The 5 Signs That Suffer The Most For Love

Suffer The Most For Love

The 5 Signs That Suffer The Most For Love

They say that true love comes after a great disappointment, perhaps, if we all understood it, it would be easier to let go of the relationships that dull us. It hurts to accept it, but there are times when it is not enough to love a lot if it is not reciprocated and that is when we must hold on to our last drop of dignity and tear away everything we feel. The zodiac signs on this list know what I’m talking about because they are the 5 signs that suffer the most for love. 

These signs have already realized that they do not deserve to stay next to someone who does not care if they are there or not. They want to be looked at as if they were the most beautiful thing in this world, to find a love that thinks of them, worries, steals their smiles, and dedicates poetry to them. A love that does not run away from their emotions and honors maturity, someone who has the courage to fight for what they want, but also to ask for forgiveness when needed.

1.- Capricorn

Although, on the outside, it seems that love is not part of your priorities, the reality is that you are very tender when it comes to giving yourself. However, it is difficult for you to trust that the other person is also looking for the same thing, which is why you put up so many barriers at the beginning. What bothers you the most is that they get to the point of faking something they don’t feel. You bet on authenticity and you are not afraid of relationships for a while, but you demand honesty.

You suffer in love because you meet souls who don’t even know where they are and they expect you to solve their lives. As much as you love, you will not carry something that does not belong to you.

2.- Virgo

You know yourself better than anyone, you know that love makes you nervous because it is synonymous with removing the shield that you have been carrying for a long time. It is difficult to accept that the other person knows your weaknesses and that makes you feel doubly insecure. A part of you is always on the defensive because you know that there are those who are experts sweetening the ear with beautiful words. All you want is to confirm that it is the right person and for that you need time.

You suffer for love because your mind does not stop and it makes your heart close because it fills your head with fears. Start living, let things happen, and don’t anticipate.

3.- Scorpio

People see you and assume that you are the one who holds the reins in matters of the heart. Let’s see, it is clear that you are not anyone’s toy and that your character keeps you firm in any relationship. But, there is a side of you that you hardly show, the emotional, that which makes your knees tremble and you run away. Love interests you, but you are terrified of repeating the stories of the past. Wounds remind you that everyone can fake it, and that makes you wonder if you’re excited about something that doesn’t exist.

You suffer for love because all the time you are thinking about the moment when it will fall apart. Even when? You hurt yourself more than anyone and you know it, let yourself be loved.

4.- Aquarius

Love fills you with adrenaline, you love to live in anticipation of the next adventure with the person you love, but at the same time, you don’t want to chain yourself. Your space is something sacred and the moment you feel invaded is a bad sign. You are used to going at your own pace and if they try to order you, you pull out your nails. You can love, but you are not willing to be required to change in order to be loved.

You suffer for love because it costs you twice as much to start a relationship and when you share your most sensitive side with someone and you see that they don’t value it, it hurts too much.

5.- Sagittarius

It is not easy to fall in love with someone but you are a lover of life, of small things, sunsets, the sky, or the sea. That is what brings your soul back to your body and that is why you connect at such a deep level with those around you. But when you fall in love with someone you do it to the bottom, without half measures. The problem is when you realize that only you are the one who is willing to sacrifice. Even sometimes and in the most extreme cases, even your essence.

You suffer for love when you see that the other person does not move a single finger and also has the cynicism to claim you because you want to move forward. You need inspiration, being with someone who demotivates you is not an option.

And you, do you suffer for love?

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