Aries considers himself the leader born in all circumstances, and we assume that you think so too. Leadership positions and the ability to work in a crowd allow Aries to feel justified in this self-perception.


they define themselves as “the party”. They don’t really want a boring existence, and “fun” is what they bring wherever they go. Most people accept the idea and let the bull do the work.


Gemini likes to think of themselves as lonely geniuses, never understood, always heartbroken. They perceive their lot in life as unfair and expensive, which works well because they are the most lazy sign of the zodiac. They don’t want to work BECAUSE work is for those who consider themselves workers, not a thing for Gemini.


They cannot accept that they are simply old humans; they must separate from us and their perception tells them that they are superior, particularly in spirituality, an ironically full field of ego and competition.


the Virgin’s perception of herself is always threatened; they cling to a motive and if someone on earth has dared to contradict it, they will throw themselves violently on this person. Virgo is the most defensive sign and what they stand for is their pride. They feel proud, correct and definitive.


Scorpio has a deep-rooted spiritual confidence in itself … even spiritually advanced. This means that they offer unsolicited advice to everyone, criticize everyone and guide those who do not want to have anything to do with them. The Scorpion sees himself as a holy assistant. As long as you follow their advice, you can live another day.


Sagittarius has lived for so long this old “we are independent and creative” that they came to believe that was all they were. And in truth, they are right. They are independent and creative, but they are also obsessed with themselves, bad friends, ignorant of others and emotionally dead.


this sign likes to see itself as the voice of reason, the help that comes with the necessary advice and the friend that never leaves you. They are also demanding and snobby, which makes their holy self-perception a little difficult to manage if you are not fully involved.


strong love is what Aquarius highlights and, in their minds, they think is the right thing. They perceive their actions as harsh but necessary and tend to chase their loved ones with their approach to life by the “School of Hard Knocks”. They think they are doing the right thing, when in reality all they are doing is isolating themselves more from what matters most.


they see themselves as personified compassion. They have a great sense of self, and it always revolves around others and how they can improve someone else’s world. Everything’s fine… until it’s time to get out of bed and do something. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?



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