Signs That The Most Missing Thing About Their Childhood Is That They Did Not Have Debts

Signs That The Most Missing Thing About Their Childhood Is That They Did Not Have Debts

I wish it were true when those memes tell you that everything was a nightmare, that they take you back to your childhood and your experience again that feeling of watching your favorite cartoon in front of the TV, while mom prepared a delicious cup of chocolate and you looked out the window at the drops of the rain hitting the window. Yes, I know that the signs come from nowhere and that you miss running around jumping from one place to another. However, there is something you miss more than anything, the zodiac signs in the following list know what I’m talking about. They are the signs that what they miss most about their childhood is that they had no debts and only cared about the color of shoes they would wear to school.

1.- Sagittarius 

It’s not that Sagittarius is the most greedy person in the world, but that they like good things, there is no doubt. He feels an attraction to money that keeps him afloat in each of his plans. Let’s say that the spiritual is not at odds with a bit of the material, on the contrary, Sagittarius knows how to find the perfect point in everything. It is a sign that enjoys new places, and experiences, wants to travel, new cultures, and new languages, wants to immerse itself in the history of the unknown, and right there find some of its roots. However, there comes a point where he is exhausted, where he feels that no matter how hard he tries it is not enough and that is when he would like to go back when he misses his childhood. Stepping on socks all over the house and sleeping with your dog in the middle of the living room. Sagittarius can get lost in his imagination, in hope, in finding a little bit of relief to gain strength and continue moving forward. Well, in the end, it doesn’t hurt anyone to dream from time to time.

2.- Capricorn 

An Earth sign, the meticulous one, the one who knows very well what he wants and who does not let himself be overshadowed by anything or anyone. That is Capricorn, the sign that was born to shine, that strives to be better every day, and being efficient is part of its nature. However, it is not easy to deal with day to day, there are times when stress and anxiety play bad and all you want is to run away. It is only for a moment, in which he regains strength and again squanders light with each step. Perhaps, it seems that he is going to throw in the towel, but do not trust yourself, because the more defeated he feels, the more he clings to life. Capricorn would like to go back to his childhood because he misses that feeling of peace, in which there was nothing else to bother him. When all he cared about was being on time to watch his favorite series. Scenes that are carried in the soul and that remind him that one day he had everything and that he felt so invincible and safe in the warmth of a home, how different life has become!

3.- Scorpio  

There is a part of you that honors nostalgia, your thoughts get carried away like a thread in the middle and when you least realize it you have already immersed yourself in a lot of questions that make you remember your most beautiful moments. Suddenly, those afternoons running through the autumn leaves come back to you, without warning. That’s when you feel each texture, relive the colors and even the aromas are present. Childhood for you is sacred, there are moments that you would not change for anything, in which you felt the peace that everything was fine. Something you miss is your relationship with money. Maybe you were aware of the bad economic streaks that your parents had because you were always too smart for your age, but it was not the same. You did not feel the pressure that it is you who has to go out every day to fight to earn your bread. Sometimes you go back to your childhood to wonder if you really are in the place you dreamed of. It helps you follow one path or take another. Because despite the bad and the good, you do not regret anything.

4.- Taurus 

Did someone say sophistication? I am sorry if for some the distinction of Taurus is synonymous with annoyance, but it is a sign that is very clear about what it wants in life and is not going to settle for less. He likes to live without pressure and therefore works very hard. Although there are times when all I would like is to take a break, breathe fresh air and forget about problems, debts, and worries. Taurus tends to want to solve everyone’s problems around him and that’s when he breaks down because he tries to put other people’s puzzle pieces together with his own pieces. That cannot be done, that ends up sinking him much more and cannot help at all. When frustration is so present in your days, the best thing you can do is go to the past and navigate in the most beautiful memories that your memory keeps, where your childhood was everything. Where he had security, tranquility, and love. When he was a carefree kid, the one who could spend hours in the backyard playing with a bunch of ants.

5.- Leo 

Leo, you would be lying if you say you don’t care about money, of course, you care and not because you want to be better than anyone. Because having a secure income is synonymous with peace of mind, you don’t have to worry about rent, food, clothing, footwear, or whims. Yes, Leo, works too much to hide his money under a mattress, he wants to spend it now that there is life and that is the reason why many times the fortnight is gone in the blink of an eye. But, well, as they say out there, no one takes away what they dance. Leo knows that life is anything but easy and that there are times when he would like to throw in the towel, but he stands tall and likes to return to his childhood to hug the boy he was and tell him that no matter what happens will not back down. Leo is very determined, he is not afraid of risk and if he has to live one crisis after another, to achieve success, he will simply do it. He is in love with life and will do whatever is in his hands to make the boy he once felt very proud of.

6.- Libra 

You are the sign that when it comes to money you do not want to lose, on the contrary, you are always looking for a balance, you know that it is important, but not so important as to put your mental, physical and emotional health at risk. However, you are vain, you enjoy good places, being with the people you love, and having fun until your body can no longer from being so tired. You like to feel that everything is fine, that you don’t have to worry in case an emergency happens to you, that’s why you always go one step ahead. Although, that can be synonymous with stress and sadness. When you feel that you are drowning and that no matter how much you cling to a breath, you cannot achieve peace, that is when you return to your roots, you return to embrace that imaginative, creative and fun child, who was lost in the leaves of the notebook. That is you, it is your essence, the one that keeps you standing today, do not forget it and keep moving forward. Life is like that, one day you are up and other times down, when it comes to money everything is more unstable.

7.- Aries 

If Aries has learned anything, it is that it is true that in life you have to give more chances to want and less to duty. Sometimes, you get lost in the middle of so much work, responsibilities, and a queue of problems waiting to be solved. It is not easy to deal with those moments, but Aries stands firm and that is admired by many. It is synonymous with inspiration, when something is proposed, it is fulfilled and money has never been an impediment. Perhaps he is not the richest person in the world, but several of his whims have been fulfilled and that is enough for him. Aries does not go around wasting money, he simply wants something that gives him peace of mind and when things get ugly it is inevitable not to return to those moments of childhood. Aries misses his pranks, the times he ended up with a broken bone or pain because his feet were never still. That anxiety he experienced as Christmas day approached and the time to open presents. Without a doubt, worries change very abruptly, but even so, there is no challenge that brings Aries down. With everything and fears, he will fight for what he wants.

Signs That The Most Missing Thing About Their Childhood Is That They Did Not Have Debts

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