The Scar That Every Sign Leaves You

The Scar That Every Sign Leaves You

The scars do not always have to be bad, there are nice, those that remember after years and sighing all I want to wish all the best to that person one day was part of the chapters of your life. Each sign of the Zodiac leaves a before and after, many times he does not even know it, but his ex-partners do not forget the moment when they stomped on his heart. Relationships are teachings that become traces to be caressed from time to time. This is the scar left by each sign:


They say that vibes do not lie and Aries is the proof of that. Well, those who have been part of his love list know that the simple fact of waking up with a motivating message from him changes your life . And it is that Aries is the impulsive lover, the one who invites you to break with your fears , the one who trusts in your abilities and wants to see you fly in every way. He is not afraid of your triumph, on the contrary, he is proud that it is you who walks by his side. Aries, you leave your mark because you give them priority, you commit to being the reason for their smiles. A sign that wants a connection that breaks with everything conventional and for the same reason it continues to be remembered after years.


Anyone who has had a Taurus love knows very well that there comes a point where you never want to let go of it. It is the type of couple that makes you imagine a life by their side, the kind in which you end up walking the dog accompanied by the grandchildren. This because it is one of the most romantic and sensual signs. He has Venus on his side, so he knows very well how to make you explode with pleasure. If we add to that that it is an Earth sign, things get better because they don’t play games. The moment Taurus decides that you are part of his days, he teaches you what commitment and loyalty are . Do not pressure you and let little by little you be the one who ends up surrendering as if there was no tomorrow. I dare you to forget something like that.


Gemini has that I don’t know what, which makes it your favorite part of the day. The way in which he comes into the lives of his partners is devastating, when someone really likes him is capable of moving mountains in order to conquer. His personality is like a whirlwind, you never really know what new madness he is going to surprise you with. It leaves a beautiful mark because it invites you to break with the routine,to do what you like no matter what they say. If we add to that that it is a very intellectual sign, things get a thousand times better. Precisely all those conversations flooded with knowledge are the ones that you will remember as if they had happened yesterday. Gemini drives you, fills you with good vibes and shows you that breaking the rules from time to time is not wrong.


I assure you that having a relationship with Cancer is synonymous with being crazy enough to deal with the accumulation of emotions that it gives you. His scar is the one that deepens, because he is not afraid of crying, failure, or insecurities. So it will make you feel safe enough to shout from the rooftops all that goes through your mind and your heart. From the moment he decides to be part of your days, he shows himself as an open book, he wants to make you feel comfortable and he succeeds. In addition, it protects you, it shows you to be in good times and in bad times . When you leave his side, you miss that beautiful friendship, the bond that helped you grow and prompted you to start problems from your past that did not allow you to move forward.


Leo comes into your life passionately, without hesitation, wanting to make you feel everything just by exchanging glances. It is the type of love that you retell, because his story has everything, ups and downs that make anyone tremble. Going out with him leaves you a before and after, because you miss his radiant way of being . Leo has the Sun on his side, he is the lion, who is willing to always take command and to be adored. However, when he gives you his heart he teaches you to be a great leader, he does not want the person he loves to feel less by his side, so he works very hard to help him shine. With Leo you do things that only passed through your imagination and you discover that adrenaline is always better.


If you can trust something, it is the word of a Virgo. The reality is that when it comes to relationships they don’t go around saying they love just anyone. It is a very minute sign and you need to feel reassured that you are sharing your time and energy with the right person. When you have a relationship with him, you discover that life is also beautiful if you organize and say what you feel regardless of the opinion of the rest. But especially when you learn to take the first step. Virgo shows you that he will be there when the rest leave, that his support is unconditional and it is possible that even after the relationship is over, he will be there for you. However, do not be confused, because when they decide to put an end there is no going back.


Have you heard about the nice coincidences? Well, it is clear that Libra is one of them. It does not matter if the relationship lasted a couple of months or years, it is always nice to remember that Libra who was part of your life. Because the bond that is formed is an embrace of spirituality, it is synonymous with charm, of knowing yourself thoroughly without losing your balance. When he is by your side he is able to see what no one else sees. It immerses itself in your qualities, as if you were a diamond in the rough and that’s exactly when it inspires you. Libra wants to see you shine, be at peace and not fall into the toxic bonds where discussions are normalized. After being part of their days, you learn to work as a team, value yourself and, above all, embrace your individuality, because it gives you the freedom to be yourself.


The worst thing about dating a Scorpio is that deep down you know that you will end up surrendered to his feet. And they are like a magnet that captures your thoughts, soul and heart. Their passion is contagious, they return the desire to love and invite you to embrace your emotions. Scorpio is fiery, from the side you look at it and having a relationship with him is like wearing a lot of tattoos from head to toe. When you bite your lip for some reason it comes back to your mind. He is one of the most intense lovers, of those who bet on everything or nothing. His mystery becomes his best attraction and every day by his side is unpredictable, which makes you want to be closer. Overcoming a Scorpio is not easy, because you keep finding it in other arms, on other lips …


Sagittarius loves like this, without pressure, without ties and with a lot of desire to immerse themselves in what you do not tell anyone. Having something romantic with this sign is synonymous with adrenaline, constant activities and a lot of passion. It is Jupiter who governs your compass and therefore does not give up. Always restless, always ready to savor everything that is forbidden and also what is desired. Being by their side invites you to have courage, to enjoy life and to experiment without thinking much about what they will say. After the relationship is over, you miss his impulsive side, that crazy archer who made your legs and heart shake. Few can take its place, you prefer to keep it in the secrets of your memory, in those that you recall from time to time.


Capricorn is the proof that the hearts that appear to be the coldest are the ones that hide a heart of gold. Right behind that strong, determined and highly disciplined personality hides a soul capable of giving you your whole life. When Capricorn lets you into his life, you learn gallantry, you understand that life is not always rosy, but you have to get up and keep fighting. It is the type of couple that becomes your team, the one who wants to see you shine and who reminds you that you have all the qualities to achieve what you set out to do. It is governed by Saturn, hence its consistency, the desire to improve and practicality. Capricorn teaches you to undertake, to understand and to trust.


Only people who have had a relationship with Aquarius understand what it is to be distantly together. And it is that his love is precisely the one that does not demand, the one that opens a lot of doors to imagination, creativity, to expand all those ideas that you do not talk about with anyone. Aquarius redefines the way of loving, because it does not demand, it does not judge, it does not suffocate you and right there is the key to everything. Whoever decides to walk by his side does so in a genuine way and with the certainty that he is going to experience something totally new. Aquarius marks you because it is the one who inspires you to get out of your comfort zone, shake off all that pile of dusty dreams that you had left behind. Aquarius reminds you that you can, that you always can.


Pisces is like that, so tender, so brave, so dreamy. It is the type of partner who gives you hope, who invites you to trust again. Feel that feeling of infatuation in which you feel a flutter in your stomach and although it scares a little you like it. It is the sign that he loves as if his partner were a work of art, he stands at his feet and fills him with details. Pisces teaches you to love with sensitivity ahead of you,with that deep connection that makes you want to have his company all your life. Although for some, their optimism in love can be suffocating, as few are used to being treated too well. However, Pisces knows no other way to love. It is Neptune who governs it and therefore finds the illusion of love in everything that crosses its path.


The Scar That Every Sign Leaves You

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