Signs That Give Your Heart And Others Only Abuses Your Kindness

Signs That Give Your Heart And Others Only Abuses Your Kindness

They say that people need to put themselves in another’s shoes and try to understand what they are feeling. Empathy is capable of healing the deepest cracks in the heart and there are zodiac signs that know this very well. They are the ones who give themselves as if they had not been torn to pieces before, the bad thing is that others abuse their kindness. Sometimes, negative souls surround them because they know that in the end they always end up giving in, because they have a hard time saying no and because they can’t pretend that nothing is happening in the face of other people’s pain. These are the signs that give their heart and others only abuse their kindness:

1.- Pisces 

The first on the list is the sign that puts love, understanding, and a great desire to solve the lives of others ahead. Sometimes he gives so much that he wears himself out, forgets what he feels, what he wants, and he just can’t say no. He has an overly optimistic side, at the moment he gets carried away and believes that he can help everyone, but when he is faced with a reality he discovers that it is not so. That’s when his mental, emotional and physical health is put at risk. Pisces is that sign that shakes hands and they end up taking their foot mercilessly.

2.- Cancer 

The caring soul, the one with a rescuer instinct, the one who doesn’t look down easily and is always looking for ways to help others. His love is genuine, Cancer does not expect anything in return and that is the reason why many people approach him only for convenience. People realize that they are protective, that they honor unconditionality, and that they rarely say no in return. Cancer can be torn to pieces and still he will do what is in his power to help you. People abuse and become the burden that steals their lives.

3.- Libra 

Libra is his worst enemy, he is the one who never lets himself rest, there is no pause between so much conflict. She is that sponge that absorbs everything around her, she would like to have all the money in the world, all the mental and emotional health, to help those she loves. She is never at peace, she is always looking for a way to solve everything and that is when others take advantage when they sit idly by and have no worries because they know that in the end, Libra will solve things. Libra runs away from the conflict and that is why it is difficult for him to put an end to it.

4.- Capricorn 

Capricorn is the one who knows no limits when it comes to putting his hands in the fire for someone he loves. He is also one of the signs that give his heart away and others only abuse his kindness. They may not be the most loving of the zodiac, but when they help, they do it from the bottom of their hearts and begin to support them with material things. Although it may not seem like it, it is the kind of sign that can go without eating in order to give it to those who need it most. The problem is that they don’t always need him more, but they know he doesn’t refuse and they abuse his kindness. That is one of the reasons they end up in destructive and unreciprocal relationships.

5.- Aquarius 

It is clear that Aquarius is an expert when it comes to setting limits on an emotional level, he does not like to get hooked on everyone in his path. On the contrary, they keep to themselves, but they are very independent and people approach them because they know how to get out of trouble. However, there are those who make it part of their routine, because they realize that behind a cold and distracted Aquarius in their world, there is a sweet soul that will not let you drive if you need it. He may not be the type of person to end up in tears over what happens to you, but he will hold your hand tight.


Signs That Give Your Heart And Others Only Abuses Your Kindness


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