Signs That Can End In Love With Several Hearts

Signs That Can End In Love With Several Hearts

Loving without ties, wanting the other person to immerse themselves in your world and you in hers. There are signs of the zodiac who do not care what they will say, they simply let their emotions take control, they do what really satisfies their soul. They are the signs that can end up in love with several hearts. And it is that having them close is synonymous with romance, sweetness, a lot of accumulated passion and eager to satisfy the desire. His kisses are what are tattooed on the corners of his lips:

1. Aries 

Aries is the one who throws himself into the void, there are many times when they gave everything and ended up with scratches on the soul. Even so, they dare, they know that life is not a rainbow and they prefer a thousand times to take the risk than to stay with their hands crossed. He is the one who does not understand time, if that person makes him feel everything he lets go and shows his vulnerable side, in what is hidden the deepest part of his being. Aries is loyal, not jumping from love to love. But he falls in love with his family, with his friends,with those people who have shown him that they can give him a hand in the worst moments. That’s when the only thing your heart feels is love and gratitude.

2. Leo 

Leo has a reckless side, one that enjoys the admiration of others. It does not bother him that his shine steals the eye, on the contrary, he always uses it to his advantage. He has a very special way of captivating everyone who crosses his path. He is the chatterbox, the one who breaks the barrier of discomfort and gives you the confidence to enter his world. Leo falls in love with many hearts because he is very loyal,he likes to be when people need him. He is the type of person who becomes more than a caress to the soul. He enjoys when he surprises those he loves, he likes to make it clear that when he has priorities there is no human power to prevent him, he becomes a beast.

3. Libra 

Libra is the one who opens the doors of his heart wide for you. He is the one who puts aside prejudices and simply lets himself be carried away. It costs him a lot to give himself up to the first one, he lives in deep indecision. Sometimes, with all the desire to give everything and other times with fear of not being reciprocated. However, once you become part of his special people there is no going back, he will be with you through thick and thin. Libra lives with all intensity, he has many friends, because he is one of those people who listens to you until your moment of catharsis passes. He falls in love with essences, with what few see, with the vulnerable side that is under the gaze. 

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the one who goes through life breaking one heart after another. But … he does not do it with bad intentions, it is that his soul is so sweet, so full of light and interesting, that it catches you, it is impossible not to admire the way he decides to live each moment. It is a sign that hates ties, that is why it becomes a temptation for anyone. There are several who have tried to put his heart at peace, but that does not last long, because he hates that they try to change him. Sagittarius falls in love easily and that does not mean that it is not genuine, on the contrary, it has the ability to feel intensely. He does not lie to you when he wants to enjoy the Moon and the stars by your side, but … maybe tomorrow he will change his mind. It is one of the signs that can end up in love with several hearts.


Signs That Can End In Love With Several Hearts

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