Signs That Love Deeply Vs Those Who Break Hearts

Love Deeply Vs Heartbreakers

Signs That Love Deeply Vs Those Who Break Hearts

The day comes when you understand that love is not for everyone and it is not about some being lucky and others not. However, loving is for the brave, those who do not run away from maturity and work every day to heal their hearts. There are signs of the Zodiac that already understood it, but there are also those who still have to work on their wounds because they accidentally break hearts. I explain:


It is not a lie that Aries need much more than a pretty face to open their feelings with love. She is the type of couple that is not satisfied with a meeting for a while, she wants something more. She imagines sharing crazy things and living each adventure as if there were no tomorrow. They say that she breaks hearts, but what happens is that they have not taken the time and due attention to discover her goodness of her when it comes to love.


It is very sad for Taurus to realize that no matter how honest they are in a relationship, it is not enough, because there are loves that all they want is to unload their traumas, and then leave as if nothing had happened. Those disrespectful souls are the ones he runs away from. Taurus is very direct, halfway relationships do not fit with his way of being. He is going to give himself up to tears, as long as they show him reciprocity, there is no more.


If there’s one thing Geminis have gotten used to, it’s receiving comments from people who don’t even know them. They get carried away by the facade and assume that he is incapable of love. The reality is that his heart is synonymous with intelligence, fun, and charm. When he loves he doesn’t understand gray, he overflows with love. They say he breaks hearts because they haven’t seen him madly in love, that’s when his loyalty speaks for itself.


It is easier to say that Cancer is emotional, intense, and even exaggerated, instead of putting yourself in their shoes. However, it is something that he no longer cares about, he will never settle for a dry love, one of those who want one day yes and no another. He jumps in, he doesn’t have much to lose, if his relationship doesn’t work out, he starts over with someone else. Cancer loves deeply and does not intend to stop.


Definitely, Leo, you don’t need to pretend, when you fall in love your feelings flow, but… you’re selective. They criticize him because he doesn’t go around letting just anyone take over his heart. Sincerity is his flag, he prefers to put things on the table from the beginning and if he is not in love enough, he leaves. He sounds painful and that’s why they say he breaks hearts, but that’s better than living a lie.


Complicated, not very expressive, and even cold, are some words that some use to describe Virgo’s heart. If they knew that it is actually one of the most loving signs of the Zodiac. He is noble, sweet, and very tender, but he is not going to show his vulnerable side of her to everyone who comes and promises love. He doesn’t want pretty stories that only live by appearance, he wants a love with whom he can share his weaknesses and feel safe. He doesn’t break hearts, but he’s not naive either.


Libra’s heart has passed, therefore, but he is not the type of person who throws himself on the ground to be picked up, his dignity is above all else and that is why he puts on a shield, pretending that he is strong, so that they think It doesn’t affect him to end the relationship. It’s not true, Libra cries in her room until she gets the last drop of that love. They say that she breaks hearts, not knowing that long before they broke hers into a thousand pieces.


It is one thing for Scorpio to be discreet and quite another for them not to give themselves up in the name of love. He doesn’t like third parties to have an opinion about what lives in his heart, that’s why he keeps quiet. However, in love with him, he is adorable, loves to spend time with his partner, and becomes very protective. He doesn’t go around breaking hearts, but he is very suspicious and there are those who can’t handle it.


Sagittarius love is not for those who judge everything. He loves to say that he doesn’t commit and that in the blink of an eye, he ends up in someone else’s arms. It’s a lie, Sagittarius is not disloyal, but what he has is that he treats how they treat him. He got tired of always being the one available, now he gives himself the place he deserves and that’s why not everyone wins his heart. Sagi loves deeply, but not fake partners.


Capricorn is very meticulous when it comes to love. Yes, he surrenders, he is intense and he bets on a lasting love, but he is not one of those who get excited from the beginning, he needs time and facts. In addition, he does not allow them to interfere with his priorities. He wants a love that respects his essence and goes at his pace. He doesn’t break hearts, he speaks the truth and many run away from that.


There is something that Aquarius is very clear about love, they are not going to love in the way that the rest demand of them. He knows what he expects from a relationship and that is why from the first meeting he explains whether or not he wants something serious. Why does his frankness bother you? That is better than being with someone who is not looking for something in the future. Aquarius loves deeply like any other sign, but there are times when he has to break hearts if there is no love and it is for the good of both.


The delivery of Pisces is romantic, crazy, impulsive, and without wanting anything. He is very aware that there are loves that are not for life, but he lives them as if they were because he loves to keep all those moments. Pisces honors love, even when she doesn’t have a partner, but if someone is lucky enough to conquer her soul, she can be sure that she will have company for a lifetime.

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