Everything that scares him most in a relationship (according to his zodiac sign)

Relationships are scary at first, no matter how much we like that person. You meet something and someone new. Ideally, you put yourself completely in this situation, hoping for good results that the two of you will be a perfect match.

If it’s a really good result, you might get engaged, then get married, then end up with kids and a house and a steady income, and you’ll kind of live happily ever after.

You see, it’s scary to say it all at once.

What if you are not happy with yourself until the end of your days? Maybe you are the only person you know who ends up single with a broken heart. Sure, you weren’t made for each other, but it’s still damn hard to try to get over it.

It can take days, weeks, or months to overcome this heartbreak. That too is scary when you think about it. Especially when you’re thinking about getting into a NEW relationship.

Are you ready to do it all over again?

We’re afraid of relationships, but we go into them anyway. We can’t help but wonder what will happen if we give it a chance.

Of course we’re scared, but we’ve pushed those fears into the background – or at least we’re trying.

Many of us keep coming back into relationships knowing that there is a chance things won’t work out.

Zodiac signs have at least one specific fear that they alone cannot bury in their heads when it comes to their relationships.

Every guy has different fears in relationships, so sometimes it’s hard to know why it takes so long to take things to the next step when you care about each other.

For this you will want to search astrology for the answers.

Each zodiac sign fears a certain thing about relationships – and those fears can cause them to use up energy that could be used in their relationship instead.


Aries is quickly pinned on. He gets into the fun of the relationship and can introduce himself with you forever.

He’s not dating for fun, he is dating to find the ONE, so his biggest fear is that the relationship will come to an end and he will not agree to it.

In fact, if the relationship ends out of the blue, Aries will be a mess for weeks. He won’t be able to imagine being with anyone but you and swears he will never find anyone else.


Taurus focuses a lot on material possessions and how they look on paper. Does he have a strong background and an impressive job? What about his significant other? Are they in similar areas, do they have the same beliefs?

Don’t even let him start with the idea of ​​long distance relationships, he will tell you that they just won’t work for him.

The reason he’s focused so much on what the relationship might be on paper is because it’s an affirmation of the stability that he’s looking for. Taurus needs this stability, otherwise it is a wreck.


Geminis fear obligations. He’s ready to have fun, and he knows that sometimes the fun and games have to take a back seat in a relationship.

Sometimes you have to be serious and he’s just not ready for it.

If it was up to him, he would forever live on the honeymoon of your relationship where no long-term or big decisions need to be made.

And for this reason it is difficult for him to assert himself.


Cancer fears any kind of change. He likes it when he’s comfortable and familiar with what’s going on around him.

He can step into a new relationship with no problem, but when it starts to get super serious – you can see him freeze and maybe even run away.

Conversations like moving in together are exactly what he fears the most, just for your information.


Leo puts his relationships first, especially his romantic ones. So his fear is that you won’t do the same.

He worries that the relationship isn’t doing the same to people as it is to him, which you are making clear by not making it a top priority. And when he feels like this, his ego gets hurt.

So sometimes he will avoid the relationship altogether until he knows for sure that you will stay around.


Virgo pays attention to details, no matter how small and unimportant they may appear on the whole. This means that he will notice when something is out of place in his relationship or is not going exactly the way he would like it to be.

He will worry about this – his biggest fear is not having a perfect relationship. He wants a romance that other people will be jealous of, that other people will look to and wish their romance to be as good as his.

But for that to happen, he believes everything has to go exactly as he planned. And if not, it’s not worth the risk.


Libra’s biggest fear in a relationship is that he will see the wrong person, so then he won’t commit. Even the smallest difference of opinion will trigger this in him.

If you can’t agree on where to get lunch, then don’t you agree on the bigger things like housing and how to raise a family?

His best way to avoid this fear is to not commit entirely to someone until they’re sure, but usually that it will drive the other person away in the relationship – especially if they’re tired of waiting for a full commitment.


Scorpio wants to act as a stereotypical man in the relationship, so he completely avoids showing any type of emotion.

Will he say he loves you Maybe…. after months in the relationship. And he’ll slide it into a conversation so quickly and casually that you repeat the moment and wonder if he actually said it or if you made it up entirely.

Don’t be offended if he seems aloof. He just needs to be 100% sure before diving head first.


Sagittarius doesn’t like being told what to do or feels like he is being controlled. When you’re in a relationship with him, you’re going to need to give him some space to be himself and do what he wants (no matter how much you hate to do that).

If Sagittarius feels trapped, he will run away.

Give him his space (but not too much) and he will surely thank you for it.


Capricorn’s biggest fear in their relationships is that they won’t show how much they care. He wants you to know how important this relationship is to him, so he will shower you with gifts and affection, and always put you and the relationship first.

Even after all of this, he has insecurities that you won’t see him doing all of this. His love language, if he had one, would be a word of affirmation.

Just let him know how much you appreciate how much he invests in your relationship, and keep lines of communication open to keep him (and stay) happy.


Aquarius fears that they are not good enough for you or the relationship. His fear is that he will not live up to expectations or standards and think that it could be done better.

Sure, that’s flattering, but it’s also pretty self-deprecating, and after a while, his own self-doubt can wedge your relationship (as it probably has in the past).

To make sure he is ready to stay and work on appreciating the relationship for what it is, tell him how much you love being around and around him. It’s okay to caress your ego a little.


The Pisces greatest relationship fear is that it will be rejected outright. To avoid that, he simply doesn’t put himself to the test in the first place.

You won’t find a Pisces going out to a group of women in one night – he would much rather wait for a face-to-face encounter.

Even then, he’ll be careful what he says and won’t face himself all the way out of there.


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