Stay Alone Until You Find Someone Like That

Find Someone Like That

Stay Alone Until You Find Someone Like That

Sometimes solitude is heavy and can be painful, but other times, solitude is necessary. You are not always prepared to be in a relationship and the person who is going to appear in your life is not always the ideal one to get out of loneliness. It is important to assert yourself and not give your heart to anyone who comes to ask you for it. No matter how many people come into your life, stay alone until you find someone like this:


Stay alone, Aries, until you find someone who has the same desire to live as you. Someone who enjoys every moment as if it were the last, who wants to explore the world with you. Someone who isn’t afraid to give up everything he has to spend his life by your side. Stay alone until you meet that person who removes you inside with a single look, who helps you achieve your goals instead of sinking them. Someone intelligent, who increases your fire but who also knows how to be sensible when you are losing your way. That he gives you love but above all that he is in good times and in bad. Stay alone until you find someone who doesn’t want to stop learning things with you.


Stay alone until you find someone to give you security. Someone who keeps his promises, someone serious who knows what he wants, and who doesn’t play with anyone’s feelings. You need Taurus warmth, to bring out your most tender side, who are not afraid of commitment, who are not brats, who have clear ideas, and not crazy people nearby. Stay alone until they really show you that they love you, that they would do anything to be by your side… Stay alone until you find someone you can count on for everything, who helps you and shares the burden with you. Don’t leave everything to you.


Stay alone until you find someone who truly understands you. Someone who knows that there is a lot inside of you, who values ​​your creativity, who gives you wings to fly, who lets you express yourself as you are, what you feel… Someone who loves you for who you are, who is not ashamed of your jokes, your humor, someone you don’t have to put on a good face with. Someone who wants to bring out your best side all the time, who understands that one day you can be up and another down. Someone to help you, to make you feel like you can be yourself all the time.


Stay alone until you find someone who really cares for you, who understands your ups and downs, who knows your character and your bad mood but who is still there and loves you every night and every morning. Stay alone until you find that person who knows how to read your moods with a single look. Someone who doesn’t cause you anxiety, someone who understands where you come from, who understands your past and heals your scars. Someone warm and caring, someone who will give their all in their relationships like you do.


Stay alone until you find someone who knows how to carry your rhythm of life. Someone who doesn’t take everything too seriously, who laughs a lot, who transmits positivity to you, who wants to live and enjoy constantly. Someone to grab you by the waist and make all your hair stand on end. Stay alone until you find that person who has deep conversations until a thousand in the morning. Someone who values ​​spending time with you, who treats you like a prince or princess, someone who is faithful and who knows what he wants by your side. Someone who wants it all.


Stay single until you find someone who doesn’t make you afraid to commit. Someone who bets on you always is honest, and values ​​sincerity before anything else. Stay alone until they give you what you deserve, until someone has precious details with you, someone real who knows they want to spend their whole lives by your side. A person who only has eyes for you and who brings out your best side, little by little. Someone who supports your ideas. Stay with someone who doesn’t say yes to everything just to comply, who argues with you, who has their own vision of the world even if it’s not the same as yours. Someone who contributes to you, who joins you, and who proposes many things.


Stay alone until you find someone who values ​​you inside and out, someone sure who knows what they want, someone who knows your hobbies and adapts to them. Someone who knows that after those screams and those fights, there is someone who only wants peace and love, who only wants love and a hug. Stay alone until you find that person who stops you when you’re going to make the same mistake twice, who helps you make some decisions, who moves forward with you, and who doesn’t get stuck. Someone to help you find your way when you’re lost, who doesn’t contradict you just to mess around or hurt you. Someone capable of protecting you from anything that could hurt you.


Stay alone until you find someone who deserves you Scorpio. Someone who has magnetism, who hooks you, someone you admire. You are a very strong and intimidating sign and it is very difficult to find a person who is up to you, so until you do, do not commit yourself. Stay alone until you find someone who helps you get up when you’re down, someone who lifts you up, who tells you every day what you’re worth, what you deserve, and that you’re the most special person on earth. Stay with whoever wants to love you even if you remove your face. Stay with someone ambitious, someone who knows what he wants, who is clear, like you, that he is not one more. Someone who wants to be with you and help you to be what you want to be.


Stay alone until you find someone who always lives with joy, someone optimistic, positive, and who goes from bad vibes. Someone who injects you with adrenaline day in and day out. Stay alone until you find someone who sees the beauty in the little things, in the moments, in the details. Someone who doesn’t mind sleeping anywhere as long as it’s with you. That person who is not afraid, to be honest, someone logical, intelligent, who uses his head for a lot but uses his heart for even more.


Stay alone until you find someone who knows how to bring out your most romantic side, your most sensitive side. Someone who takes out that less serious part that the world is used to, someone who makes you smile constantly, who provides solutions to all problems. Someone who has that thirst to be something in life. You are not interested in lost Capricorn people, people who are not sure what to do with their lives. Stay alone until you have someone by your side who makes you look on the bright side of anything, and who makes you find and enjoy happiness in small moments.


Stay alone until you find someone who brings out your most creative side. Someone who supports you to the death with everything you can think of, someone who is at the same intellectual level as you and shares hobbies with you, someone as special as you. Stay alone until you have that person close to you who understands your independence and lets you fly without fear, that person who doesn’t want to tie you to anything, who lets you be because he knows you’ll come back. Someone who is your partner, your life partner, who shows you that you can trust. Someone who is not going to take away your identity for anything in the world. Someone who reminds you every day that you can do everything you set your mind to and give you that impulse.


Stay alone until you find that person who never ceases to amaze you, someone who makes you feel that you are the priority in everything, number one. Someone who gives you that security and that strength that sometimes it seems you lack to take the reins, to start something new. Stay alone Pisces, until you find someone loyal, someone who doesn’t get tired quickly, who fights for what he wants. Someone to heal the wounds of the past and to remind you that we are in the present, that you are worth a lot, and that everything will be fine. Someone to caress your hair when you feel like your head is going to explode and to calm you down with their voice. Someone special for someone special.

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