Of course, the fiercest sign is Scorpio. If you offend him or go home, move to another city urgently, move away from all social networks, change your name and hire personal protection.
Angry scorpion – the deadliest person on the planet. Even if it does not open the hunting season for you, in order to remove your scalp personally, it will always fantasize about what it will do to you, put it in your eyes.


Imagine that these silent and sensitive Pisces might seem innocent themselves, but their exceptional vulnerability is something that you need to be very careful about. Pisces can really tolerate and forgive for a very long time, but if you cross all borders, you are doomed.
This sign will constantly fuel anger and constantly weave a web of gossip and hatred around you to plunge you into the abyss of pain.
You can wake up once in the morning and understand that the reason you have no job, no money, no friends and a beloved dog has escaped – it is because once upon a time, you touched the sweet Pisces a lot.


Like the Scorpion, Taurus also has a special reputation that can make people nervous. Who will not be afraid of a ferocious bull slowly advancing on you?
Well, think now what can happen when you get mad at this bull as far as he wants revenge?
You just have a bloody enemy, thirsty for making you miserable. The Bull will not bite you, like the Scorpion, nor will it hold you against it even after your death, like the Pisces.
He will simply turn your life into torture until he wants to forgive you. And stubborn people forgive offenders is very difficult.


Virgo is perhaps the least vindictive on this list, but it can easily make your life a nightmare, although at first you may not even immediately understand that you made her angry with something.
The form of the Virgin’s revenge manifests itself in the form of comments and passive-aggressive actions.
Sometimes when you communicate with this sign, you simply feel with your skin how negative waves are coming from it in your direction.
The attention that the Virgin gives to details, in particular out of revenge, is not only a sophisticated torture, but a real psychological attack difficult to bear.


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