The negative traits of Sagittarius

Everyone has negative character traits, even if they are offset by strong and positive traits. For example the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Born between November 22nd and December 21st, the Sagittarius personality is known for a plethora of positive qualities, including being goal-oriented and intellectual.

They love outdoor adventures, but they also enjoy being inside and exploring information.

You are optimistic, extroverted, and comfortable with in-depth discussions and debates.

Sagittarius is represented by the image of an archer or a centaur, representative of his sharp focus and determination.

Other Sagittarius traits include a desire for success and recognition from themselves and others, and their relentless drive to help them achieve these goals with ease.

This zodiac sign can also be represented by fire, a sign of the fleeting nature of their thoughts and interests and, of course, their shrewd minds.

For Sagittarius, any topic is compelling and worthy of your attention and reflection. They seem intriguing all around, right? Well, most of the time.

Sagittarius have some negative traits that only those who are closest to them can tell.

What are these characteristics? Astrology has a lot to say about the negative side of the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Here are the 7 Sagittarius personality traits that make them intimidating and off-putting to others.

1. Sagittarius thinks way too much

Because of their ability to think and think critically, Sagittarius tends to overestimate their intellect and may appear selfish as a result.

He certainly doesn’t want to tell someone that he is smarter, he just wants to think about all aspects of something and only make a decision when he is sure that he has made the right choice.

That doesn’t sound so negative, but believe me, a Sagittarius can exaggerate a lot with this.

2. You can have a god complex

Narcissism has a tendency to become self-indulgent, and Sagittarius can get carried away with it.

This rarely interferes with their work, but carries the risk of scaring off friends and family.

This negative trait of the Sagittarius zodiac sign is not easily recognized as it is known that narcissists are very good at hiding behind their true personality.

You should be really careful if you are not sure whether you are dealing with a narcissist or not.

3. This zodiac sign can also be dull and rude

It is clear that Sagittarians are very aware of their intellect and self-esteem. Of the many possible consequences of this awareness, mouth-in-mouth syndrome is perhaps the most persistent of them.

Sagittarians can forget to think before speaking, leading to clumsiness at best and broken friendships at worst.

They often do not think about the consequences of their testimony, which can be very contradictory, because as it was said in number one, they think a lot when it comes to their decisions.

4. Sagittarius are a little bit judgmental

They are also quick to judge, having adjusted to people’s behavior from the first impression.

However, the first impression is not always correct, so unjustified resentment can manifest itself before the second encounter.

They feel sorry later when they find they were wrong, but they don’t easily change that trait in themselves.

5. You take risks and take care of the rest later

Sometimes risk taking is a positive trait. Some characters, like Libra, tend to find it difficult to take risks, which leads to more roadblocks in their lives than open doors.

A Sagittarius has the opposite of this problem.

They tend to put themselves at risk by indulging in risky behaviors such as gambling and drug use.

They make the mistake of assuming they are invincible and / or inviolable, which gets them in trouble and often burns bridges to those who try to stop them (did I mention they don’t like being told what to do?)

6. The zodiac sign Sagittarius has long held a grudge

A piece of advice for anyone close to a Sagittarius: try not to do him an injustice!

Sagittarians are not lenient, especially when someone attacks their character. When their ideas are challenged, they are quick to become blunted and rude.

7. You are a firm believer in revenge

When archery are stabbed in the back, they are quick to strike back ruthlessly and intelligently.

They may not even realize it was them if the vengeance was planned well enough; they get creative.

While all humans have their own negative personality traits, Sagittarius have one that is unique to their zodiac sign.

However, with their cunning ability to innovate, Sagittarians have an edge when it comes to figuring out a way to make their dark side work for them.

They are no strangers to self-confidence, and self-confidence is the key to their assertiveness and dominance.


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