According To Your Sign Why You Won’t Let Them Love You

Won't Let Them Love You

According To Your Sign Why You Won’t Let Them Love You

Sometimes you have to make decisions that tear the heart but soothe the soul. It is not easy to say goodbye to love, you feel that a part of you is abruptly ripped away and everything that one day they planned only remains in the air. There is no longer the world and that hurts. That’s when you become skeptical when you close the doors to love because you’re terrified of ending up so broken again. You need time, don’t let anyone pressure you, if you’re not ready for a new bond it’s valid. Each zodiac sign faces this stage in its own way, but why not let them love you according to your sign? 


The reason why you won’t let them love you is that you don’t want to put a pause in your life right now, that is, you are so focused on your goals that you feel that a partner will probably only come to upset your balance, even if it is for the best. However, if you prefer tranquility, do what you like and sleep without any worries. You are terrified of the idea that someone will not give you the calm that you have finally found. For this moment you put things in the balance and it is better to stay with your autonomy because love can become a shadow in your path. 


You will not let them love you because you are quite exhausted Taurus. What you want right now is to heal your wounds, really analyze everything that happened and understand why you loved yourself so little, letting someone trample on your self-esteem and dignity in the worst way. Undoubtedly, you feel unsafe in the fields of love, there is a part of you that from time to time wants to, but does not dare. You have not lost hope, you know that there is love waiting for you and that they will be able to share interests. But, you are not in a hurry, you prefer that someone who is worth it arrives, then putting your mental and emotional health at risk with someone who is only passing through. 


The reason you won’t let them love you is that you don’t feel ready to stop your lifestyle. You know that having a partner implies commitment, dedication, and really being attentive to the person who is giving you their time. However, you are not ready, you change your mind in the blink of an eye, and you don’t want to hurt anyone. They can say what they want about you, but you are not cruel, you prefer to accept your singleness than to entangle someone who does want something more with lies. Also, life has taught you that the more you seek, the less comes. So, you don’t want to know anything about dating, the person in your life will arrive even if a thousand obstacles appear on the way. 


Life is very ironic because just when you give it your all, you give yourself from the depths and show your weaknesses to the other person, then they can take the opportunity to break you in such a ruthless way that you lose the desire to try again. Cancer, the reason you won’t let them love you is that you’re afraid, you don’t want to see the story end in tragedy once again. Sometimes, you want to fall back into the honey of love, but your intuition doesn’t let you get too close, it warns you of red flags and you end up running away before it’s too late. You need to heal because if you find a heart with thorns again, you will not bear it. 


I wish love was as simple as a breath, you do it deeply and clean slate. However, it is not like that, the memories, the traumas, and all the insecurities remain. Each couple leaves us with great lessons and fears too. Leo, the reason you won’t let them love you is that you won’t let them lie to you and betray you as if your loyalty has no value. You are a sweet soul, in love, and passionate, your impulses speak for you most of the time. However, there are times when you have to chain your heart because it ends up loving the wrong lips and that’s when you lose control and get hurt in the worst way. 


It is easier to sink into the routine, activities, and thoughts of the past and the future, which do not let you savor the present. It is hard to accept, Virgo, but you know that you have reached the point of self-sabotage because your pain does not allow you to receive the love that many offer you in a real way. Your thoughts tell you that you don’t deserve it, that you better focus on your projects and that it is not worth making a change in your love life. You’ve gotten so used to the loneliness that you don’t even care about dating or texting anymore. Virgo, please, don’t be the one who raises the barrier yourself, don’t listen to your mind, because you’re here to be loved pretty. Please start believing it. 


Conflicts, jealousy, mistreatment, uncomfortable comments. Actually, if Libra were to make a list of the things that bother her about having a partner, she would not finish. There’s a part of her inside of her that tells her that not all couples are the same and she understands that, but when it comes to practice it’s not that easy. You won’t let them love you because you don’t want to end up in a pitched battle with someone who at the time said she loved you. You are lazy at the idea of ​​sharing your day-to-day again, discovering your hobbies, and being tolerant. It’s weird, but you’ve gotten so used to your own company that you’re already lazy to open doors to someone who will probably end up acting foolish. Is it worth losing your peace over something like that? 


People don’t understand, they point, judge, and then say that Scorpio is the bad one, the dark one, the one who doesn’t touch his heart when someone hurts him. Only Scorpio knows how many times he ended up crying from so much pain and didn’t tell anyone, his only company was the four walls of his room. Since then his heart is no longer the same, now he doesn’t let them love him because he is full of insecurities, he wants to, but he can’t trust and his mind doesn’t help. He has lived through so many scenarios that he thought only happened in the movies, that he no longer believes in anything or anyone. Even the most beautiful and angelic faces end up attacking behind his back. Trust does not recover overnight, you have to be patient to love again. 


Honestly, when you imagine your perfect world, you see yourself visiting the corner of that place in the world that you have always dreamed of. The moments in which your heart jumps with happiness and your soul finds calm, that’s when you value your existence. However, having or not having a partner has never been something that overwhelms you. The reason why you won’t let them love you is that you don’t get along with intense ties, you know how to love, but when formality becomes an obligation you feel suffocated and all you want is to run away. You don’t need a partner to become your authority and tell you what you have to change. You want a soul capable of immersing yourself in your ocean of madness. 


Each relationship leaves you more exhausted or more full of energy. You don’t know the middle points, you give yourself all the intensity and for the same reason, it is very painful when they do not correspond to you. The reason why you won’t let them love you is that you put up a huge barrier, it seems that putting one test after another has become your favorite hobby and nothing is enough for you. It is not the other person, it is you who is not willing to receive so much love, because you feel hurt, you continue dragging wounds from the past and you have to face them or you will not be able to move forward. You are very afraid of falling in love again because deep down you are a very sensitive being. 


You only understand yourself. It is very difficult for you to decide to give your Aquarius heart. It’s not always because of past loves, because you have a coping mechanism that has worked wonderfully for you and you rarely get hooked. However, you will not let them love you because most people are not ready for your way of loving. You don’t do it intentionally, but you do damage when you disappear out of nowhere. Also when you are close, not with anyone you are able to express your feelings, even when you want to. For you to fall in love with someone you need time, to be reassured that they are trustworthy people and that you will not end up crying for several nights. 


It’s very simple, you prefer singleness a thousand times over to give yourself to a person who is only half ready to love. It’s very tiring when you become the one who always gives in the relationship, but you don’t receive the same. You won’t let them love you because you want them to tell you about their intentions first if they are really ready for a deep connection. You’re not looking for anyone’s crumbs, and for that, you stay better with your self-love. In the end, the right person will arrive, someone, you don’t have to beg for attention from and who really feels dreamed of being by your side. That’s when you feel truly ready to surrender. 

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