According To Your Sign How You Should Flir Vs. How You Really Flir

How You Really Flir

According To Your Sign How You Should Flir Vs. How You Really Flir

Each person acts in a way when it comes to flirting, but it doesn’t always work. We believe that our way of acting with others is correct and many times we do not realize that we are sending the opposite signals to the ones we want to send. If you want to know how you should flirt vs how you actually flirt according to your sign, all you have to do is keep reading:


You like to use sarcasm and teasing to win over anyone, but accidentally with that attitude, you make everyone believe that you want nothing to do with them. Aries, the way you should flirt is by complimenting and being a little more affectionate. Let the person you want know that he is one of the few people you really care about. Do not be afraid to come clean and use your innate persuasion weapons. 


You love to laugh at everything those people you want to conquer do and say. You like everything they post on their social networks and you have them on a pedestal. When you like someone it shows, but Taurus, the correct way to flirt is as follows. Treat those people like human beings, don’t idealize them. You have to realize that they are just as imperfect as you are. Remember that they are not out of your league and that you can catch up with them. They would be very lucky to have you by their side.


Gemini, you are one of those people who give everything one day and the next they don’t want to know anything. You are a very changeable person and when it comes to flirting you send a lot of contradictory signals. Of course, you want to conquer them, but your volatile mind sometimes prevents you. The correct way to flirt is to try to maintain consistency with the way you treat those people you want to conquer. Show them that they can trust you and that you are someone they can count on for everything.


Eye contact is very important to you. You know that a look says more than a thousand words and you love flirting from a distance looking for the people you want to conquer with your gaze. That feeling that someone is looking at you makes your heart race, but Cancer, you should flirt in a different way. Stop playing that game of looks and if someone really interests you, introduce yourself. Do not miss any opportunity and lose all that shame that characterizes you. Take the initiative at once. 


You get very involved when it comes to making friends. You love having the feeling of being surrounded by people you like and that is why, before conquering those people who are so special to you, you become their friend. Leo, you do very well to create a bond of friendship, but if you really want to conquer them you have to give them something more than friendship. You have to flirt give them confidence, and make those people feel that they can be themselves at all times.


The world of flirting is not going much for you. The truth is that you prefer to focus on your life and your goals to achieve everything you have proposed. You convince yourself that you don’t need anyone to be happy, but Virgo, life is much more fun if you play the flirting game. You have to express yourself and open up to that new world for yourself instead of spending all day thinking about your responsibilities. Use your free time to meet new people and explore new places.


You love flirting on social media. You love uploading a selfie and waiting for all those people you secretly like to react to you, but Libra, that’s not the right way to flirt. If you really want to conquer someone, you have to be the one who sends the first message. Start a conversation and don’t wait for the other person to do it. Make them see that you have character and that you are capable enough to do things without the need for someone to push you to do them. 


You love to persuade everyone with your smile, your eye winks, and your risqué phrases. You are an expert in persuasion and everyone knows that. Scorpio, you are very used to this game, but you must change your way of flirting because it is already very seen. Be authentic and go one step further, don’t let shame stop you and if you’re really interested in someone, don’t be afraid to take risks because at the end that’s what makes everyone fall into your trap. 


If you want to know how you should flirt vs how you really flirt according to your sign, Sagi, you are in the right place. You are a person of impulses, you always let yourself be carried away by what your heart tells you. When you like someone you tend to get excited very quickly and flirt in a somewhat overwhelming way. You do what you don’t like being done to you and start texting every two seconds. Sagittarius, slow down and flirt in a more subtle way. Do not let your impulses ruin something that can be very beautiful. Be patient and pay compliments to those that are burned into the heart. 


Capricorn, when someone really interests you, your way of flirting becomes wild. You get super hot and make off-color comments to get your crush’s attention. If you’re really interested, try flirting in a different way. Let that person see that you are interested in getting to know them in-depth and that you want to fall in love with both their hearts and minds, so give genuine compliments that invite them to open up to you. 


Aquarius, you have always gone to your ball, but when you are interested in someone you get fully involved in it. You love to flirt by uploading statuses with hints so that those people you are interested in get hinted at, but that is already out of style. Aquarius, you have to flirt by opening your heart and being honest about your feelings. Instead of uploading hints to your states, write to those people directly and tell them what you feel. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today because you never know what can happen. 


When someone really interests you, you invite him out with your group of friends and treat him like one of the others. That makes people get confused and think you don’t want to have anything with them. Pisces, if you’re really interested, invite that special someone on an official date and arrange something that allows you to spend time alone with that person. That’s the right way to flirt with someone. That of asking him out with your friends for later when you are already something more than a mess… This is how you should fThese Zodiac Signs Cannot Flirtlirt vs how you really flirt according to your sign.

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