August 12th: 3 zodiac signs that may now be abandoned

Today, Thursday around 2:26 pm, the moon trine takes place in Saturn. The star constellation shows three zodiac signs that they may not be in the right relationship after all

From today 14:26 the moon trine constellation will change. The combination of the Libra Moon and the Saturn Trine bring a sense of responsibility, a sense of duty, and a talent for the organization. We also want to pursue our goals more intensively and with great care. It can well happen now that serious relationships are questioned and questioned. One or the other partnership could break up.

1. Leo

Now maybe a tough time for Leo. In the case of forgiven Lions, the probability is now high that your partner will reconsider the relationship and discover that both parties are better off going their separate ways from now on. This could be due to the moon trine in Saturn. But lions shouldn’t let themselves be dragged down by this drastic experience if it happens! If the partner thinks that way, Leo is better off without him/her and it wasn’t the right thing to do.

2. Virgo

The Virgo likes to be in a committed relationship and wants to never lose her / his partner again. She imagines an ideal life, without separation without quarrel. However, if this virgin is in a relationship, she quickly falls into a routine and nothing new or exciting happens. Right now, at the Saturn Trine, the partner of Virgo might find that it doesn’t fit and that he/she expects something different from life. However, the Virgo shouldn’t bury her head in the sand and rather wonder whether she herself still has feelings for the other person.

3. Scorpio

Could it be that Scorpio is in a relationship that he didn’t really want? However, it is difficult for him to get out of there. But the moon trine in Saturn could be the salvation here. The Scorpio’s partner is no longer so sure of himself about the relationship. In this case, it could end well for both parties, as both are already longing for something new. So just let the change happen.

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