The 50 Things You Should Know About Scorpio

Know About Scorpio

The 50 Things You Should Know About Scorpio

We do a quick, very quick review of the Scorpio sign, if you still have doubts about what they are like if you still don’t know them well enough, if you want to know more about this sign, keep reading, well, even better, if you want to be the one who x-rays scorpions, don’t miss this article. The 50 things you should know about Scorpio. These are the 50 things you should know about Scorpio:

  1. Scorpio can be sad, and off at times, but deep down they always have confidence in themselves, they know they have a special power.
  2. Either they love you madly or they hate you to death. In a matter of feelings, they are always extreme.
  3. They have an extraordinary and incomparable ability to distinguish the truth from lies. Don’t lie to them, they’ll find out too quickly.
  4. They are passionate and very intense.
  5. They are often defensive because they are afraid that those close to them may deceive them.
  6. Scorpios can forgive, but they don’t forget. If someone hurts them, they can become very patient, but sooner or later they’ll get it.
  7. Scorpio loves to experiment in love and they are very passionate. With Scorpio, a moment is never forgotten.
  8. They seem very sure of everything but from time to time indecision assails them, although once they decide, they go to death with it.
  9. The word “give up” is not in his vocabulary.
  10. They are very observant and also love to look into their eyes, Do not challenge them with little glances because they will endure much more than you, that’s for sure.
  11. Scorpio loves to be challenged, a little bit, just to show the rest that he is the strong one.
  12. When Scorpio is in a bad way, he can become a master of manipulation, when he has been hurt a lot, he can become bad, no, very bad…
  13. He does not like to be flattered too much, much less falsely, when there is a lot of bullying by others he begins to distrust.
  14. Scorpio will always want to know everything.
  15. Scorpio can be manipulative, vindictive, and passive-aggressive, but they have a knack for not knowing if they don’t want to.
  16. They want attention, constant, even though it may tell you to shut off. Strange but true…
  17. Since he doesn’t want to talk too much about his things at first, he has the appearance of being very mysterious, and that attracts others.
  18. Scorpio knows how the other person is feeling just by looking at them.
  19. Once they’ve loosened up with you, they love affection and hugs, however harsh they may seem.
  20. Scorpio endures pain extremely “well” and they have more “stability” than others if they were to endure the same thing.
  21. Scorpio can part with what they want “easily.” He will cry and kick a lot but he will soon return to reality, even if reality hurts.
  22. Once he’s comfortable with you, Scorpio will talk, and talk a lot.
  23. The scorpio can become very possessive of the things they want, be it a book or their partner.
  24. Many Scorpios are fascinated by death, by the paranormal, by fear… It scares but that morbillo makes them want more…
  25. He will always put the people he loves ahead of themselves.
  26. Scorpio can become an anti-social being, the rest of the world can bore him at times, but at the same time he hates feeling abandoned.
  27. They don’t follow anyone, since the whole world may be against them and they will always do what they feel the most at that moment.
  28. With Scorpio you will never know what will happen, they are unpredictable, sometimes too much.
  29. They especially value their partner, when everything is fine they are the happiest people on earth, they don’t need anything else.
  30. They catch everything quickly, from a look with “seconds” to an awkward silence, and know how to deal with it.
  31. Scorpio knows that most people don’t have the patience to take the time to get to know them thoroughly and that sometimes hurts them, but it’s always been like that, it doesn’t surprise them.
  32. When Scorpio is mentally well, they have an amazing discipline to do any and all things they want.
  33. He rarely regrets anything, everything he did was for a reason.
  34. They hate being weak or vulnerable, it is one of the worst feelings they can have.
  35. Scorpio often uses his sense of humor to counteract his inner rage. He uses sarcasm when he’s messed off.
  36. No one can hold more grudges than Scorpio.
  37. They control their money, it doesn’t mean they are stingy but no one will tell them how to manage it.
  38. Scorpio is very prone to headaches and backaches, so much thinking sometimes takes its toll.
  39. He gets very frustrated when he can’t understand something and everyone else can. It is something that she finds many times, simply impossible.
  40. Scorpio loves that others recognize what their strengths are, and above all that they know how far they can go, scare them a little…
  41. Scorpio girls are never afraid to do anything a guy can do or “is” manly.
  42. Statistically, Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs in the entire Zodiac.
  43. Scorpio loves that people fight for their ideas by fire, even if those ideas go against their nature, they love that others are strong too.
  44. They tend to worry a little about their social status, that is, they are very upset that their image may deteriorate and that others take advantage of it in one way or another.
  45. Scorpio, when he wants to, can become very demonstrative, he will have details with you that no one else will.
  46. Scorpio will listen to you, and he will keep everything you said, Even if years pass, he will remember it and if he has to, he will remind you too.
  47. He is suspicious of everyone, he always knows that there is an intention for almost anything, and he wants to discover it.
  48. Scorpio knows that just because they belong to this sign, there will be many who will pout, but they don’t care, sometimes they even like it.
  49. Scorpio will always be honest with the people they love, despite the pain it may cause.
  50. You will always be proud of the sign you belong to. Among the 50 things you should know about Scorpio, this is probably the most important.

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