Aries: May 24

You rarely struggle to initiate something new, but this day offers you something special. As Jupiter briefly transits your zodiac sign this year, increasing your abundance and possibly new opportunities, on May 24, Mars and the Moon also align in your zodiac sign.
This rare triple conjunction of the three planets in your zodiac sign means you will get the green light to move forward in a big way. Jupiter represents luck, Mars is about passion and drive while the Moon holds the secrets to all our feelings, so the key for today is to make sure the action you take on the outside is in alignment with the feelings you have inside.

Taurus: October 25

With the lunar eclipse axis nodes entering your zodiac sign with Scorpio, this is going to be a year to remember. The Nodes of the Moon represent a finality of lessons learned and the freedom to finally pursue our destiny. So while this energy will be in play for about the next two years, October 25 brings you the solar eclipse in Scorpio that illuminates your seventh house of relationships.
Solar eclipses representing external rather than internal change means that this will be an important day in your romantic relationships, bringing either commitment or the possibilities for lasting love.

Gemini: June 20

A big part of you and that feeling that you’re having a good day is not only being able to communicate well, but also being truly heard by those around you. Luckily for you, the energy of June 20 aligns to make it the perfect time to have that important conversation, start a new project, or be in the public eye.
Mercury, the planet that rules our communication, will be in a positive and beneficial to Jupiter, the planet that likes to expand everything it touches by bringing a sense of magic to it. With the Eclipse axis nodes having moved out of your zodiac sign, you’re also set for a calmer, more grounded year. All in all, it’s a day to leave your mark on the world!

Cancer: November 13

On this day you will be completely in your element as there is a Grand Trine of Water with Sun, Mercury and Venus. Consider this the ultimate gift for your life and even your relationships, as the Moon will also be in your zodiac sign.
The Sun represents action while Mercury and Venus highlight our communication skills and relationships. So November 13 should be the one you remember for a while.
Take this as a point of creation, with so much action in the water zodiac signs this year thanks to Jupiter and the Nodes, it’s time to not just leave the past behind, but really step into your future. , which also likely includes new love.

Leo: July 28

As you celebrate a new moon in your zodiac sign today, forming a telltale trine to Jupiter in Aries, you are reminded of the power of new beginnings. It’s a great time to start something new, but also to start really acknowledging the power your feelings have in your life.
Because the Sun is the ruler of your zodiac sign, you usually have no action on what matters most to you, but on July 28, a new appreciation and value for your feelings could take hold. It would not only help you to follow your heart, but also your soul.

Virgo: March 2

It is a day when you will be reminded of the power of love. While the New Moon in Pisces will activate your seventh house of relationships, shining the spotlight on this area of ​​your life, it will also remind you that you need to love yourself as deeply as a romantic partner.
Think of March 2 as an opportunity to shower grace and forgiveness on yourself as much as you have for those you love who haven’t always acted like themselves. But it’s not just about personal work because there is also a lovely aspect between Mars and Venus, celestial lovers who are known to bring passion and love into our lives. This will make March 2 a great day in terms of your romantic life, but remember that you deserve the same kind of love you give.

Libra: October 19

Venus joins the Sun in your zodiac sign urging you to make the most of the life you’ve created. Everything should feel better and happier. With the Sun representing your outer self and Venus speaking of love and fun, it’s truly a day to make sure you’re not stuck behind a desk working late.
There is also a positive trine between Venus and Mars later today, which could mean that any issues or ongoing conversations in relationships would find a peaceful and balanced resolution. October 19 is a day to truly be yourself and to ensure that the same balance you seek in life is what you also bring to any interactions or relationships you have.

Scorpio: January 25

January 25 represents a shift in the way you communicate and present yourself, which means it also serves to kick off a whole new way for others to present themselves for you. Your zodiac sign is the former ruler of Mars who is set to enter Capricorn today for the next two months, which means you’re going to see these traits begin to appear in your life.
What you crave is not just a day or two of kindness, but lasting change; this is just the start of it. Mars in Capricorn is ambitious but also grounded, taking the necessary steps, no matter how daunting, and committed to manifesting whatever is on his mind. It means big things for your life, but it also affects your relationships because Mars rules passion and even love, which means if you’ve just kept things casual with someone, expect them to become much more serious.

Sagittarius: August 17

With much of this year centered around your career and even your family life, you haven’t felt like you’ve spread your wings as much as you normally would. This doesn’t mean all will be dull as you have seen significant growth in both of these sectors, but it does mean that you crave the freedom and exploration that only travel can bring.
On August 17, new Venus energy moves into your ninth house, activating all things travel and adventure. It’s a great day to plan your annual vacation during or just be sure to plan ahead so you can enjoy the world beyond your desk.

Capricorn September 25

When you feel good in your career, you feel good in life. Not that your personal or romantic relationships aren’t important to you, but you need the groundwork that can only come from a beneficial and productive relationship with your career.
This year should be the year you make great strides in this area, but the climax is reserved for September 25 when the New Moon in Libra illuminates your tenth house of career, work, and ambition. Expect a great new proposal, a raise, a promotion, or even another work-related opportunity to take shape on September 25th.
It also means that if you’ve been spending more time at the office recently, you’ll also feel more balanced (and less guilty) leaving earlier to spend time with friends or a romantic partner.

Aquarius: March 6

Romantic relationships are always a tricky road for you. Even if you crave partnership, you also don’t mind being alone or even having a non-traditional arrangement in your love life. While making the choices you need to make is always the right path, sometimes the hardest part is having a partner who wants the same and is supportive of you.
None of that will be in play on March 6, which not only means there will be fireworks, but also a whole new beginning in the relationship sector of your life. On March 6, Venus and Mars form a conjunction at exactly zero degrees Aquarius, which represents a powerful new beginning in your romantic life. Expect everything from declarations of love to even an engagement or a conversation about moving in together. You’ve done the work, now it’s time for the reward!

Pisces: April 26

While the whole year should be nothing short of amazing thanks to Jupiter occupying your zodiac sign for much of the year, today gives you a special gift as a once-in-a-lifetime event occurs. On April 26, the Moon, Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus will all form a conjunction within your zodiac sign, bringing nothing short of incredible possibilities for your life path and relationships.
The energy around this day will serve to enhance any romantic relationship you have in your life or bring about meeting someone new. It also serves to expand your life in general, likely bringing options and paths you never thought possible. Today is one that will likely change the direction of your entire life!


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