According To Your Sign Why You Can’t Seem To Get Over Your Ex

Get Over Your Ex

According To Your Sign Why You Can’t Seem To Get Over Your Ex

Everyone throughout their life is going to go through a breakup, a complex situation that turns their lives upside down. When we break up with someone it seems that the world will end, but the reality is that you have learned something new and life is giving you a new opportunity to be happy alone or with another person. Of course, there are people who find it more difficult to get over their ex much more than others. If you want to know why you can’t seem to get over your ex based on your sign, just keep reading:


Aries, you are a person who moves on impulses, you already know that, but thanks to them your emotions are always on the surface. You have no problem moving on when a break comes into your life, the thing is that you turn the page too quickly without thinking too much about what is happening. When you break up with someone try to think carefully about what you are doing before taking any steps because otherwise, you will have the feeling of being emotionally tied to your ex in some way. 


Taurus, it is difficult for you to let go of the hand of someone who has been very special to you. You are not afraid to ask for what you want and you insist until the last second so that the person you love so much stays by your side. When a relationship ends, it’s very hard for you to move on because you just want things to go back to the way they were. You need to make an effort and leave the past behind, you cannot remain stagnant. 


Gemini, you can seem impulsive at times with your choices. Most of the time you are guided by what your heart wants and you make decisions because you need your life to change, you want to move forward in some way and sometimes you believe that it is necessary to put an end to your relationships in order to continue on your path. However, there are times when doubts invade you and you don’t know if you did the right thing by ending your relationship and this makes you feel really bad. 


Cancer, you may know deep down that the relationship needed to end, but that doesn’t mean your feelings did. Even if the breakup was for the best, there is a part of you that still believes that you could have loved each other and solved all your dilemmas, and yes, you wish you could have solved it somehow, but there are things that cannot be solved, get it in your head and keep living your life, the life you deserve. 


Leo, you are an independent person and you have no problem living your life alone, but that does not mean that you do not love passionately and intensely. You dive deep into your relationships and even if the breakup is messy, you still stay quite attached to that person who has been very special in your life. Your pride usually prevents you from going back, but even if others don’t realize it, it’s going to take a while for you to move on. 


Virgo, you have limits on what you’re willing to put up with, but that doesn’t mean you go ahead immediately when you break off one of your relationships. Normally you are that person who can find a solution to even the most complicated problems, but there are situations that have no solution and it is better to put an end to them. It seems like you haven’t gotten over your ex because you think you haven’t tried hard enough to save the relationship, but you haven’t. You have done what you could. 


Libra, you may not miss everything about your ex, but you do miss having them around. You miss that daily connection you had and the comfort you felt having him around. It is true that you know that you can find all this with another new love, but it seems that you have not forgotten your ex because you are unable to erase those small details from your mind. Focus on yourself and start taking care of yourself as you deserve, as no one has done so far. 


Scorpio, it seems like you haven’t gotten over your ex because you’re not ready for your ex to move on without you yet. It may sound selfish, but you need both of you to give each other time to move on. You are clear that you do not want to continue with him, but seeing him with another person happy too soon can cause you to fall into a resentment loop that is not healthy for you. You try not to let these things affect you because you are clear about what you want, but sometimes it is impossible. 


Sagittarius, although as a general rule, you are one of the signs least likely to return to an ex, that does not mean that it is always easy to get over it. When you find a person you care about, you share all kinds of things with them and when that relationship ends, sometimes it’s impossible for you to move on because you can’t imagine a life without that person who understood you and accompanied you on all your adventures. It seems that you have not forgotten your ex because you cannot stop remembering the good times of yesterday. 


Capricorn, relationships are not a competition, but sometimes you feel that way. You hate having to start over with someone, but the hardest part is seeing that your ex is doing so much better without you. You start to wonder if you really were the problem and if you could have done something to improve the situation, but you have to stop blaming yourself. A relationship is a matter of several people and not only one is to blame. It seems that you have not forgotten your ex because you care too much about the opinion that both your ex and his close circle have of you. 


Aquarius, it is very likely that sometimes you feel much happier alone than accompanied, but you also know how to recognize the value of having someone who loves you and understands you. It is possible that in the past you have not appreciated everything that special person did for you and now that they are not in your life you begin to be aware. It seems that you have not forgotten your ex because you have realized that he made an effort to understand and support you as no one else has, but don’t worry, someone worthwhile will appear. 


Pisces, you may be aware that the relationship had to come to an end, but you also tend to try to force situations that have no solution, just out of love. You can’t help but remember the good times you’ve had with your ex, especially if you’re not in your prime. Pisces, focus on the present and start creating unforgettable moments that you can remember when you are not at your best and thus erase once and for all that person who does not let you move forward as you deserve. 

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