She is a living fire: the energetic Aries woman

She is a living fire: the energetic Aries woman

You know this stubborn, ambitious woman who gets her way, walks headlong through a wall and is always honest? Such is the energetic, strong, and determined Aries woman.

Aries woman is energetic, strong, and determined.

Are you looking for a partner or friend just for quiet walks or someone who sits in front of the TV screen every evening? Then Aries woman is not for you.

Her horoscope looks like a natural Red Bull to her, and when others are dragging themselves from exhaustion, she still seems to have wings.


She has a focused look, unruly hair, a high, expressive forehead, a slightly aggressive posture and restless body movements.

Her trademark are also thick eyebrows. The neck is elongated and the shoulders stronger and wider. She is medium in size and has a rather muscular body.

Their eyes are brown or gray, and their skin is very textured.

She loves to attract attention, and she does it best with the fiery red color Aries is famous for.

Red reflects the pure, raw energy and vitality of the spirit possessed by the first sign of the horoscope.

She looks perfect in leather clothes, loves both glitter and shine, and her protective stone is a diamond, which represents strength, innocence and purity, which are the most important qualities of the Aries woman.

It is very important for them to be fit, which is why many women born in this zodiac sign train hard and since they are sports, their sporty clothing style suits them well.

She wears simple hairstyles that take up some time and is generally always quick and easy to finish for any occasion.

She loves practical multi-purpose cosmetics such as shampoo and conditioner in one, a face cream that provides moisture, protects against the sun and firms the skin at the same time, and similar products.

Aries woman in love?

As for love, this is the type of woman who is very easy to get along with. She doesn’t like hidden cards, aces up her sleeve and similar love games.

She doesn’t play with emotions. A long distance relationship is not for her because she values ​​physical intimacy with a partner.

Also, women under this zodiac sign are jealous and do not function at great distances because they are not in control of things.

If she likes a man, she will tell him with a specific flirt. When she enters into a relationship, she is very loyal to her partner and supports all of his or her actions, even if they are wrong.

Sometimes she can even hide her partner’s mistakes while secretly correcting his or her mistakes. She has energy for two, which is not in her favor and is often exploited by her partner.

When the emotions go away, she will overcome the breakup with ease.

The Aries woman is strong and independent and does not tolerate a weakling next to her. An ambitious partner who follows her ideas and her pace suits her.

There is no way she likes the jealous guys who are stifling her freedom. Aries woman is romantic and enjoys beautiful things.

However, she does not cultivate unrealistic feelings, and unrequited love is not something to deal with. A person with such confidence and ego doesn’t have time to suffer because of impossible love.

If something doesn’t work, she just moves on to new things!

It should be noted that a woman in this sign does not like flatterers and false compliments, and if someone tries to approach her with false emotions, she will definitely run away with her head!


If you want to know what an Aries woman is like in bed, here is the answer – dominant. Her libido is strong and she likes to play the game, all for the sake of her pleasure.

This woman is full of confidence and exudes appeal, especially when in love. She does not agree to stay in a relationship with a man who does not satisfy her appetite in bed.

In other words, love is very important to her! In this area, as a partner, she fits best with Leuven.

If this woman wants to try something and get it from her partner, she asks without hesitation. She separates physical and emotional pleasure, and at times it can seem cold and emotionless to sleep with her.

Aries woman as a wife

A woman born under the sign of Aries represents a wonderful woman who can only be matched by an ambitious husband.

She is always jealous when her husband doesn’t pay her enough attention. She knows she is a good wife and that’s why she wants her husband to focus only on her.

This type of woman is happily married when married to a passionate and possessive man.

There is no way a withdrawn, shy, or somehow soft guy can suit her. She can only love those whom she deeply respects and values.

If you know how to properly address her and accept her dominant role in everything, this woman will be yours for the rest of her life!

She adheres to the “loyalty for loyalty” attitude and if her husband is unfaithful, she will commit deceit only out of revenge.


Friendships with an Aries woman are often very intense, and she always has lifelong friends as well. She usually has a large circle of friends because her interests are constantly changing and not everyone can keep up with her pace.

People like to be friends with her because of the dose of danger and unpredictability she always carries with her.

However, it is sometimes difficult for their friends to understand their pronounced independence, and because of their qualities, they can be jealous of them.

When she goes out in the evening, she doesn’t need a bunch of friends, she needs a close person or two who think like her and are ready to have a crazy time.

Careers and professions for Aries women

This zodiac sign is ambitious and leading. She loves to command, to be the boss, to be in charge and to pull all strings.

Aries women do not tolerate lazy and passive people. Sometimes she exaggerates and even bullies her work colleagues.

Your career is very important. She will never allow herself to be financially dependent on anyone, and she is not one of those women who are house-tied by her family and children.

This doesn’t mean she doesn’t get realized in these roles, but she just doesn’t see them as a reason to neglect her career.

She doesn’t like routine jobs and prefers to choose jobs that require excitement and independence. Aries woman is not afraid of responsibility, and therefore was created for managerial positions.

Also, positions that require quick decisions, in which she is unmatched, are ideal for her. She can become a doctor, surgeon, entrepreneur, politician or police officer.

How does she feel about the money she has earned?

She doesn’t like to save, although she knows that it can be useful at times. That is why she knows how to put some of the money aside in order to secure herself financially.

Everything else she deserves she spends on herself and her big or small joys. She loves to enjoy life and the fruits of hard work.

Aries woman’s health

Each sign of the zodiac has a part of the body that is its strength and weakness, and for the Aries woman, it is the head. The health problems they can have are therefore mostly head-related.

These can be problems with migraines, dizziness, brain, mood, depression, or nervousness.

She is a living fire: the energetic Aries woman



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