Dear Pisces Everything Will Be Well

Dear Pisces Everything Will Be Well

Dear Pisces, everything will be fine. Although your feelings lead you down dark paths, it is for a reason. You have such a big heart that you suffer things much more, but you also enjoy them much more than others. So don’t regret anything.

Many times the world consumes you Pisces, it consumes you because it is not enough for you. You are a sensitivity radar and sometimes you choose those undercurrents that most people dismiss.

You like to help those who need it most, you approach people who seem to have problems of some kind to try to “cure” them in some way. But there are days when you feel like you’re drowning in those currents, and no one is able to understand or comprehend anything. It’s okay Pisces, they are blind to the world around them.

You are extremely deep and sincere, and the world is not used to dealing with people who are so pure in soul and spirit. Of course, you have your character, it is also a very marked character and you have your genius. You are capable of shouting and spouting words that you later regret, but deep down you are a good person, always aware of your loved ones and sometimes of those who don’t even want to be yours, just so that the ones you love don’t know. feel bad

Your whole body is like a sponge, absorbing the vibrations and empathy of the world. Sometimes you load yourself with sensations that you don’t want but suddenly you see that others are super satisfying. The world consumes you Pisces, but when something nice happens, you are able to mess up everything that has hurt you and give priority to what has just appeared in your life and makes you relive the illusion again. Everything will be fine…


Dear Pisces Everything Will Be Well

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