Signs You Should Not Cause Or Your Life Will Be Hell

There are signs that without their temper would lose their charm, but it is easier to see them explode from afar, because when they react to something that hurt them, they are weapons to take. Seriously, there are signs that you shouldn’t provoke or your life will be hell. They are the ones who do not think much in a moment of anger or sadness, they take things very seriously and do not even jokingly consider giving second chances.

The worst thing is that they have the gift of manipulation, you don’t even realize the way they are coming, but they have an aim to hit you right where it hurts the most. They can be so cruel saying words to you that you will remember for the rest of your days. It is not that they are bad, it is that when someone awakens their dark side they lose control and it is anger that dominates them.

Signs you shouldn’t provoke or your life will be hell

Do not confuse their personality with their attitude, they can have a noble and charming person, but it depends on your demeanor. They are signs that detest lies, betrayals and hypocrisy . They are not there to please anyone, nor do they want to pretend peace when they do not feel it. No matter how special you are in their life, the years of knowing them or any other connection, if you make these signs suffer, you will have to take responsibility for the consequences.


Behind a calm, caring and planning personality, your worst nightmare may hide. Taurus is so meticulous that he does not forget, he remembers every detail and more if they were words or actions that hurt him. Something that does not stand is receiving criticism that does not ask or unnecessary teasing. It is usually a sign that focuses on its own goals, but if someone is cheering for their defeats, they just don’t think about it to put them in their place . Taurus is the sign that when he gets angry reminds you of each of your weaknesses, he can bring you down in seconds, so better avoid getting into his life.


Are you surprised that Gemini is on the list? Surely not, it is a sign that stands out for its strong character. They have a sociable, outgoing and tolerant side, you have to be really very annoying to make a Gemini explode, but when you do you regret it in the moment. They may seem indifferent at first, but deep down they are plotting the worst revenge. If you hurt a Gemini intentionally, prepare to know what true suffering is, with Gemini you don’t mess with it twice.


It’s funny, Cancer is considered the zodiac sign that honors the home, always ready to help, to give the best of themselves. Cancer fills you with love, warmth and a lot of understanding. However, it is emotional, the Moon is the culprit and they can be extremely temperamental, so much so that it will make you regret having messed with them. Cancer is very passionate even when it is indignant, it hits your most sensitive points, loses control and in a fit of anger does not listen to pleas.


Intense even in the best discussions. Scorpio is the person who will make you ask for forgiveness on your knees in order not to forgive you. When someone hurts him, his spiteful soul is the one that takes control. They have a knack for getting agitated and showing an aggressive side so bad that you don’t want to make any Scorpios suffer in your life. It is a loyal, ambitious sign and when someone interferes in your path or makes fun of your effort, they put you in your place. Scorpio does not wait for time to heal anything, he prefers to put an end to it and continue without toxic people in his life.


Romantic, affectionate and impulsive. Pisces has such a loving and genuine side that it is very easy to make them the most special people in your life. However, it can be extremely cruel. What happens is that they are people with whom you connect emotionally, they know a lot about you and that is where it hurts you, right in your fears, your sadness and your failures. Pisces can be the most beautiful person in your life, the one who inspires you and brings out the best in you. But also who knocks you down if you hurt him.


Signs You Should Not Cause Or Your Life Will Be Hell

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