According To Your Zodiac Sign The Kind Of Child You Are

Kind Of Child You Are

According To Your Zodiac Sign The Kind Of Child You Are

They say that it is very difficult to be a parent, but few dare to talk about the other side of the coin, being a child. It’s not easy to walk through life wanting to meet the expectations of the one who gave you life, it’s hard to have the courage to defend what you like and what you don’t. Of course, no one is perfect and that’s the beauty, in the end, father and son are here to learn and keep moving forward. But let’s see the type of child you are according to your zodiac sign:


Bless your parents, because they have had to deal with the emotional outbursts that they have given you since you were little. You are the son who challenges, you do not care if what you think offends others, and you would never hide your essence. The more you scream what you feel, the better it is for you. You don’t like being ordered around and you get angry easily. However, they appreciate that you are so independent and dominant. 


Your parents can rest assured that they gave life to a loyal companion. Perhaps, during your childhood, things were not rosy, because you hate being questioned or imposed, and you are very foolish with your ideas. However, you are trustworthy, funny, and like to help those you love. It is your helpful side that speaks for you and makes you stand out in the family environment. 


Since you came into this world, your parents have understood what it means to deal with someone who never stops and who likes to express himself in all possible ways. You are not satisfied with what others do, because your intelligence demands you at an uncontrolled level. It may be hard for them to understand how quickly you change your mind, but they never get bored with you. 


A caress to the heart, that’s what your parents felt when you came into their lives. Well, being so little you taught them the true meaning of love, you were never afraid to show your emotions and knew how to fill gray days with light. You are the type of son who is always willing to listen, the understanding who does not judge, and who would put his hands in the fire for those he loves. 


Of course, you came into this world through the front door, that little thing has never been part of your personality. You love to feel that the reflectors are on you, attention is one of your weaknesses. In fact, with you your parents learned what drama means, that wanting to be pampered and recognized for your effort in everything you do, has not been taken away from you. 


Probably, at first, you were judged for being the child who did not lose any detail, always wanting to excel, but trying very hard. Virgo, you were not the common child, being careful came naturally to you. Your parents appreciate your organizational side because your observations helped them realize many of their mistakes. In the end, being systematic isn’t that bad. 


You are unmistakable, Libra, the type of son who always puts feelings above all else. It is your kindness that became a lesson for your parents, you have taught them what it means to give without receiving anything in return. Your level of empathy is higher than the rest and that is why they turn to you, you know how to find harmony in the most chaotic moments. Without realizing it you became his peace. 


From your first steps, your parents could see that you were not going to be one of those children who let your guard down, Scorpio, you showed them that you are born with character and that you do not have time to follow the pack, yours is to be a leader. That determination caused you to have some problems with the orders you were given, but you knew how to find a balance to lead the party in peace. 


If a parent isn’t ready to hear the truth, they better prepare with a Sagittarius child. Honestly, you are not one to beat around the bush, sometimes it hurts to talk, but there is no other option. Your parents have had to deal with your free soul, the one that enjoys the moments and dares to live crazy things, but never with a liar. You’ve told them things they don’t want to hear and they’ve had to put up with them. 


Imagine being the father of your parents, just as you read it. You are such a determined, intelligent sign with frightening ambition that you don’t have time to deal with immature parents, so you tell them things without filters and with the aim that the whole situation can improve. You have been the dream child, but do not try to become their puppet, because they will regret it. 


If they say white you go for black, that’s how stubborn you are sometimes and your parents know it very well. You’ve never liked following in someone else’s footsteps. You get bored easily and the tradition makes you desperate. In fact, breaking established rules has always been one of your favorite pastimes and although your parents don’t like it at all, they admire how far you’ve come. 


From a very young age, being loving with your parents was not difficult for you, because you liked to feel safe by their side and show them how good they made you feel. As you grew older your feelings only grew stronger, you are generous, caring, and creative. You have the perfect qualities to become the shoulder that anyone would like in the most critical moments. You have been more than a pillar to your parents. 

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