Signs That Are The Most Competitive

Most Competitive

Signs That Are The Most Competitive

The level of competitiveness of some goes in the veins, there are people who can’t stand losing, some out of pure ego, others because they know that they are absolutely right in the world and that would be like giving it to the rest, others because they need to be above at any cost. Be that as it may, these are the most competitive signs of the Zodiac. And many of them will surely surprise you. 


Aries has come to win, whenever, however, it is clear to him. Sometimes winning doesn’t always give him all the satisfaction he’d like. Sometimes he just wants to win by showing others that he can do it, even when that “achievement” doesn’t go well for him. Aries is competitive to the death, that person to whom you say “don’t you dare to do this?” and he enjoys showing you the opposite. That’s not why he’s someone who likes bad vibes, not at all, but don’t bite him, because believe me you’ll lose out. And always, ALWAYS, he will be prepared to fight. Sometimes joking yes, but he will fight. That’s for sure. 


Leo is a sign that concentrates a lot on achieving their goals, on achieving what they want and yes, they are one of those who are completely convinced that if they want something, sooner or later it will be theirs. Somehow, he is a person who is in charge of finding a way to reach the end. And in some cases, he is also one of those who thinks that the end justifies the means. It is clear that he is not afraid to compete, what’s more, he knows that he will end up achieving anything, but behind all that brilliance, there is a lot of effort, a lot of effort, that no one forgets. 


This sign puts pressure on itself to improve. Always. The Capri believes that there is no one above them, but they also know that their mind is super dangerous and that it can make them lose heart. Come on, when competing, the Capricorn mind is its worst enemy. But the good thing is that they already know each other, and they know that this moment will pass and that they will come back stronger than ever. If anyone gets in his way, he’s the type to race to the finish. Capri would rather be last than second at something. He is extreme: either he wins everything or nothing. Of course, he is one of those who do things in silence, he will prepare his move with time, without making noise, and then, he will rub your face that he won. 


Virgo is a person who does not really stand out for his competitiveness either. If he bites him he will pass you by, but if you are going to mess him believe me he will want to be above you. He will compete with you. And he will win. He is clear. Virgo is a sign that will show the whole world if necessary that he is not wrong, but as long as it is something worth defending, not just any stupidity. When someone challenges you badly, they become competitive people quickly. He often takes great pleasure in giving the rest what he deserves. Especially those who misbehave. 


Taurus is a pretty stingy sign, things as they are. In a conversation, for example, if you know you are right (or even only if you believe it) you will fight for your truth all the time. Yes, of course, arguing a lot, and if you don’t listen to him, shouting, and if you continue without listening, perhaps you react a little abruptly… Calm down, Taurus, calm down… He knows what he wants, when he wants it, and how he wants it, and not there are many people who have the patience to know how to carry them, to know how to understand them. If you challenge him for something stupid, he might pass on you. It’s more interesting to lie down on the sofa resting, but don’t mess around, don’t bite, because the second time, he’s going to get up, the war is going to start. And if Taurus moves, of course, it is to win it. And the competition may be long, very long, but it will end up going as Taurus had planned. 


Gemini is quite an easy sign to provoke, but they get distracted quickly, and that, believe me, is good for everyone. But if something really hits him and you bite him, he’ll get into that game fast. They don’t like anyone trying to outshine them, let alone being ridiculed, but it is also true that they always go to other things, to other stories… Sometimes, they can even compete with the rest just for fun, but make no mistake, even if only be it for fun they are determined to win. 

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