According To Your Sign What You Should Manifest In July 2023

You Should Manifest In July 2023

According To Your Sign What You Should Manifest In July 2023

It is time to stop to make a personal assessment of how things are going and thus clarify what we need to manifest from now on. Julio invites us to reflect on our relationships, our intensity, and what we really are. Don’t be afraid to give yourself some time to think, to help you align firmly with your purposes. We have already passed half the year, are you where you would like? You have to close chapters and open up to new purposes but first, you will need that pause for reflection. We start with a full Moon in Capricorn that will help you heal and put your needs in order. You close cycles, and you prepare to open others with strength and with solid foundations, but first, you will need to look within and accept who you really are, and where you are. It is time to intention firmly, learn from the past, and look forward to the future with hope. If you want to know what to focus on, and what you should manifest in July according to your sign, read on to find small rituals that will help you:


Your path to manifestation will begin with the firm intention to bring joy and well-being into your life. Normally you achieve your goals thanks to an exaggerated effort and you go through many moments of frustration and anger. Ask the universe to follow the same path but with a touch of enjoyment, tranquility, and joy. To manifest this, do a small ceremony with a yellow candle and a sunflower flower (it can be a small drawing), use music that makes you happy and when you feel that joy repeat three times “I, (your full name), deserve joy and happiness“.


The nodal axis changes, a cycle that has been very transformative for your sign is closed and now is a healing period in which you need to have your heart chakra in better shape than ever. For this, it manifests health and healing. Using the visualization at least once a day, imagine your chest glowing a deep green. You can touch your chest, massaging the area and repeating to yourself “I am healthy and full of love”. These days allow yourself to express what your heart feels and observe yourself with love, without judging. Lean on your family.


In July, your first step in the manifestation will be to vibrate in tune with the truth, Gemini. Put aside the mental games, the “anything goes” if you know how to argue it, and focus on looking at the truth of things. Take moments of silence and meditation so that this truth can be revealed to you. To manifest it, have a moment for yourself every morning, take three deep breaths and repeat the phrase “I honor the truth, all my words are born from it and I am a true being”.


This month of July is perfect to manifest financial security in your life, Cancer. You are ready to receive abundance, you just have to intention it. To do this, use the New Moon in your sign on the 17th. You can put a green, gold, or white candle, write on a piece of paper your full name, date of birth, and the words “I decree abundance and give thanks because the best comes to my life”. Don’t forget to offer something like cinnamon or a few bay leaves around the candle.


With Venus retrograde in your sign, you will not only have to rethink relationships but also who you really are, and what is your “authentic Self”. If you don’t know who you are, you can’t pretend to find someone who really accompanies you, brings you things, and with whom to build something real. It’s time to show honesty with yourself, and use golden jewelry that connects you with your ruler, the Sun, to intuitively understand your value, what you really are, and what you deserve.


With the change of the nodal axis, a period of reflection arrives in which you will have to review your way of relating. There are attitudes that no longer help you in your evolution, perhaps you are too helpful and load yourself with work that does not correspond to you. That is why in July it is essential that you take time to reflect and close cycles. You can write on a piece of paper all the situations in the past that have caused you pain, in which you have clearly given much more than you have received. Carefully burn that paper as you decree that you learn from that past, but now is the time to give love and priority to yourself.


It is time to manifest a new vision of yourself. With the change of nodal axis, the energy of your sign is going to be reviewed and you have to be willing to let go of attitudes that are no longer up to your new higher Self. Your way of relating has to be higher, it is no longer worth emotional dependency or changing your attitude just to avoid going against others. No more being a coward, not really saying what you think. Decree that you are open to change, that you embrace the new without clinging to the past. With this, you will manifest your progress.


It is a good time to manifest the ability to materialize your dreams. On the 25th you will have the first quarter in your sign, if you use the month to decree what you need, on this day you will be able to do a good demonstration ceremony taking advantage of the energy. You can decree empowerment, achieve goals, have your strength valued… whatever you feel you need right now. Remember to leave a few minutes a day to manifest, use a mantra that comes to you intuitively, and always be positive and feel that it is already in your hands.


You need new beginnings Sagittarius, leaving the past behind will be easier if you have something on the horizon. That is why in July it manifests opportunities. For this, he looks to the east, where the sun rises, much better if it is just at dawn, and repeats the phrase “I take advantage of every opportunity that life offers me, many of them arrive.” To remind you, he leaves a small drawing of a sunrise with three laurel leaves on a door or window facing east.


The month begins with a beautiful Full Moon in your sign that helps you close the heavy cycles that you have been living for six months. Use all this energy to transform yourself, when July ends you will be a better version of yourself, much lighter and with enough space for wonderful things to come into your life. Decree transformation every night before bed, visualize the best version of yourself while you take a mental tour of each of your chakras, with the words healthy and transform. A little incense of myrrh and sandalwood will help you.


This July you should focus on manifesting the ability to have deep and true romantic connections. Decree that you are a Being with great affective responsibility, commit yourself to this. It is time to put your love life in order so that it can help you in your spiritual evolution. Repeat this affirmation every night “I am a free being and full of love I join the other person.”


This month of July, focus on decreeing a better state of health starting with improving your routines, Pisces. In this case, to manifest a better version of yourself, the first thing you should do is put a day-to-day plan in writing and commit to complying with it. You will need to repeat the phrase “I deserve to take care of myself, I deserve to be healthy and full of balance”.

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