The Best And The Worst Signs You Can Love

Best And The Worst Signs

The Best And The Worst Signs You Can Love

There comes a time in life when you take off the blindfold, you learn to give everyone the place they deserve and you don’t let yourself be enchanted with paper hearts. You understand that the facts are the only thing that matters and although falling in love is magical madness, there are those who fail you and take away the desire to continue. That doesn’t mean they’re bad people, it just doesn’t fit your way of loving. Therefore, before you give everything, I recommend you take a look at the best and the worst signs that you can love.


When it comes to love, Aries is very picky, because deep down he is terrified of spending his best time on someone who is just passing through. He likes to feel all the flutter of infatuation and he may do a million crazy things at the moment, but once he settles down he blames himself for breaking his stability. He’s intense, but it’s hard for him to be realistic and that’s when he’s wrong. Aries, it’s not bad to love, but he gives himself to who he shouldn’t and realizes he punishes himself without letting a new love enter his life. 


What Taurus hates the most is meeting souls who don’t know what commitment is, it seems very disrespectful and immature for someone to be able to play with the other person’s emotions. He is not afraid of formality or routine, if he allows someone to enter his life it is because he really cares, but he is not going to be fooled. If the person does not side with him, he will not become anyone’s savior. Taurus can give the whole soul, as long as they give the same in return


Geminis don’t care if they point it out, they’ve gotten used to receiving harsh comments from people who have no idea who they really are. It is a charming, funny, and very intelligent sign, of course, that is not going to give its heart to just anyone. Whoever comes into his life has two options: he overflows with love or ends up hating him. It depends on each person if they want to see their best or their worst version of themselves. Gemini is a stable lover, who learns from his mistakes and does not tolerate lies, but only with the person who makes him vibrate beautifully. 


The love of Cancer is not exaggerated, but there are those who prefer to use that term because they are afraid to let their emotions do their thing. Cancer no longer has anything to lose, he does not intend to continue living without taking the opportunity to love deeply, he is willing to fall in love and shout it from the four winds. He knows that drama can come along, but it is not something that stops him. He is one of the best hearts out there, if someone finds him they shouldn’t let him go


Really, Leo does not have a hard time loving, it is something that is already in his nature, but he is usually very selective, and he is not conformist in matters of the heart. Besides, he’s tired of romanticizing everything. If he decides to have a relationship, it’s because he already put the cards on the table, he knows the pros and cons of taking that step. Never underestimate him, he doesn’t miss anything. It is one of the best signs since he values ​​feelings and does not minimize bad times. Leo wants more than a couple of titles, he fights for the other person to become the other half of him. 


It is very easy to say that Virgo is the one who gets complicated, the one who does not fall in love and sees life in a dry way. When in reality his heart is noble, sweet and he has an immense sensitivity. He is very clear that in a matter of relationships, not everything is rosy, which is why he analyzes them in detail. He is one of the signs that he wants something more than glamour, he doesn’t care what people think, what he wants is to be sure that he shares his fears and his dreams with the right person. If you win his heart it’s like winning the lottery. 


If someone intends to give their heart to Libra, they must be aware that it is not an easy sign to tie up, at the first signs of manipulation they stop and disappear. They say that he doesn’t hook up with anyone, but he does, what happens is that his dignity is above a bad relationship. It has been very difficult for her to embrace her self-esteem to let her guard down over something unstable. He’s flirtatious, funny and he still has a lot to accomplish, if you can’t deal with it you better look the other way. 


Coldness does not define Scorpio, people say it because their mystery really scares them. It is a very discreet sign and more when it comes to talking about the people who live in his heart. Scorpio, loves to be accompanied, listened to, and pampered, but he is very suspicious, so he has to first determine if it is convenient for him to invest in that relationship so that it is something more formal. His vulnerability is sacred, so he protects her tooth and nail. If someone disturbs his peace of mind, he loses all opportunities, there is no more. 


How unfair are those comments that attack the love of Sagittarius, because they do not know what they have been through and the reasons why it is now difficult for them to give themselves up in the blink of an eye? He doesn’t believe in fairy tales anymore, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t bet on her having a healthy, loving, and mature relationship. He is well aware that life is full of ups and downs and that achieving happiness is not a linear process, so he speaks truthfully. Those who say that it is a bad sign to love did not see it come to tears for that person who did not value it. 


Capricorn’s love is loyal, straightforward, intense, and long-lasting. Without a doubt, he prefers to be single before allowing lies to be sweetened in his ear. He doesn’t tolerate people who are unable to hold their gaze, who go through life showing themselves with a lot of layers. Capricorn has priorities and although love is not everything, he does like to include that special person in his goals. Loving him is a sure success, he leaves only if he is betrayed, but if that person allows him to, he stays until they are old. 


I will only say it once, if someone has the privilege of knowing the love of Aquarius, they should not miss the opportunity, because it is one of the most magical experiences in life. It is the type of couple that is capable of putting themselves in the shoes of the other, they do not ignore pain or victory. He is there, firm, when he has to applaud, but also when it is his turn to dry tears. Aquarius, loves without filters, with everything and flaws. He is the type of partner who instead of criticizing motivates to be better. 


The one they call hopeless romantic, the one who doesn’t think twice when it comes to making the person they love happy, that is Pisces and they proudly maintain that they are in this world to honor love. It is an affectionate, attentive couple and one that does not miss any detail. He knows that relationships are like a plant that needs to be cared for every day and that is why he works hard to achieve stability. Pisces does not beat around the bush, if he is interested someone says so and he is not scared to imagine a life together, so much so that he even thinks about the name they will give the dog. 

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