How Each Sign Hit You Where It Hurts

How Each Sign Hit You Where It Hurts

The colder the better, this is how the dish of revenge is enjoyed, without haste and just at the moment when the other person least expects it. Sometimes, you don’t plan it, you just meet cruel people, who don’t touch their hearts when it comes to hurt. So you prefer to let your guard down at the moment because you want to carefully analyze the way to return all his bad vibes. They say you have to fear all those who smile at you after you hurt them, it’s not that it doesn’t hurt, it’s that they’re swallowing the bad moment, and then make you regret it. Has it happened to you? Each sign of the zodiac has a tactic to hit right where it hurts the most and there they do not touch the heart even a little. It’s shooting to win.

1.- Aries

Simple, Aries does not have time to dwell on the matter, if you damage it, it is better that you prepare to receive its automatic response. It is a sign governed by Mars, so war does not bother him and if he has to defend himself, he will do so. It is clear that it is an impulsive sign, but that does not mean that it goes around hurting everyone. Only those who steal his calm or cause him to cry are going to have to meet the worst version of him. Aries does not stay with the desire for anything. That’s why when he’s angry, it’s best to walk away because the crazy part of him may take control and no one can stop him. Quiet! No need to worry, just because Aries is impulsive doesn’t mean they’re going to lose their minds, they’re smarter than that, they’ll just teach you a lesson.

2.- Taurus

At first glance, Taurus seems like a charm and I’m not saying that he isn’t, but… you don’t notice all the evil that he can accumulate when someone hurts him. The truth is that it is not a sign that easily loses patience, for him to despair to the point of wanting revenge is because that person has definitely already become the stone of his life. The one that doesn’t let him continue walking like before. Beware of Taurus’s revenge, because he is so thorough that he pays attention to details that you didn’t even know you had. He will do it in a silent way, he does not want anyone’s approval, it is simple enough for him to see you shed one or another tear, it is not that he enjoys the suffering of others, but he wants to see that you truly regret it and that you will not want to return to get into his life.

3.- Gemini

Fortunately for many, Gemini is also very changeable when it comes to revenge. At first, he may be carried away by the courage and all he wants is to hit you where it hurts the most. However, once he gets over it, he thinks things through coldly and decides if the situation is worth investing time and energy in. Sometimes, there is nothing left to do but let things flow because if it gets hooked, everything can end very badly. If Gemini declares war on you, it is better that you stay away because you are hardly going to win, he is very provocative and he looks for a way to make you feel the worst. Fortunately, he doesn’t use force, but it’s not necessary because his words come in like stabs and leave a scar on you until the last day of your life.

4.- Cancer

How much do you know about rancor? Do not worry because if you hurt Cancer it will give you the class of your life, the one that you will not forget despite the damage and the years. The truth is that his revenge knows no limits, it can shake you in the blink of an eye because he doesn’t even warn you. The point is that when he gets angry no one stops him, his own emotional and sweet side him, he turns into someone cruel, who has no mercy for the bad guys that appear in the story of his days. He may not do anything at the time, he may even only allow himself to grieve, he may even cry in front of you, but do not underestimate him, because being so sensitive has nothing to do with the way he will make you beg for mercy.

5.- Leo

Hurting him is cruelly messing with his ego and that’s about bigger things. Leo is very impulsive and rebellious, he doesn’t care that everyone hates him, so when it comes to teaching a lesson, he doesn’t think about it for a second. Be careful, because at the moment he is one of those who joke and pretends that nothing is happening, although inside he is eager to hit you where it hurts the most. Sure, if he’s in his five minutes he snaps fearlessly and lets his anger guide him. Leo does not forgive and much less forget, do not wake the lion if you are not prepared for the worst. Because Leo only gets it done once and he won’t give you another chance. It’s just like signing the life out of him.

6.- Virgo

Please life, calm the anger and resentment that Virgo can accumulate towards a person who insisted on unleashing the worst of their sides. It may seem that he is always in his world and that he does not want to hurt anyone, but… he does not sit idly by when someone hurts him and if we add to that that he is always very stubborn, things get worse. Because if he gets it into his head that you’re his enemy, he won’t see you any other way. His goal is that you deserve punishment because it is not fair that you walk like nothing in life after you interrupted his peace and stability. It is a controlling sign, so he will not forget for a single day that you owe him.

7.- Libra

Does Libra want revenge on you? Let me tell you, you must be a very emasculating person. I am very serious because this sign strives every day to find peace in their relationships. He likes to get along with people and when chaos is present he looks for a way to solve it. However, he understands that there are people with whom it is impossible to deal, because their bad energy is noticeable from miles away and is more than evident in their actions. Libra is patient, she tries to put herself in another’s place, even the cruelest person, but after so many humiliations she simply can’t take it anymore and that’s when he repays you with the whip of his contempt. You are nothing in his life and he makes it very clear to you.

8.- Scorpio

Do you want to know the true meaning of revenge? If there is someone who was born with the gift of giving you where it hurts the most, without a doubt, we are talking about Scorpio. A sign that becomes twice as cruel and intense, when it comes to settling scores. What must be made clear is that Scorpio does not invest energy in nonsense, if he seeks revenge it is because you really betrayed him and showed him that his dignity does not matter one bit to you. In that case, he will stand against you until the last of his days. He is the type of person who analyzes the best way to deal with the damage, then plans it, and finally executes it very meticulously. If what you did to Scorpio hurt him to tears, he will return it to you in a triple way. The best thing is that you regret it, but it doesn’t matter much, because he’s still not going to give up, much less if you messed with someone he loves.

9.- Sagittarius

There is no more, if you do it to Sagittarius, you pay for it. The good thing is that she is not one of the most ruthless of the zodiac. In fact, Sagittarius tries to avoid revenge, he does not like to fill himself with toxicity in any way and knows that if he seeks revenge it can backfire. But that does not mean that anyone can come and see his face, he knows very well when to set limits and if you do not represent anything good in his life, he simply says goodbye. The truth is that it is a sign that pays attention to every detail, it does not forget anything and it is possible that it takes advantage of that to hurt you. Maybe he is not one of those who react at the moment, but just when you think that he is all in the past, he is able to become your shadow. Watch out!

10.- Capricorn

The worst thing you can do in this crazy life is to harm a Capricorn because it is one of the most unpredictable signs of the zodiac. Seeing him so focused on his day-to-day life may not make you imagine that he’s going to take the time to hit you where it hurts the most, but… remember that appearances are deceiving. Capricorn does not touch the heart or reason when it comes to putting you in your place. Do not be overconfident, because months, and years can go by and when you least imagine it, she will come back to your life with a smile, but with a lot of desire to remind you of what you did to her in the past. Capricorn is not bad, but neither is he left, if they say he has no feelings, he will prove it to you.

11.- Aquarius

Although they can say a thousand times that Aquarius is a heartless being. It is one of the signs that he knows very well how to control his emotions and not get carried away by the moment. He is an expert in turning the page, he does not get hooked and prefers that karma be the one who makes the decision to teach that person a lesson. But be very careful when believing that he is going to sit idly by. Just because he’s not vindictive, doesn’t mean you’re going to hurt him at will. Aquarius lets you go, but he doesn’t forget, so don’t try to pretend that nothing is happening and insist on staying in his life. On the contrary, he does not give you the opportunity to ask for forgiveness, because the moment he harms him he no longer trusts you. Bye!

12.- Pisces

Pisces can be very moody at the moment, they don’t understand the reasons and simply want the other person to experience the same thing. However, there are times when his understanding part also takes control, it can’t be all bad because the empathy in his heart prevents it, but… he will find a way to teach you a lesson or at least make you see that he is not. will believe in you again. Sometimes, Pisces prefers to leave everything for peace, he understands that as much as he tries to see the pink side of people, there are those who were born with evil and there is nothing left but to assimilate it. My life put everyone in their place, that is the best revenge. Pisces will not stop being a kind being, just because some try to tarnish it.


How Each Sign Hit You Where It Hurts

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