How to deal with stress according to the zodiac sign

Unfortunately, stress is a part of our lives these days and has both physical and emotional effects.

Stress is a protective mechanism in our body that makes it easier for us to adapt to changing environmental conditions.

While some people are very good at dealing with stress, others can be quickly taken aback by stress. 

Even the most emotionally stable people will reach a point where the pressure and frustration will get too great and they will react in one way or another.

At this uncertain time when we are faced with the effects of the pandemic, we are constantly exposed to uncertainties and worries about our careers, finances or personal lives that can create stress and anxiety in us.

It is very important to try to maintain our own physical and mental health during these difficult times in order to better navigate our new reality.

There are many stressors and triggers, and all people have their own way of dealing with stress.

Depending on the zodiac sign, people deal with everyday stress in their own individual way.

Instead of indulging in the inevitable feelings of insecurity, here’s what the most common stress triggers for your zodiac sign are and how to cope with stressful situations to deal with the challenges of everyday life.


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Aries are born trendsetters and have good leadership potential. They love challenges and always do what they want and how they want to.

Their tendency to take on multiple projects and take on responsibility for everything can make things easily get over their heads.

If they cannot take the initiative or cannot find a solution, this often leads to a short temper and pent-up tension.

Aries are determined but impulsive so you may act rashly to let the tension out instead of taking the extra time to think things through and come up with a plan.

Aries typically deal with stress by taking the lead and giving commands, and they tend to feel more secure when they can rely on themselves.

Aries usually use trivial things as stress triggers, such as when something is out of place or when people are slowly walking in front of them on the street.

Such unimportant little things will make you scream your soul out, and it can sometimes happen that they pass your stress on to other people or push them away because you can no longer control yourself.

Stress is noticeable physically in Aries. Since they find it difficult to sit still and do nothing, the best tip for energetic Aries to reduce stress is regular exercise.

They thrive on adrenaline and a natural ecstasy of life. You must be careful not to burn up all of your fiery energy.

When you’re stressed out, do something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t dared to do. In order to become calmer and more relaxed, sports are best for you, such as B. Yoga or jogging.


Taurus are stubborn when it comes to their attitudes and routines, and this trait increases when they are under pressure.

Although they can hold their own in some areas of life, your unwillingness to compromise can also cause you unnecessary stress.

The typical Taurus needs consistency, stability and material security in his life and any kind of change unsettles him and makes him nervous.

Stress and fear that you will not be able to do something can be crippling. In such situations, it is difficult to keep your head clear. When overwhelmed, grab food or obsessively check your bank account.

Aries should make an effort not to chew the stress up and take it a little slower. Your motto should be: keep calm and carry on.

In order to avoid stressful situations, you should prepare yourself well for your tasks in good time. You should also take time for yourself and do something good for yourself, such as Take a walk or hang out with your friends.


Gemini have a million ideas and always something to say, and even more so when you feel challenged. This talk can easily tire them and make them feel sluggish and anxious.

Gemini are characterized by their duality. You are in a constant battle with your opposing personality.

They are very curious and love to meet new people. At the same time, however, they are also very creative and only need time for themselves. One second they are the “life of the party”, the next they can exclude all friends.

Geminis hate stress and always try to avoid it. They also avoid people or work tasks that could stress them out.

Twins are also considered to be very moody and quarrelsome and sometimes get annoyed with their acquaintances and work colleagues.

When a Gemini is stressed out, they need a good girls night out. But not just any boring girls’ night out. They want to do something new, something adventurous, and they want to meet new people along the way.

All of the worries and fears rolling around in your head will keep you from relaxing. You will keep telling yourself that you are dead tired, but the moment your head hits the pillow, you will think of the errands ahead.

To relieve the pressure, learn to just take a deep breath and focus on one thing. Also, talking to friends or family on the phone can help you relax and reduce stress.

It is also important for you to take some time to relax and switch off. Be active to combat stress. Put your words and ideas into action and let your creativity run free.


Cancer is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. People born under this zodiac sign are very sensitive and soulful, but not always able to express their feelings, which can lead to frustration, anxiety and stress.

When the cancer is stressed, it will withdraw completely and stay close to home. In the worst case, you retire to your comfortable place on the couch or under a blanket and no longer meet friends, but try to deal with everything on your own.

They keep their fears and worries to themselves, but sometimes they can have unexpected emotional outbursts when faced with stress or insecurity.

The watermarks are very emotional so it is a must for this mark to take off some tension by crying yourself.

Some deep meditation can really benefit a cancer and be a great resource in battling stressful times. In addition, they are real couch potatoes and love nothing more than a good home-cooked meal.

They feel most loved when they are around family or close friends. Cancers cling to their family members or partners in times of stress because they help them clear their heads again.

You should show and reveal your true feelings to those around you. Protect yourself by being at peace with yourself.


When Leos face stress, their ego and pride make them flourish. You love the obstacles in life and are ready for all challenges.

The best way for fiery Lions to deal with an obstacle is to have a broader perspective and be less subjective. They use their courage and physical strength to tackle any problem.

You love to be in charge and sometimes you lack the ability to go with the flow and compromise because you want everything to go the way you want.

While this may be useful, it can also be stressful because you can’t control everyone – you need to mind your business and learn to control only what is in your power.

A Leo does not take weakness lightly. When he’s stressed, he has to compensate for it in another area of ​​his life.

If their relationship falls apart, then they will take on a new position or project at work. As long as the zodiac sign feels praised, it can reduce stress.

If a Leo feels that they have accomplished great things in another area of ​​their life, this will relieve their stress, but it can easily distract them from their real tasks.

As they are proud people, it is very important to them not to let stress show up. They really have to make an effort to relax, but they really have a hard time doing that.

To reveal your feelings, try music or dancing. Relaxing hobbies can help you think clearly and get rid of negative thoughts.


Most virgins are considered perfectionists. Even in stressful situations, they always want to do everything on their own.

Even though they know that there is no such thing as perfection, there is nothing to stop them from trying to get something as perfect as possible.

In doing so, they forget that in trying to make everything your idea of ​​perfection you can end up missing out on a lot in life.

Virgos are methodical and structured and tend to analyze and plan everything. They are also known to be good organizers who constantly strive to keep all aspects of their lives in order.

If they’re stressed out, make a pros / cons list to help calm their thoughts. By weighing each positive and negative sign, you can feel less stressed out.

This plan will distract you, and it will leave you so busy that you will forget what stressed you from the beginning!

Part of your challenge, and the best way to relieve stress, is to just let go. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your high standards could use a break, especially now.

To avoid stress, make sure you get enough sleep and rest, and occasionally seek help from your co-workers or friends.

Also, maybe they should do something that doesn’t require perfection in order to leave their fears and frustrations behind. Gardening or cooking is best for this.


The Libra acts very differently than the Virgo in stressful situations, because they always get the help of their friends and family right away.

The typical Libra is known for its indecision. That’s why she works well in a dynamic duo, because she has someone to relieve stress with, or get a different opinion.

They are known for always wanting to bring joy to their fellow human beings and for longing to feel loved and valued. 

Libra feel stressed out when they have to make decisions of any kind or when they witness injustice or injustice. If you can’t speak your mind openly, it’ll drive you mad.

You need to learn to speak up at the time you are feeling abused by someone, rather than complaining about it later.

By keeping your answer simple and to the point you can easily avoid any kind of confrontation with your peaceful nature. This means they don’t have to break into a cold sweat the next time they want to say something.

Libra tend to take in a lot of their emotions in order to please or not to hurt others. You should learn not to hide all of your emotions. To reduce stress, you should be creative, such as B. when painting or cooking.


Scorpios are the most mysterious and enigmatic of all signs. Although difficult to read, people are naturally drawn to you.

This zodiac sign is very intense and passionate. When exposed to any stress, this sign feels insecure. Their emotions can be stormy, and they always imagine the worst case scenario.

They don’t like change and when they are stressed they withdraw and become even more private than usual.

The typical Scorpio always takes its time and postpones everything down to the last minute, thereby creating unnecessary stress and later not knowing how to complete all the tasks on time. He improves this weakness in character by working very effectively and with concentration.

You’d rather run away from the stressful situation than use productive coping techniques that actually work.

You stay at home in your nightwear all day. You stay away from social contacts. You will find it easier to hide than to go out and actually do something to solve your problems.

In stressful situations, you should talk to your friends and family more often, because they can calm you down and give you comfort in stressful times.


Sagittarians find it very difficult to commit or commit to anything or someone, be it a relationship or a new job. They are very adaptable and love the feeling of freedom.

Sagittarius also tend to withdraw and avoid stressful situations. They try to cover up such situations or conversations with jokes. When they are distracted, stressed, they need some space and movement to find new ideas or solutions.

As soon as they feel constricted or stressed, they disappear from the scene in no time at all.

Nothing frees a Sagittarius mind like vacation! A little vacation in the sun is exactly what Sagittarius needs to avoid problems. 

Be it a quick trip to the hut or a spontaneous weekend in the city, the Sagittarius wants to leave immediately and only plan later. 

Your recipe for relaxation is to do some research. It can be anything from a new place to a new group of friends to a new philosophy of life.

You should take time for yourself and not run away immediately in stressful situations. As for work, you could be a little more structured and serious.


The Capricorn is very ambitious and persistent and can do several tasks at the same time without showing any signs of being overwhelmed.

His answer to everything is to work harder, to seek control and to take on more and more responsibility.

Capricorns love challenges, but the biggest obstacle they face is giving themselves a break and finding a balance between work and personal life.

They don’t like to fail, so they do their best to be successful.

They make unrealistic demands on themselves, and then they overexert and destroy themselves when something does not meet their wants and expectations.

Capricorns are almost always stressed, but because they are very tough and goal-oriented, they can handle stress well.

No matter what, they just assume they are going to see the worst result, so she’s constantly under pressure, never happy with the outcome of her work.

Take time out just for yourself. Your friends and family are important, but you also need time to be alone to do what you want without feeling indebted to anyone else.

You have to learn that balance is very important in life. To calm down and slow down the pace, try meditation or simple breathing exercises.


Aquarius is resourceful and strong-willed. If you get something on your mind, go through with it until the end. In contrast to Libra, you don’t need a second opinion and you are always sure that you are right in all questions.

They are loners by nature and don’t mind going their own way. You are bubbling over with ideas and have enough energy to last ten lives. As soon as it gets stressful, they start thinking about everything. 

When stressed, Aquarius will hesitate and distance themselves emotionally, if not give up responsibility entirely. You can be self-critical by being tough on yourself and by adopting a punitive attitude towards yourself.

Whatever they do, it will not be enough and they will think that they are unable to be confident and optimistic.

During times of stress, Aquarius has a tendency to disconnect from the whole world. He turns off the phone, goes for a walk alone in nature. Sometimes he’ll come back in a few hours, sometimes in a few days. You never know with him, because he is changeable and unpredictable.

To relieve stress, take it a little slower and take a step back.

You have to learn to let go. Stop believing that time is your enemy and you will feel much less stressed out. Find an occupation or hobby that allows them more distraction and contact with people.


Pisces are soulful and intuitive, and one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. They sense the feelings of others and sometimes feel anxious or depressed.

Just like the species, they are able to swim away and leave the stressful situation behind.

They are famous for living in their own fantasy world and this is precisely why they can cope with stressful situations and everyday challenges.

Unfortunately, they sometimes find it difficult to trust themselves and their abilities, especially when it comes to revealing the real self to others.

Fish protect their privacy very well. As soon as it is stressful, the zodiac takes refuge in its own dream world and dreams of a stress-free future.

They reduce their stress through their artistic activities. They are very emotional, so they are often stressful and it is easy for them to cry. 

Pisces should learn to trust themselves more. Find some time to be alone to really understand and process your feelings. And put aside any self-doubt.

Artistic activities suit you particularly well and you can forget everything around you.


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