The Red Flags of Each Sign That Yell at You That It is Not There

Red Flags of Each Sign

The Red Flags of Each Sign That Yell at You That It is Not There

Before starting, I would like to tell you that you should not feel selfish for staying away from people who have toxic attitudes. It is hard to realize that you grew up with a wrong idea of ​​love and the worst thing is that you have clung so much that you have become an expert in disguising it with a supposed romanticism. There are the red flags of each sign that shout to you that it is not there. Please, go, because what starts with something light can become a prison from which it is very difficult to escape. 


The red flags of Aries tend to be perfectly camouflaged because they argue that they are impulsive. Well, it’s true that they do have a fiery side, but just because their tempers flare up doesn’t justify yelling at you or humiliating you. Not all Aries are the same, but if they keep throwing tantrums to get what they want, it means that they are not ready for a mature relationship and that you are going to have to deal with a child. No one deserves to feel guilty about their achievements, just because an Aries does not know how to face the success of their partner. Go away! Stay with the Aries who uses his character to defend you and not to hurt you.  


Let’s see, Taurus, is very captivating, not only because of his appearance but also because of his brilliant personality, he likes the game of flirtation and when he is single he does and undoes as he pleases. However, the toxic Taurus is the one who does not fully respect his relationship and allows his impulses to take him to other arms without giving his partner the place he deserves. The red flag is clear, if early on he starts disrespecting you like that, it’s obvious he’s not ready for compromise. Taurus love you too much and is loyal, but if they don’t show it, it’s obvious that you shouldn’t stop there. He is a Taurus who needs to work hard on his insecurities. 


Gemini has the gift of entering your life in a very subtle way, he doesn’t demand you, but he invites you to discover his world and when he knows that you feel something for him there are two options: he gives you his emotions or pretends that he does. It’s hard because they are very intelligent and unpredictable, so they justify their mistreatment with their changing side and it’s not like that. There are Geminis who are not afraid of commitment, they are very intense when it comes to loving and they would not do anything to hurt their partner. However, there are the inconsistent ones, those who pretend to love in one second and the next they don’t want to see you anymore. You don’t deserve that instability, you have to love yourself more than you love that Gemini and run away from there. 


Cancer, read well, you are already with the person you should love all your life. You are with you, with your essence, and with that heart that covers even the coldest soul on the entire planet. However, that is not synonymous with the fact that you have to save the unfortunate. Sometimes you give too much and you know it, but there is also the other Cancer. The one who can hurt at the slightest provocation and then ask for forgiveness. It is not fair that you unload all your anger on the love that all they want is to see you well. Cancer does not deserve compassion, because when they are given it, they take the role of victim and take the opportunity to hurt. For other Cancers, it is a shame, because it makes them look spiteful and abusive. 


Leo has such tremendous strength when he loves that many hearts end up scared because they are not prepared for his demands. He doesn’t want to love for breaks, he wants to build something for the future and his ambitious side doesn’t allow him to settle for less. However, there is Leo with very hurtful red flags. He is the one who has not overcome the traumas of the past and takes advantage of his partners to use them as his sack of sorrows. It seems that the more drama there is in his life, the better. They rarely forgive you completely and in any argument, they throw in your face what hurts them. It’s not worth it, don’t stay with a Leo who hasn’t healed. 


It is very gratifying when you meet a self-confident Virgo, who does not need to leave his bad vibes on others. He is the one who loves to build bonds where respect, love, and patience are the main ingredients. That’s the Virgo you deserve in your life, but please don’t stay with the one who wears a huge red flag telling you that he doesn’t have the slightest idea what it means to control his emotions From him. When such a Virgo gets angry, he tends to say very hurtful comments, his criticisms are constant and with all the intention of causing tears. There it is not, he runs because he is not going to stop. 


Libra, when he has worked on his emotions, is unique, his presence is noted because he has a very tolerant attitude and does not waste time on absurd prejudices. It is a sign that when he loves he hopes to share the best of his world with that person, but he is not willing to lose his individuality, he wants to support something lasting. Although there is the Libra that is too negative, its red flags stick into your soul, because it tends to be very destructive and blame the other for everything. The moment he starts making you responsible for his things and gets angry when you don’t solve them, he is telling you that he seeks to manipulate you and he is not going to stop. 


Usually, Scorpio does not show his cruel side at first, it is a sign that treats you the way you treat him. However, he doesn’t waste time on bickering, as they say, things are done and the moment he decides to put a stop to it, he tells you so. He has a rather suspicious side when it comes to relationships, but he tries to work on it and really give himself to his partner. The problem is when he comes carrying a lot of lows and uses his new love to be monstrous. Don’t stay with a jealous, abusive, and manipulative Scorpio. Because he has the gift of turning the tables and making you miserable about everything. That Scorpio is not ready for love. 


The relationship with Sagittarius should cause you a lot of laughs and not headaches. When he is someone mature, adventurous, and loyal, there is not much to say, because he shows it with facts. He doesn’t want to make you feel insecure, much less fall into this absurd game in which you have to compete to win a place in his heart. If you’re with someone who doesn’t love each other a bit, they’ll show you the red flags from the start. That is to say, it is the type of couple that hides in their wild side, the one that lies and does not commit to anything. Somehow, he argues that this is his personality and he doesn’t see anything wrong with it, because with those behaviors he can be hurt again and again. Do not stay with a Sagittarius like that, there are many who are good and who do not feel the need to hurt anyone. 


A Capricorn who is at peace with himself would not dare to get involved in a relationship where drama is a part of every day. What he wants is peace, something that honors giving and receiving. It’s simple, what is not mutual breaks you and can cause your self-esteem to end up on the floor. This is precisely the Capricorn you should stay away from, do not stay with someone who promises you loyalty at first and then whose behavior shows that all he wants is to compete. That Capricorn has not overcome his shadows, malice is what moves him and he is not going to miss the opportunity to unload all his pain on an innocent person, above all, on someone who does not know how to set limits. Don’t allow it, life is too beautiful to stay there. 


The biggest lesson that an Aquarius who knows how to love can leave you with is that no one is indifferent to someone who really cares. Yes, she is a laid-back sign and it is hard for her to be affectionate at first, but once she falls in love the shell breaks and she shows you the sweeter side of her. The bad thing is when that day doesn’t come and you get used to their few messages, dry love, and forced hugs. It is not worth staying with an Aquarius who justifies his evil with his way of being. The red flag is clear, it’s not up to you to heal their wounds, let alone deal with the pain they cause. Run away, if you like the sign of Aquarius, go with one who does have emotional stability. 


The problem with Pisces is that one day they gave everything and the only thing they ended up receiving was half, even less. He got tired of having his feelings crushed over and over again, only to ask him why he was crying. That Pisces is in the past and now he is willing to set healthy limits so as not to end up loving the wrong lips. However, there is a cruel Pisces, the one who decided to give a little of the medicine from the bad loves of the past to those of the present. That red flag is scary because it can sweeten your ear, but at the slightest opportunity, it tells you something that makes you feel bad. He intoxicates you with love and then lets you fall, it is an act of internal revenge that he is unloading on you. Get away, he needs to heal and he hasn’t noticed. 

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