The Perfect Guy For Your Heart According To Your Sign

Some people are not looking for the perfect guy, they just hope to find someone who understands them, who won’t let them go when it gets dark, who will listen to their crazy thoughts, who applauds their achievements and shakes hands when they fall. Perhaps you had found the wrong sign, this is the one for your heart according to your sign:

12.- Aries

You are a person who knows what he wants, who exudes independence in each of his steps. Someone who is ready to have a stable and trusting relationship. With the energy to love a good time. So it would be good for you to have a bond with a Cancer boy, because not only does he have charm in his eyes, he likes challenges and he knows very well what to do to bring out the best in Aries. It would also be a good idea to try it with Pisces because it is a sign full of sensibilities, capable of awakening your inner girl, it is the boy who can fill your days with adventure, happiness and a lot of romance.

11.- Taurus

The Taurus person enjoys every detail, you are one of those who honors each of your senses. You like the good things in life and therefore you work very hard to achieve your dreams. You are a person who is committed, who loves in a wild and sweet way, the mystery that surrounds anyone. So you could try dating a Taurus guy, that’s where you could find your soul mate, someone who understands you and doesn’t struggle with who you are. In the same way, giving your heart to Cancer is not a bad idea, he is a sensitive, stable, committed and very emotional boy.

10.- Gemini

Gemini is the person who catches for being unpredictable, because he has a touch of nostalgia and love in his heart. It is the one that makes sense of your days, does not bore you and firmly believes in sharing with your partner. It is chameleonic, pleasant and very sweet. You could date a Cancer boy, because he is the one who also believes in true love, he is someone who can turn Gemini into his wife to build a project together. However, the Libra boy is not far behind, someone who comes to give mental, emotional and physical balance to your days. He is the one who will respect your independence above all else.

9.- Cancer

Cancer is that person who does not walk with half measures, being direct is one of your main qualities. You are one of those who let yourself be enveloped by passion and the warmth of home, your sense of humor envelops you and when it comes to commitment you like to take the first step. Without a doubt, Libra is a guy who can add the balance you are looking for. A hard-working, thoughtful and protective boy. However, Taurus can also give you the calm and the organization that will keep you in love a whole life. Taurus is to build for the long term and home is one of his priorities.

8.- Leo

Leo is demanding, intelligent and willing to give his heart to someone who is worthwhile. Leo knows what she wants, is very loyal and enjoys being paid attention and showing how much they love her. You will find happiness with someone who adds intensity to your days. A good option can be Gemini, the gentleman who has courage in his eyes, who melts for good hearts and likes to love unconditionally. While Scorpio is the passionate guy, the one who adds that wild touch to your days, the one who will not abandon you, is loyal and likes to try a thousand times before letting go.

7.- Virgo

The Virgo person, the one who can invest a lot in his thoughts, is thoughtful by nature and occasionally wanders away to find tranquility. A person who when everything goes wrong falls into constant vulnerability, wants support that does not go away. So Libra could be the right guy, someone who faithfully trusts his convictions, gives himself lovingly and passionately, someone who can repair what others have broken. However, Capricorn also has the gift of bringing out the best version of Virgo, because it encourages her to deal with her fears and sadness, she is the one who never lets you give up.

6.- Libra

The woman who was born to shine, to show the world that her soul is as sophisticated as it is rapturous, is the one who comes to balance the world with her way of thinking . The one that motivates, the one that communicates and the one that truly loves. So Sagittarius could be the couple that fills you with smiles, the one that shows you that even with a free spirit you can love, they are the one who gives you harmony. While Leo is the one who awakens your playful, tender and vulnerable side. He is the one who invites you to challenge, to show yourself to the public and remind you of the beauty of the ego.

5.- Scorpio

The woman who is challenging, emotional and intense. The person who does not understand that of loving half, who gives himself body and soul, who does not let go of the good times and much less the bad times. The independent who discovered happiness in solitude but would not be bothered by company. You could find true love with a Capricorn guy who is a great thinker and has the gift of patience. He likes to enjoy his partner and give the best of himself. However, Leo is also a good option, as he hides love in his eyes but is also very balanced.

4.- Sagittarius

The Sagittarius woman is the one who long ago learned to break her fears. The one you enjoy when your heart races with adrenaline and freedom. Someone who is no longer around for unstable and drama-filled relationships. Who is willing to open her heart and find an adventure partner. So Aries could be the guy who gives you more than butterflies in your stomach. Because they are charming, fun and down to earth, they are love and energy. Aquarius could also be an option, because he is the one who does not let you go, understands you, motivates you and what he least wants is a relationship with chains, he also carries freedom in the pores.

3.- Capricorn

Funny, cute and dedicated. Without a doubt, Capricorn is a meticulous person who knows very well what he wants in this life, the one who has the patience to work hard and achieve his goals. Sometimes she is very introverted but she knows very well how to savor life. Someone who could steal your heart is Pisces, they are two signs that could combine perfectly, that give security and inspiration. Pisces is the one who reminds Capricorn of what is really worthwhile. While in the Virgo boy it could be that special person, the one who makes you feel passion and love with the same intensity.

2.- Aquarius

Aquarius is the woman who always goes one step ahead, does not give up, fights for what she wants and to improve as a person . She is the one who was born to be happy, free and dreamy. She doesn’t like to feel like she’s being ruled and being outgoing is one way she copes with her days. Without a doubt, Libra could be the guy who fits their flexible way of being, they are both very sociable and fun. Not to mention that they are very good at creativity. While Gemini could also make Aquarius tremble, because their mental, emotional and physical chemistry is wild. Aquarius and Gemini blow up anyone with so much energy.

1.- Pisces

A Pisces woman, who exudes sensitivity, is very emotional and pays attention to detail. He is the person who reminds you of your creative side, who makes you feel loved with his shy, sweet and imaginative way of being. It is clear that you could find love in a Cancer boy, because he carries compassion in each of his words, he is also very emotional and enjoys sharing. While Capricorn may be the guy who helps you keep your balance, the one who tells you things without filters and helps you be a better person, he is not so romantic but he always has logic and wisdom on his side.


The Perfect Guy For Your Heart According To Your Sign

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