The Lie That Is Missing Your Chance To Love

Chance To Love

The Lie That Is Missing Your Chance To Love

Everyone has loved at some point in their life or will. Love is one of the most complex things in life. Sometimes our own mind creates its own movies and prevents us from opening up to the love of one. If you want to discover what is the lie that is spoiling your chance to love according to your zodiac sign, you just have to keep reading:


Aries, you believe that all relationships are destined to end in flames. You think that letting someone into your heart will end up hurting you, but not everyone goes with those intentions. Some people only have the intention of loving and caring for you and by not wanting to get out of that lie that you have created for yourself, you are losing the opportunity to love and be loved. Aries, cut this nonsense. 


Taurus, you think that there is only one person in this world for you, but that is not true. You can have multiple soul mates throughout your life, even if you were already in love, you can fall in love again. Taurus, you are very traditional and that lie that you have created inside your head is making you lose the opportunity to live in a way that you have never experienced. Take off the blindfold. 


Gemini, the lie that is spoiling your chance to love is that you think you can only focus on love or your professional life, but the reality is that you can focus on both at the same time. You can take time to get closer to someone and, at the same time, have time to pursue your dreams. You don’t have to choose just one path. Gemini, eliminate that lie that you have put in your head and take off the blindfold because you are losing the opportunity to love. 


Cancer, you believe that love is all you need and you cling to that lie that your mind has built. Actually, you need much more than that, you need respect, open communication, and a strong friendship, you need to have someone by your side who knows how to give you your place. Cancer, you are losing the opportunity to live in a healthy way because you have the wrong idea of ​​love, start to open your eyes at once. 


Leo, you think you need to be perfect to be loved. You act instead of showing the whole world the real you. Eliminate that lie that your mind has created and begin to be aware of reality. You are losing the opportunity to love because you do not show yourself as you are. If someone loves you, they need to love you with your virtues and your defects. Be proud of the person you are and cut your crap. 


Virgo, you think you can change someone’s opinion of you. If someone interests you, fight at any cost to get their attention, but the reality is different. No matter how hard you try to convince him that it’s worth the effort because you can’t force anyone to love you, and you can’t control your heart. Virgo, get that idea out of your head, if someone is willing to love you, let it be for who you are. 


Libra, you believe in love at first sight. And that is the lie that is spoiling your chance to love. You assume it is obvious that sooner or later you will find your ideal partner, but sometimes first impressions make you wrong. Libra, stop repeating that lie that the perfect person will appear and stop dismissing people, simply because you don’t feel butterflies from the first second you look into their eyes. Love is something more than that and you are missing the opportunity to love in a unique way. 


Scorpio, you think that all your relationships will end like the previous ones and you close yourself off. You must eliminate that lie that your mind has built to stop losing the opportunity to love. The stories do not have to repeat themselves. As long as you choose the right person, you won’t end up reliving your past. Stop being afraid and open your heart to love. It’s time to be happy once and for all.


Sagittarius, you think that jealousy is a sign that someone cares about you, but the reality is that jealousy is not healthy at all. You are losing the opportunity to live in a healthy way because of that idea you have in mind. Sagittarius, nobody has ever told you what you have to do or stop doing, so apply the story in love and start making decisions that make you happy once and for all. 


Capricorn, you think you’re much better off alone. Stop lying to yourself for once, as much as you want to pretend that you don’t need anyone, you would love to have someone around to experience love. You are losing the opportunity to love because you close yourself off without any need. It’s time for you to get all those little birds out of your head and start being honest with yourself, it’s time to give yourself what you want. 


Aquarius, you think that love is just a feeling, but love is also a choice. Love is choosing to stay by someone’s side, trying hard, and loving each other even when the going gets tough. Love is not easy, but nothing in this life is easy. You are losing the opportunity to love by wanting to downplay love. Aquarius, focus and start being faithful to what you feel and your decisions. 


Pisces, you think that fighting is always a bad sign, but really, all couples fight. As long as there is respect in your relationship, it is good that you express your feelings openly and you can reach an agreement. Pisces, don’t hold back, stop fooling around and be faithful to what you feel at all times. You are losing the opportunity to live in a healthy way for fear of not being understood. If someone doesn’t understand you, they don’t have to be by your side. 

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