Horoscope: The ranking from the most likely to the least likely cheaters in summer 2022

Horoscope: The ranking from the most likely to the least likely cheaters in summer 2022

It’s the sad truth, but people sometimes cheat on the person they love. Nobody is safe from it. Of course, everyone has their own definition of cheating, and there are about a million different acts that can fall under the category of infidelity.

Whatever the case of infidelity, it feels awful to be betrayed and it’s harder to let people back in because nobody wants to be hurt that badly again.

Which zodiac sign is most likely to be cheating this summer of 2022?

There seem to be some zodiac signs that are more prone to temptation during this time, and a closer look at the stars can help us better understand why.

Here’s the ranking from most likely to least likely serial cheaters this summer:


Libras are big flirt lovers, especially this summer, which is why so many people hesitate to start a relationship with this zodiac sign. And maybe they are right in their reluctance.

While Libras think they’ll stop flirting once they’re committed, they don’t. And while it’s usually harmless, sometimes it goes too far.


Geminis are very needy in their relationships right now, so if they can’t be given 24/7 attention, they’ll find someone who can. They can be quite indecisive, so they like to have options.

That’s why twins will cheat if their partner can’t give them what they want. They will go out to find a third party.


Capricorn is looking for something very specific in their relationships during the summertime – to benefit from it as much as possible. This means he is looking for happiness, support, stability, and maybe even status.

Since all of this can be hard to find in a partner, he won’t risk losing it if he finds it somewhere else.


Taurus usually doesn’t want to cheat because staying faithful to their partner benefits them the most.

Having a relationship means only getting involved with one person and no extra energy is put into sneaking around. Still, he might make an exception this summer when he meets an interesting flirt who will put his relationship to shame.


Cancer is by far one of the most loyal zodiac signs. Family is most important to him and he is always looking for constant and emotional support. He likes to feel comfortable and safe and cheating would make him anxious and nervous all the time.

He’ll still be tempted to think outside the box and might consider embarking on a brief fling.


Aquarius may not be cheating physically, but they can start sending hot texts to an old fling or someone they just met to see how many compliments they can get from it.

And while it’s never physical, some people consider it emotional infidelity. That’s why Aquarius could possibly be prone to cheating this summer.


Not only is the lion dramatic, but he needs to be the center of attention at all times. If you don’t treat him like the royalty he thinks he is, and especially if he feels like you’re starting to ignore him, he’ll do whatever he can to make sure you get your attention back.

However, if you deprive him of his attention for too long, he will look elsewhere for attention.


Virgo has never thought of breaking up with the person she is with. Maybe it’s because she can’t even think about getting involved with anyone else with her already full plate.

Virgo is an honest sign that can be trusted and if they were unhappy they would end up telling their partner and ending the relationship instead of cheating. That’s why Virgos are less likely to betray their partners.


The zodiac sign most likely to cheat is actually Pisces. He is usually sensitive and overly emotional. He can’t help but react to the slightest mood swing. If he’s mad at you and goes for the night, there’s no telling what might happen.

But this summer, the Pisces will not be distracted. He will likely focus fully on his relationship.


Aries is unquestionably committed to its partner. However, he can come across as rude and harsh at times as he is not the best when it comes to expressing his love and commitment to his partner. But that doesn’t mean he’s having an affair anywhere.

He’s probably faithful through and through this summer. Plus, he knows how awful it would feel for his partner.


Sagittarius has some pretty high moral standards right now and would never want to do anything that might ruin their reputation. But don’t be surprised if early in a relationship Sagittarius suggests an open relationship and makes it clear that they plan to meet other people.

If he’s open and honest about what he’s doing and what he wants out of your relationship at this point, it’s not cheating.


Scorpio can be the most loving and dedicated partner and stay that way forever – as long as you treat them that way. He would always take revenge if someone broke his heart.

But this summer he will certainly remain faithful to his partner. He knows how much is at stake and doesn’t want to ruin it.


Horoscope: The ranking from the most likely to the least likely cheaters in summer 2022

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