How to Stop Attracting Toxic Zodiac Men, and for Good!

While all Zodiac Men have certain desirable traits, they also express some that will definitely ruin your life.

Because to be honest, no matter which zodiac man we are talking about, at some point he will be toxic because of these negative traits and make our lives hell.

However, he will have a very different experience with another person, and their energies will be in perfect harmony with one another.

This is why compatibility is important, but also that you are aware of the ways this man can be toxic if you start a romantic relationship with him.

So, if your particular Zodiac Man is behaving worse than described on most occasions, he is toxic to you and you need to end this vicious cycle.

1. The Toxic Aries man 

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The Aries man is very similar to the Aries woman when it comes to being toxic.

In fact, they can feel a whole lot for someone, but still treat them badly at times.

Mainly due to the fact that they give a lot in love but expect a lot in return, so they get mad when things are different.

However, they are not saints when it comes to cheating either, and they can when they are frustrated.

Especially when they meet someone who fills the void they feel within themselves.

Hence, you should leave them, for they could only use you for their own benefit.

How to Realize You’re Only an Option for the Aries Man:

  • He’s talking to you about another person he likes
  • He doesn’t seem interested in talking to you and is unfazed by you
  • He avoids meeting you and is closed
  • Even the slightest effort to help you seems forced

How you can prevent this toxic behavior:

  • Set clear boundaries for the Aries man
  • Don’t let him take his anger out on you
  • Once you realize they are losing interest, ignore them, they hate it more than anything

2. The Toxic Taurus Man 

While Taurus Man may never do so much harm, he can indeed be a waste of your time.

They are very sociable and true hedonists, so they don’t mind if there are several women around.

But this is going to bother you, especially if you have feelings for this man.

Or when you’re looking for signs that he is trying to bond, but things just continue to be confusing.

So be careful, even if it is one of the nicer men in the zodiac, it can still be very toxic to your life.

So, to see this, one has to pay attention to the little things that indicate that there is no love.

How to Realize You’re Only an Option for the Taurus Man:

  • He’s never affectionate when he’s around you
  • He doesn’t text you that often
  • He does not spoil you with food and nice gifts
  • He never compliments them and appears aloof

How you can prevent this toxic behavior:

  • Tell them you’d rather stay friends
  • Don’t even hope to have anything serious with them
  • If you find them mentioning their ex, get up and go, you don’t want to be their consolation prize

3. The Toxic Gemini Man 

The Gemini man can be both a real dream man and a living nightmare.

After all, they are not called double faces for nothing, and as a rule, zodiac signs with double symbols often indicate unpredictable tendencies.

Where they love you one day and leave you the next day like you are nothing.

As if you weren’t even part of your life and like you never really played a role.

For many this can be very traumatizing, so that they often even avoid being with this man at all.

Because being born in the zodiac sign Gemini does in fact mean that a person is leading a real double life.

How to Realize You’re Only an Option for the Gemini Man:

  • The Gemini man only reaches out his hand to you when he wants to have fun
  • He lies to you about a lot of things
  • He has other women but lies that he never cheated on you
  • Sometimes he is loving and then again a completely different person

How you can prevent this toxic behavior:

  • Make it clear to him that you have options
  • Realize that his statements are full of lies and deceit
  • Move on to someone who is better and more compatible

4. The Toxic Cancer Man 

The Cancer man is the cutest in the whole zodiac, but if he really has no feelings for you, he can be just as devilish.

Mainly because, somewhere deep in their hearts, they too have a bit of darkness, like everyone else.

That’s why they want to prove themselves and assert supremacy over someone they consider weaker than themselves.

In fact, they are one of the most fragile souls in the zodiac, which is why there are times when they use a woman who has not harmed them.

To feed their ego instead of feeding their soul by loving someone.

So, if you notice that they are cruel instead of loving, then you need to save yourself before it’s too late.

How to Realize You’re Only an Option for the Cancer Man:

  • He will only contact you during the night
  • He doesn’t care about your feelings
  • He doesn’t invite you to go on dates
  • He speaks ill of you in front of his friends

How you can prevent this toxic behavior:

  • Don’t go up to them and ignore them
  • Don’t even give them an answer when they contact you
  • When the Cancer man greets you on the street, just say hello back politely and turn your head away

5. The Toxic Leo Man 

The Leo man can be very straightforward about his intentions or very deceptive about what to watch out for.

Hence, he will either immediately point out to you that he is just kidding, or will fool you until he finds someone else.

This behavior can be very difficult to spot because Leos love company and don’t act much differently than when they are really serious about you.

They also somehow feed their ego with the idea of ​​being adored by many, so the occasional fling is something they enjoy.

Still, this is not fun for your life as they will be wasting your time without mercy.

As well as everything else you have to offer, so keep your eyes peeled.

How to Realize You’re Only an Option for the Leo Man:

  • He hides his phone
  • He lies about spending time in certain places
  • He always only has a few minutes to see you before he leaves, but not for a full date
  • He starts treating you colder and pointing out your weaknesses

How you can prevent this toxic behavior:

  • Point out his behavior and separate yourself from him
  • Tell him that once he decides to leave you, there is no going back
  • Make it clear to him that there is no way you are going to give him another chance

6. The Toxic Virgo Man 

The Virgo man is rarely toxic, but he can become so when very hurt or frustrated.

Because Virgo men are those types of individuals who love with all their hearts and are not prone to cheating.

They’re also investing a lot in the relationship and can’t stand it when they’re disappointed.

So your pure heart can only endure so much until they finally decide to give up and become heartless.

That’s when they only meet for fun and don’t really want to build something meaningful.

So in order not to get involved with them when they are at this low point, you should be wary of certain behavior.

How to Realize You’re Only an Option for the Virgo Man:

  • He seems uninterested when he’s with you
  • He prefers to spend time with friends
  • He doesn’t treat you like a lady
  • He can’t imagine a future with you so he doesn’t even mention it

How you can prevent this toxic behavior:

  • Talk to them and ask them how they really feel
  • Ask them if they have been hurt in love before
  • Tell them it is over between the two of you because you don’t want to be their emotional nurse

7. The toxic Libra man 

Oh the Libra man, unfortunately most of them are toxic and not that well balanced, which is quite ironic.

It takes them years to decide how they feel about someone and are just too picky about their partner.

As if you were the most lovable and brilliant person in the world, which is far from the truth.

Yes, they are very attractive and entertaining, but they too have their own weaknesses.

The biggest of them are called “ghosting” because they pretend they have feelings for you, but they just hold you up until they finally disappear.

So, to keep that from happening, you should be warned about the signs that indicate that they will only break your heart in the end.

How to Realize You’re Only an Option for the Libra Man:

  • He pretends to be busy
  • At the beginning he said that you were not his priority
  • He seems to have attachment problems
  • He says he doesn’t trust anyone

How you can prevent this toxic behavior:

  • Stop contacting him as soon as he says he’s busy
  • For everything he does, give him a taste of his own medicine
  • Definitely don’t talk to him after he contacted you years later because that’s just one way for him to be in control

8. The Toxic Scorpio Man 

When the Scorpio man is in love, things are pretty simple as they are very determined in their decision.

So if they are in love with you, they will never cheat you or make you feel less worthy.

Otherwise, if they really don’t care about you and let their dark side guide them, they could use you for their own satisfaction.

Like a toy until they get the attention of the person they really want.

This can be very dangerous for you because once you let them use you, they will come back regularly.

Over and over again, believing that you will always receive them with open arms, but you will not because we have now warned you and revealed their dark side.

How to Realize You’re Only One Option for the Scorpio:

  • He does not label the relationship and confuses you
  • He’ll get in touch with you every day, but only to waste your time
  • The relationship is mostly centered around love
  • He meets with other women and is always looking for affairs

How you can prevent this toxic behavior:

  • Ignore the Scorpio man and don’t go for his manipulations
  • Place him in a position where he is out of control and is begging for your attention
  • Show him that you are satisfied with your life and absolutely over him

9. The Toxic Sagittarius man 

The Sagittarius man is one of the most eye-catching women heroes, which means things can get toxic quickly.

This man doesn’t just bind himself to anyone or just seem to bind himself, so keep your eyes peeled.

He can be in a relationship with you for years while dating other women.

So this is just a warning not to get hurt after investing so much in this man and relationship.

Often times, he’s the reason some women lose their minds and emotional wellbeing, so don’t be one of them.

Be careful how he treats you and how he spends his free time, as he might be entertaining others too.

How to Realize You’re Only an Option for the Sagittarius:

  • He seems more distant than usual
  • He often spends time with friends and goes out to clubs regularly
  • Sometimes he makes remarks about how much better he is than you
  • You always have the feeling that he’s hiding something

How you can prevent this toxic behavior:

  • Check their social media for suspicious behavior
  • Don’t let the relationship focus solely on love
  • If you’ve been with a Sagittarius for years, demand marriage or leave them forever

10. The Toxic Capricorn man 

The Capricorn man will never waste time with a woman who is not worth it.

But the process of testing a woman could lead her to believe that she is something more important than she really is.

Mainly because this man usually has a lot of offers and is coveted by many women.

Mainly because it is often very successful and has a lot to offer that can guarantee a great life.

However, not all women deserve this life and they will choose the one who deserves it the most.

In order not to be just another test person, you should therefore be careful, because it can actually become toxic with this man.

How to realize that you are only an option for Capricorn:

  • He doesn’t show you off in public or on social media
  • Often times they complain that they have to spend money on you
  • He asks everything, but gives little or nothing in return
  • They notice that they are cheating or at least talking to another woman

How you can prevent this toxic behavior:

  • Don’t give them the things they ask for and which make you feel guilty about
  • Talk to them about their behavior and don’t let them be in control of you
  • If they leave, just accept and walk away from them without ever reporting back

11. The Toxic Aquarius

The Aquarius man can be one of the most toxic in relationships because of his attachment issues.

This is mainly due to the fact that they are not so transparent about their feelings and are very careful.

Careful so as not to get injured and put yourself in an awkward position.

Because they’re very intellectual and don’t want to look like an idiot.

So it often happens that they leave people for no apparent reason for emotional self-protection.

While it sounds ignorant, this is simply their mechanism of self-defense and you need to be careful of it.

How to realize that you are only one option for Aquarius:

  • He doesn’t tell you about his day
  • It’s always fun, not security
  • Sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s cold
  • You don’t know if you can really rely on him

How you can prevent this toxic behavior:

  • Don’t try to change it and keep going
  • If you can’t stand his indifference, tell him and make it clear
  • Explain to him that you don’t like being fooled and that you need something specific

12. The Toxic Pisces Man 

In general, Pisces men are considered the most loving and accepting, but that’s only when they’re in love.

So if you are lucky enough to be adored by them there is nothing to really look out for, but be careful if you are their option.

Even if Pisces man is not in love with you and you are only an option to him, he will make it look different.

He will treat you like one, laying the foundation for a great emotional trauma that awaits you.

After giving you everything you wanted, within a month or two he moves on to another person and makes you look like a fool.

This can lead to great suffering and heartbreak because you were eventually fooled into being loved even though you were just one more stop on the way to your final destination.

How to realize that you are only an option for fish:

  • He doesn’t buy you presents and doesn’t get in touch with you that often
  • They are not their top priority and they seem unhappy around you
  • It’s all about love and they don’t even get mad when you start an argument
  • He starts criticizing you for everything and starts cheating

How you can prevent this toxic behavior:

  • Don’t reward their bad behavior
  • Don’t believe them when they say they will change
  • Once they start acting this way, start ignoring them and never contact them again 

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