You are one of the bravest and fearless people in the whole Aries zodiac and that is a true gift from heaven. It is obvious, you have never been a holy Aries but you have always sought to live your life without harming anyone. You don’t sell smoke, you don’t sell yourself as someone who isn’t really Aries, you don’t like to brag about things that you know are not your Aries thing, because, for you, falsehood will always stay far away …


You leave a mark because you don’t give a shit * what they can say about you and your actions. You just let the opinions of the people you love the most affect you and that’s it. You leave your mark because you do not let fear Aries dominate you, even if you are very afraid, you know how to breathe as much courage as possible and more to look at that fear from the front, in the eyes, with great force and without the intention of backing down your fault … You have fears, like everyone else, but you don’t let them stop you from pursuing what you really want.

Regardless, you know that you are capable of many things because there is nothing you like more than surpassing yourself day after day Aries and that is one of the thousands of reasons to admire you …


All this adds up and never subtracts and makes you leave an indelible mark. You will always be admired for your strength and the ability you have to get ahead of everything that is presented to you and much more … You will always be admired for the way you look at Aries fear, for the way you have to end it and get out with yours. Moreover, you may wink at fear and hesitate for a while, because when everything else goes, you have gone and returned a few times and you know Aries. Congratulations on that part so warrior of you, because seriously, it is a real blessing.


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