So He Tries To Hide That He Likes You, According To His Zodiac Sign

So He Tries To Hide That He Likes You, According To His Zodiac Sign

Not all men are aware of their feelings, and some of them will do anything to hide the fact that they are into you. But not all men hide their emotions in the same way.

Here’s how he’s trying to hide that he’s into you, according to his zodiac sign:


Capricorns often suffer from fear of commitment and have a hard time building a trusting relationship.

Even if this man is crazy about you, he will always pretend he’s not ready for anything serious just because he’s afraid of giving too much of himself or of getting disappointed in the end. Try to show him that he can trust you and doesn’t have to hide further.


One of the first signs that an Aquarius is into you is the fact that they are talking negatively about your potential relationship. He will literally give you a list of reasons why the two of you would never make it together.

But his real intentions actually hide you behind that negativity. The truth is, this is his way of questioning your feelings for him – he wants to see if you really want it enough. 


If a Pisces man is in love with you but tries to hide it, he will never show his feelings in person.

Instead, he’ll comment and like all of your photos and status updates, and he’ll always be the first to see your Instagram story. But when you both meet, he won’t show any signs of affection. It has to get warm first.


If you’re looking for ways to find out if an Aries man likes you, don’t ask him about it – ask his friends. Even if this guy does his best to hide his feelings from you, he will never be able to do the same in front of his friends.

As much as they fight it, Aries will always have an uncontrollable urge to mention you all the time. It’s simple – he thinks about you all the time and can’t help but talk about you.


If a Taurus likes you, they will ignore you to get your attention. If this zodiac sign tries to keep their feelings to themselves, they will avoid any kind of contact with you. The fact is that Taurus likes you but is afraid that it will be too obvious how he feels about you, even if he is looking at you or talking to you.

He is afraid of rejection and is afraid that you will ridicule his feelings, so he prefers to have no contact with you than to be fooled.


Gemini is the king of the Friendzone. If a Gemini has a crush on you, they will never tell you directly. Instead, he puts you in a gray area where he acts like your best friend and sends you mixed signals at the same time.

Everyone around him, including you, will see the truth, but you can never be sure if he really likes you or is just being friendly.


Cancer will have no problem talking to you about other people in your life if they are into you.

He’ll even give you advice on your possible relationships even though he’s crazy about you. But that’s all a mask and Cancer’s way of showing you that they care about you in a romantic way.


No matter how much a Leo is in love with you, they will rarely take the first step and open their heart to you. Instead, he will patiently wait for you to be the first to reveal your feelings, and then he will respond.

So if you like a Leo man but are afraid that if you take the first step you could chase him away, think again and dare!


When a Virgo man is in love, you may first think that he hates you. Virgos are known to be perfectionists and when they have a crush on someone they want that person to be as perfect as possible.

And because of this, a Virgo will constantly criticize everything you do or say. Sometimes you might even feel like he is offending you, but actually, this is just his weird way of showing you that he likes you.


A Libra even hides his feelings from himself. This guy refuses to admit to himself that he fell in love with you until his feelings become too obvious.

The Libra man does not like the feeling of losing control of himself, and he will rarely analyze his feelings and face his emotions. Instead, this guy will run away from the fact that he loves you before his feelings start to grow.


One of the things Scorpio men enjoy the most is playing with the object of their affection. And while the hunt is interesting for them, it can also be quite tiring.

Whenever you feel like a Scorpio man and you are getting closer, he will run away. But before you know it, he’ll be there to drag you into his never-ending circle of mixed signals and mind games.


If a Sagittarius has a crush on you, they will do everything in their power to make you as jealous as possible. This guy can even go so far as to lie that he likes someone else just to hide his real feelings.

Only when you take a step towards him and open yourself up will he reveal the truth about his emotional world to you.


So He Tries To Hide That He Likes You According To His Zodiac Sign

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