The 3 Life Phases Of The Zodiac Signs That Most People Do Not Know

The 3 Life Phases Of The Zodiac Signs That Most People Do Not Know

When we look at the signs of the zodiac individually as our respective sun signs, we are only looking at a few points of our psyche and personality.

However, there are two very interesting ways we can get a broader view and deeper understanding of how our lives and destinies unfold over time – namely through the stages of the zodiac.

Here are the 3 stages of the Zodiac that most people don’t know:

1. Capricorn

Stage 1: Goat

People born under this sun sign are reliable and trustworthy. Others can rely on them and Capricorn will not let them down.

Stage 2: Cave

This helpful nature of Capricorns often leads them to be manipulated and used. They feel down and often break up with everyone, even those they love.

Stage 3: Horn

As Capricorns advance on their path of spiritual development, they become emotionally strong and unlock significant material prosperity in their last stage of life in the zodiac.

2. Aquarius

Tier 1: Cupbearer

Aquarians feel alienated as they struggle to communicate their true feelings to the rest of the world. Your initial zodiac phase is characterized by loneliness and a need for companionship.

Stage 2: Eagle

In this period of life, they want to explore the wide world to find a kindred spirit. But most of them realize that like the eagle they have to fly alone because they belong to a much higher spiritual level than the others.

Stage 3: Angle

In the last stage of the zodiac, he aligns his life with his higher self and becomes a healer.

3. Pisces

Stage 1: Fish

Just like Pisces, people born under this sun sign spend their first stages of life in a peaceful, protected, and controlled environment. 

Stage 2: Darkness

When they are inevitably confronted with negative energies in their 2nd phase of the zodiac, they withdraw and go into the darkest depths of despair.

Stage 3: Ocean

But when Pisces discovers that their true power lies in the ocean of emotions raging in their hearts, they attain tremendous emotional maturity.

4. Aries

Stage 1: Aries

People with the zodiac sign Aries are passionate and self-confident even as children. Gradually, however, they realize that there are no winners in a fight and begin to appreciate the emotions of others.

Stage 2: Shepherd

This is the time when they become shepherds and enter hermit mode and retire. 

Stage 3: Reborn Sun

As the sun is reborn after the cold winter, the natives of this zodiac sign reemerge like a phoenix from the ashes of their old selves.

5. Zodiac Taurus

Stage 1: Taurus

Bulls will pounce headlong on anything in their path, breaking obstacles rather than overcoming or avoiding them.

Tier 2: Minotaur

When Tauruses come to their senses, they realize how much damage they’ve done, and it fills them with shame. 

Stage 3: Demigod

In their final phase of the zodiac, they abandon their stubborn attitude and begin to own up to their deeds. Her self-realization makes her a divine presence.

6. Gemini

Stage 1: Gemini

Your first zodiac phase of life is characterized by curiosity and a burning desire to explore different ways of the world. Over time, this zeal wanes.

Stage 2: Ship

Bored with an unfulfilled life, the twins go in search of a deeper meaning to their existence. This journey often turns out to be a futile exercise.

Level 3: Star

Only when they realize that their thirst for knowledge is actually the love of life do they start to see things from a positive perspective and become a star.

7. Cancer

Stage 1: crab

In the early stages of life, the water sign Cancer is influenced by its emotions and, like a crab, cannot maintain a straight line. 

Stage 2: Hydra

When the crab’s tough exterior breaks through injury or betrayal, they advance to the next level of the zodiac, where they become the hydra, a dangerous creature that destroys anyone who crosses its path.

Stage 3: Peacock

Once Cancer realizes that their hurtful ways only keep them from true love and companionship, they transform into compassionate and graceful beings.

8. Leo

Stage 1: lion

In the first phase of the zodiac sign, Leos are confident, passionate, and hopeful. They believe they can make the world a better place to live.

Tier 2: Warrior

Next comes the dissolution of faith as others question Leo’s authority due to their lack of experience.

Stage 3: King

When Leos have done a lot of self-work, they regain their confidence, realize their mistakes, and embrace a royal view of generosity.

9. Virgo

Level 1: girl

Her heart is filled with love and hope for the future. She has her whole life ahead of her and couldn’t be more excited.

Stage 2: Dark Maiden

However, she must journey into the dark realm of pain and broken dreams, spending much of her time in grief and regret.

Stage 3: Queen

Eventually, if she can make peace with her situation, she becomes the winner and dominates her current situation.

10. Libra

Stage 1: Libra

Libras like to come to a judgment after considering all aspects of the matter and listening to every opinion.

Stage 2: Blindfold

For this attitude, they are mistakenly perceived as indecisive and dependent on others. Angry at harsh criticism, Libras decide to abandon their virtuous ways and stop being fair and just. 

Stage 3: Sword

But with maturity, Libras realize that everyone makes mistakes, and what’s important is making the best decision possible and listening to your conscience. 

11. Scorpio

Stage 1: Scorpio

In the 1st stage of life, Scorpios follow their heart’s desires and are often successful in their endeavors. But sometimes they run into a flaw and take it too personally

Stage 2: Eagle

Once they realize that the pursuit of success cannot be the only goal in life, they see that they have been flying high and alone as eagles for an awfully long time.

Stage 3: Phoenix

Then they embody the spirit of the divine phoenix and step into their true power. In their 3rd stage of the zodiac, they are unstoppable. 

12. Sagittarius

Tier 1: Sagittarius

People born under this sun sign are initially very optimistic and confident in their abilities.

Stage 2: Arrow

But with age and experience, they are met with disappointments and failures. Although they still give their all, they somehow lose focus and motivation at this stage of their lives.

Tier 3: Centaur

After much back and forth, they understand that their willpower and love of freedom will overcome any obstacle.


The 3 Life Phases Of The Zodiac Signs That Most People Do Not Know

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