feet

The Signs That Do Not Fall Easily At Your Feet Even If You Beg Them

They say they are complicated souls because they need more than a glance. They are signs that do not fall easily at your feet even if you beg them. They are looking for genuine love, the one that accompanies you through thick and thin. Of the loves that do not judge, of those who support, of those who give themselves. They want to love someone with whom they can talk endlessly, and hug like there is no tomorrow. Immerse each other in your emotions. There are signs of the zodiac that are special, they are not going to settle for a title:

1.- Gemini 

Gemini is one of the signs that do not fall easily at your feet even if you beg them. Conquering the heart of Gemini is practically like tossing a coin, you don’t know how your heart will receive it. It is a sign that you are always alert, that you have no intention of committing at first, you need much more than a lot of promises. He may let himself be conquered, that he lives in the moment, but that does not mean that he is ready for something so serious, he flees from the ties. Gemini can love with all of his beings, but it is still something momentary, that’s when the passionate side of him takes control and he just lets himself go. But he won’t stay with you, even if you beg him.

2.- Libra 

A minute of silence for all the loves that Libra has left adrift. And it is that it is such a loving sign, so dedicated and understanding, that it is easy for it to steal the hearts of those who come into its life. The problem is when things start to get too formal, that’s when doubts flood her mind and she’s not sure she’s doing the right thing. It’s the incredulous part of her, the one that makes her wonder over and over again if she won’t end up with her soul in pieces again. Libra is not satisfied with everyone who comes and promises him the Moon and the stars. It doesn’t matter how much you pray.

3.- Scorpio 

Scorpio is synonymous with stubbornness when it comes to love. He is not the one who gets carried away at the moment, there he can control his intellectual part because he wants someone who is willing to give him everything that is inside him. Someone who doesn’t get scared when their quirks and flaws show up. He wants a love that does not minimize his emotions, he has a lot to tell and he will not give in until he finds the right soul. He is romantic, intense, and very passionate, but he is not easy prey. If he really gives you the opportunity to conquer him, it is because he finds you attractive, but that does not guarantee anything.

4.- Capricorn  

Capricorn is the one who puts independence first, the truth is that the love of a partner has never been part of their priorities. It is a sign that he always has a lot of things to do, that is the reason why many of his conquests end up running away because they cannot deal with so much pressure. When it comes to love, he says things straight, he hates games, if you are going to love you have to be ready for it, or else it is better that you continue on your way. What is most needed to conquer his heart is patience. If you give up at first I doubt you will have a chance, because you don’t trust easily.

The Signs That Do Not Fall Easily At Your Feet Even If You Beg Them

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