Do Not Give Your Heart To This Sign

Do Not Give Your Heart To This Sign

For you what is love? The soul is not shown to just anyone, because that implies giving everything to the other person. It is your time, the warmth of your caresses, your thoughts, your fears, and even that pile of dreams that you have kept hidden. It’s making poetry with the other and you don’t even realize it, because the romantic trickles out of you in each of your actions. What you want is to see the other person well and that is enough for you. Loving is wanting his heartbeat to meet, that’s why don’t give your heart to this zodiac sign if…


Don’t give your heart to an Aries if you’re not willing to let your wild side get the better of you. It is a strong sign, his steps are impulsive, and he never knows which new path life will take him on. He likes to experiment, to live each moment as if it were the only one. He gets bored easily. Do not give him your heart, if you are not ready to receive his sudden messages From him. His love is independent but very deep, he has that extreme touch capable of making your skin crawl and at the same time invites you to investigate what you keep to yourself. Aries does not want anything superficial or perfect, he bets on what is real. He stays with those relationships where he can learn, stumble and start over. Aries, is love, charm, and passion, does not settle for less.


Taurus love is the one that protects, those who are not afraid to go against the current in order to defend the person they love. Once someone enters his heart, they hardly change his mind. He is foolish because his emotions are not shown to everyone who speaks nicely to him. Don’t give him your heart if you’re afraid of commitment, because it’s not a sign that beats around the bush, he hates jumping from love to love. He wants peace, to have the peace of mind that the person he is with is not going to end up in another’s arms. Don’t give them your heart if you’re not ready for their jokes, their details, their secrets. Taurus can be very reserved, but when he takes off his cape he loves the old-fashioned kind, with that touch of intensity that he catches.


Without needing to be looking at the clock every second, that is the way in which a Gemini surrenders. His love is the one that reminds you that you have to live every moment because the same goes away like water in your hands. There may be times when he keeps some words to himself, but they are not necessary because he yells at you in the way he hugs you, pampers you, and listens to you. Do not give your heart if you are not ready to live unusual moments, where curiosity is the best guide. His love is uncontrollable, intense, and sudden. He has that tender and wild touch that invites you to awaken your wildest fantasies and at the same time makes you feel very valued. Don’t give him your heart if you only want something halfway, he doesn’t get along with it, he wants it all or nothing.


A complex, fascinating love, the one that does not demand you and that is simply capable of giving you the best that is in it. That is the love of a Cancer, it is capable of permeating your thoughts, your breath, and your skin. He doesn’t know what it means to want above, he likes to go further, break with the conventional, with what fills him with life. Don’t give him your heart if you’re afraid to open your emotions, he doesn’t deserve someone who doesn’t know what he wants. He wants magic, someone who will make his heart race like a car in the middle of nowhere. A sweet, sensitive, real love. Someone who doesn’t get scared when tears suddenly flood his soul, that’s what he wants.


There are loves that are delivered beyond caresses, kisses, and hugs. Loves that enter directly into your interior and make you a better person. They are the ones who have the gift of calming your soul and at the same time shaking it, reminding you what it is to live in the moment. Loves like those of Leo, who allows himself to love, fight, and enjoy. Do not give him your heart if you are not ready for the fire, because he does not allow himself to be enveloped by the conventional. He wants the adrenaline to run through every corner of his body and start over. Her love is confident, enthusiastic, and bright. She is the person who is going to take you by the hand and show you off to the whole world. The sign that wants to see you fly so high that he does not hesitate to encourage you to achieve it. Don’t give her your heart if the intensity scares you because she lives for it and loves it. Leo, she doesn’t change for anyone anymore.


One day Virgo comes into your life and reminds you what it means to give yourself without conditions. He does not want to remove even a part of your essence, on the contrary, he respects you above anything else and he is willing to give himself completely because he feels that time goes by in a sigh when he is by your side. Don’t give him your heart if you can’t put yourself in his shoes from time to time. Perhaps the finicky side of him makes him suspicious, but he’d rather that than waste his energy on someone who isn’t willing to really commit. It is a sign that he always listens to the logical part of him, but that does not mean that he is not capable of falling in love with you. Do not give him your heart if his independence scares you because it is what moves his world. With Virgo, you will learn what it is to love from freedom.


Blessed be everyone who has the privilege of being part of the list of Libra’s favorite people because it means that they will be loved above all else. Libra, he loves from the roots of him, he is very passionate, but he is also aware of who deserves the best of his kindness. He is the one who looks at you pretty, tickles your soul, and is able to caresses the cracks in your heart. He likes to discover what is underneath, and speed up the mind, the body, and everything. Without a doubt, it is one of those coincidences that you will be grateful for until you take your last breath, no matter if yours ends up being a failure. Perhaps his temperament is one of the most unpredictable in the zodiac, but there is no lie in his feelings and in the way he strives every day to put things on a scale. Do not give them your heart if you are scared that they really love you, because they will do it until you feel like the most alive being in the world.


In life, you will meet a few loves that come like a whirlwind, without warning, and want to fill every corner of your heart with a lot of intensity. That is the love that Scorpio gives you, the one that reminds you that no matter how many times you are wrong, he will stay by your side, watching over your sorrows and embracing your joys. Don’t give him your heart if you’re not ready to deal with his emotional lows, because there are times when his insecurities speak for him and he can’t control himself. Don’t give him your heart if you’re going to judge or pressure him. Scorpio, wants someone with whom he can evolve, a love that drives him to give his best and that doesn’t throw in the towel when life doesn’t smile pretty. There’s no more.


Imagine finding the person with whom you can be, dream, live, invent yourself and also break yourself. A love like that of Sagittarius, which from the beginning teaches you that loving is not possessing and that the freer they are, the healthier the bond. Sagittarius does not want someone to take care of him all the time or solve his problems. Do not give him your heart if your idea of ​​giving yourself is to fall into the conventional, because he does not have a drop of conservative. His heart is crazy and unpredictable, he is the one who is willing to jump into the void if necessary. Never underestimate what he is capable of doing for love because he does not sit idly by. If it is in his hands to give affection, he does it. Don’t give him your heart if you want to clip his wings, because on the first try he leaves.


There are people who are brave, who return to honor love even if it leaves them with big wounds. That is Capricorn, he is not willing to close his feelings because of those who did not value him in the past. It is a sign that strives to improve every day and he dares to daydream because he knows that this is what falling in love is all about. However, do not give your heart to him if you are not willing to love from the commitment, you do not want to end up with another person who does not know what he wants and who is only looking for temporary refuge. You are no longer going to let anyone come into your life to upset your practical, trustworthy, traditional side. If someone does not have the firmness to risk it for his love, let him go.


If what you are looking for is that Aquarius gives you a seat in his life, you have to know that his love is sweet, passionate, and complex. It is just the kind of love that stirs your soul and at the same time fills you with inspiration. He does not like stillness and that becomes a magnet for those who follow in his footsteps. His love does not demand, full of life, calm, and charm. His love is able to revive the most withered petal. In truth, don’t give him your heart if all you want is to control him, he has already been there, where he is broken, criticized, and humiliated. He doesn’t want to stay with someone just to show others that he’s not alone. He prefers to sink into the cold of his sheets than accept something that does not make him completely happy. He is not one of those who keep quiet and pretends that nothing is happening, forget it.


There are few loves that do not ask for permission, those that fill you with life, and do not focus on meeting any type of expectation. That is Pisces, who lets the romantic side of him take control because he knows that there is nothing more beautiful than taking advantage of every laugh with the person he loves. Do not give them your heart if deep conversations scare you, because it is one of the signs that are not afraid to open the door of your childhood, and want to discover your traumas, your madness, your dreams. Don’t give him your heart if you’re terrified of showing your vulnerable side. He doesn’t want a perfect kiss, he wants when you hold his hand he feels confident without having to say it. He hates feeling insecure, don’t trust him, because he is much stronger than he appears and if something doesn’t make him feel at peace by your side he will leave.


Do Not Give Your Heart To This Sign

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